‘The Power’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does The Plane Crash Mean?

In episode 1 of “The Power,” we met Roxy, Jos, Allie, Tatiana, and Tunde. For the girls, we came to understand how they suddenly got this power in their hands, and while some were in desperate need of it, others just saw it as a new form of protection. We have understood that this power doesn’t follow the same shape and size in everyone, so there may be some people who can bring down electrical towers, whereas others can just about light a cigarette.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘The Power’ Episode 2?

Jos’ mother, as we know, is Margot, the mayor, and she has a terrible relationship with her because she has no time for Jos. Now we see Margot’s perspective on things. She’s a loving mother and wife who has too much on her plate and a nasty male colleague she can’t tolerate. It’s her anniversary, and she wakes up her husband with adorable wishes and a plan for the day. Unfortunately, these plans don’t work out, but at least she tries! Firstly, Jos accidentally sets the microwave on fire. Of course, a worried Margot tries to comfort her daughter, but because of her powers, Jos is rather snappy at her and tells her not to get too close to her.

Rob is a doctor, and when he gets to work, he has to examine a teenage girl with burn marks on her hand that look like scars caused by lightning. His first instinct is to believe it’s abuse, but the girl’s mother’s vehement denial makes him rethink this idea. Rob talks to Jos while driving her to school, and in the middle of it all, she tries to turn down the music on the radio, but she zaps the system accidentally. Rob wonders if this is what happened with the microwave too, but Jos runs out of the car before he can ponder on it further. At work, Margot hears all sorts of things about girls with powers and finds a video posted by Tunde online. It is a video of what went down with the girls and Ndudi. Tunde worries for Ndudi, and when he goes to see her, everybody blames him for the mishap. Tunde wants to right his wrongs, and he thinks he can do so by essentially stealing Ndudi’s story, but to him, it’s all about finding out what is actually happening.

Allie finds herself in a diner, stealing money and food under the guidance of ‘the voice.’ On TV, her mother is talking about how wonderful her husband was, and Allie realizes people will be looking for her soon. On her way, just wandering with miles of fields around, she finds two girls and their father held up on the side of the road. She offers help, saying her dad is a mechanic, but the man is skeptical. Even still, because he doesn’t want his daughters out on the road, he asks her to check if the engine starts for him.

Allie intuitively knows how to fix the car with her power and does so while concentrating on making sure the father doesn’t see what she’s doing. But because of that, she’s unable to see the two girls coming near her. One of them touches her and gets burned. The dad is furious and grabs Allie by the collar. Allie is taken aback, and even though she tells him not to touch her, the man grabs her shirt and throws her into the hay before driving off. She then finds herself pawning a ruby at a pawn shop, but her talking to ‘the voice’ makes the shop owner speculate that Allie is a drug addict. She manages to get out of that situation and leave, but we see her start to disagree with the voice. She goes back to praying to Jesus, but the voice asks her what she thinks Jesus has ever done for her. Allie is afraid and alone, so she’s confused about whether the voice is on her side or not.

We see that Tatiana was supposed to be an Olympic gymnast who used to be extremely talented as a teenager. She worked hard, but somewhere down the line, that dream may not have been fulfilled, considering she’s now the wife of an old man, the president of Carpathia. With the electric girls becoming more prominent in Carpathia, he deems the act punishable by capital punishment. Tatiana has to smile through it all, almost like she’s a doll.

Roxy is grief-ridden and can’t stand being at her father’s home. She bikes out into the streets in her anger to go see her father at work. On the way, she gets hit by a vehicle, and the man driving is enraged. Roxy, being in a similar state, decides to use her powers to destroy the tires of his vehicle and bike off. She wants revenge for her mother’s death, and she won’t stop until she gets it. Her father tells her to be patient and that he’s handling this himself, not knowing the new powers Roxy has developed.

What Will Margot Do Next?

Roxy decides to show her dad and brother her strength and takes them out to a field, bringing down entire electric towers. Her father is extremely impressed. On the other hand, Allie finds herself alone again, in the middle of nowhere, but she’s able to see how powerful she is and how she can control her power very well. Roxy and Allie both seem to be stronger than most girls, and emerging leaders in their own ways. Both of them are angry about something, and this is driving them to be stronger and use their power better.

Margot, on the other hand, is extremely confused about what she can do to make this all go away. Entire towns are losing power, and there are fires everywhere. Margot finds herself believing Tunde’s video and hoping to find out more about this new power in girls. She needs help from her colleagues, but Dandon, who makes all the big decisions, won’t even answer his phone. She travels all the way to his house late at night just so that she can get his attention, but even then, he’s unconcerned about how important the matter is.

As a man in politics, he thinks he knows best and is more worried about his Senatorial campaign. Instead of actually helping her out, he offers the advice to not get her pants in a bunch, which riles up Margot. Back home, she’s furious and late for all her plans. Rob has been waiting for her, though, and they look to have a very understanding and beautiful marriage. Rob offers her something to break to get the rage out of her system, and she does truly enjoy the feeling it brings. She finally starts clearing her head of all the nonsense Dandon spewed in their meeting. Early the next day, she gets a call, and it’s a plane crash this time. We think Margot can already see how this connects to all the other fires and everything else that teenage girls have been involved with in the last few days. Hopefully, this means she can actually do something about all that is happening and make a difference.

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