Why Was Dorian Obsessed With His Idea To Create Love Perfume In ‘The Perfumier’? Was He Successful?

The tale of the perfume killer is a very popular phenomenon, and it was depicted in the historical fantasy novel “Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer” by Patrick Süskind. This book inspired the making of the famous 2006 thriller-drama film of the same name. Perceptions matter a lot in such stories, and this novel has also encouraged the storyline of a German psychological thriller movie, “The Perfumier.” This film revolves around the lives of two individuals, Dorian and Sunny. They belonged to different backgrounds, but somehow their lives were magically intertwined with each other. Both of them were trying to find out the true purpose of their lives, and destiny encouraged them to take this chance. Throughout the entire movie, viewers will spend most of their time contemplating the outcome of Dorian’s Love Potion. From the very beginning of his childhood, Dorian spent years creating the perfect mixture of scents that are required to acquire the right aroma. But this time, it wasn’t just a thought in his mind; it gave rise to an obsession. Dorian wanted to explore the world of fragrances, and for him, his entire life depended on his ability to place his mind inside the bubble of aromas.

Years passed, but Dorian’s obsession didn’t stop; it spread like wildfire in his heart. With each day, he lost control over his alter ego, and Dorian’s beliefs were encouraged by his closest friend, Rex. At first, his obsession was limited to animals, but later he slowly approached young and beautiful women. Dorian’s ability to smell was miraculous, as he could supernaturally create scents through people’s skin. The tale of this estranged perfume lover took a different turn after his encounter with Sunny. Her arrival was a God-sent for him since her body left an otherworldly aroma, and this provided more inspiration to Dorian. He tried his best to accumulate different scents together, and from his perspective, women were the main source of his fragrance. Dorian objectified every woman that he spotted, and without mercy, these young and beautiful individuals were brutally murdered for the essence of their skin. Dorian trusted Rex and never interfered with the killings since she would prepare everything that he required for making the perfume. 

Well, more bodies popped up, and it was easy to interpret that the town had a serial killer on the loose. The bodies had similar incisions, with their sweat glands removed. Dorian wanted to gain control over the human scent, and the pheromones from the bodies enabled him to master his abilities. But things took a different turn when Dorian’s perfume failed to create the effect that he had wanted. His desperate measures to make a love perfume landed him with a sex perfume, and its fragrance emanated immense power, which drove people crazy. A devastated Dorian decided to burn every last bit of his perfume, but he missed one bottle. This bottle went into the hands of Sunny. She was a police officer, and the clues led her into Dorian’s hiding place. She captured Rex, but Dorian managed to escape. Here she got hold of the last bottle of the sex perfume and was bewildered by its powerful aura.

The fact that Sunny lost her sense of smell at a very young age changed her whole personality since she also wanted to experience the warmth and pleasure of changing seasons, food, and people. Even though it was a crime, Sunny decided to steal the bottle because she desperately wanted to experience the fragrance of this mystical perfume. Sunny accepted her condition and lost all hope as getting back her sense of smell would be difficult. But an unexpected pregnancy changed the whole motive of her life. Sunny wanted to feel the presence of her baby, and to acquire this; she decided to look for Dorian. For some reason, their thoughts were instantly intertwined, and her instincts took her to the abandoned shack. All the evidence led to one crime scene, and guess what? Her mind believed that Dorian was hiding in the shack. Well, it turned out to be true, and Sunny found Dorian in the same place. She knew that he was the only person who could make her experience the joy of fragrances. So, Sunny made a deadly deal with him and put her faith in the criminal.

Dorian helped her to experience the basic aromas of her surroundings, and Sunny left the whole world behind to achieve her sense of smell. Weeks passed, but Sunny failed in her attempts to get back her sense of smell. She wanted to stop this and go back to her original ways. But Dorian didn’t let her. He attacked Sunny and pushed her down the hill. Since Rex had managed to escape from the psychiatric hospital, Dorian knew that it was time for another attempt. The killings began again, and this time Dorian wanted Sunny as a special ingredient. The fall changed something in her, as she miraculously got back her sense of smell. Dorian and Sunny were instantly connected, and his perfume was the main reason for their connection. Even though their ways were different, the duo had similar motives. Dorian’s obsession became an addiction, and this time he wanted the skin of Sunny and her unborn child. But Sunny knew that Dorian could not be trusted, so she always had a different plan in her head. From the very beginning of their association, Sunny carried a secret potion with her, and this potion could take away his sense of smell.

Nothing is as pure as the connection between a mother and a child. Dorian knew that if he wanted to achieve his dream of making the love potion, he had to keep Sunny and her baby alive. Dorian’s life revolved around his ability to create perfumes, and this was his only chance to experience the joy of romance. But Dorian missed out on the basic knowledge of love since he had never experienced its warmth. To make this perfume, Dorian had to know its meaning, but love was the only ingredient that was lacking, and without it, Dorian turned into a monster in order to fulfill his obsession. Well, how can a person make a love perfume if they have never experienced love? Here, Sunny took away his prized possession, which is his ability to smell. Sunny knew this was the only way to keep him away from the world of murders and insanity. Devastated by the loss of his ability, Dorian loses all hope since it is a power that he loves. Maybe he understood the meaning of love, but now it was too late since his heart had lost the flame.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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