‘The Night Agent’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Rose And Peter Find About The Metro Bombing?

Previously in episode 3 of “The Night Agent,” Rose had the brilliant idea of obtaining all the sensitive data from the hard drive. In Diane Farr’s absence, Peter entered the data monitoring room covertly and transferred all the data from there to Rose. Diane, though, caught him. Peter persuaded her that he and Rose both were dubious about Farr and all the staff members of the White House, and that’s why the two of them were trying to find the truth on their own. In order to reveal to Rose the entire truth about her uncle and aunt, Farr insists on meeting with her. We are simultaneously given a different part of the story, one that will be very crucial later on. We saw Maddie Redfield, the daughter of the vice president, whose security guards Arrington and Monks didn’t get along with each other all that well.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Rose And Peter Get To Know About The Metro Bombing?

Two years ago, Erik Monks was a prior President’s secret security officer who took a bullet for the president at a conference. Since then, he has gained national acclaim, and footage of him being shot has gone viral. Nonetheless, Monks had certain flaws. After being shot, he developed an addiction to painkillers and was placed in a rehab facility, which Arrington didn’t appreciate at all. Given her obligation to safeguard Maddie, who has become the target of a potential assassination attempt, she wants to ensure that her security is perfect. But, despite all of the precautions, Maddie started to approach the art teacher, who was attempting to get her to visit his home. Rose started to believe Farr when she revealed everything about Campbell’s actual identity, but she was shrewd enough to divulge everything from the drive. Farr agreed to let her handle the trip and asked Peter to take special care of her.


As Farr departed, Rose started talking to Peter about Omar Zadar. Peter told her that Zadar was the PIF chief, who was suspected to be the person behind last year’s metro bombing; however, he denied any involvement in the metro attack. From the drive, Rose had acquired the whereabouts of someone who had previously worked as an engineer for the Campbells. After Peter and Rose arrived at the given location, an old woman, named Lorna, at first refused to let them inside her house, but after recognizing Rose, she introduced herself as the engineer they were seeking. Lorna gave them access to certain maps and construction blueprints for a prospective target location of the attack and accompanied them to one of the target zones.

Lorna was also aware of Peter Sutherland’s father’s identity, but she refused to tell him anything. Peter wanted to find out the truth, but she refused to assist him since she knew how painful it would be for him to hear all the truth about his father. However, Peter felt a strong rumbling, particularly at a café, which led him to assume that a metro must be running beneath the building. He was able to make all the connections and determine that this was the place that had been targeted for the bombing the year before, but since he had stopped it, it had not been able to reach its intended target area. Peter and Rose returned to a hotel, where Rose hacked the CC cameras of the cafe to see who was arriving and departing.


The assassin pair, Ellen and Dale, broke into a home where Ellen started to talk about her dreams and hopes for a family with Dale, hinting that the murderous task wasn’t precisely something they wanted to perform but was instead required of them for survival or out of patriotism. But, they were never proud of themselves when they terrorized someone. Even still, Ellen had a lot of fantasies about living a typical life as an ordinary woman in love, but, being in this corrupted line, their dreams would never materialize. Meanwhile, a call arrived on Dale’s phone, assigning him a mission to assassinate the Lorna who had recently spoken to Rose and Peter. Dale and Ellen completed this assignment, they were professionals, after all.

Rose continued to watch the CCTV tape, and she found a woman who had been sitting at the table for five hours and talking to herself. She was identified by Peter as Arrington, a member of the Secret Service, but Peter was unaware of who Arrington’s employer was. The Vice President, her boss, at last, made it to the college hostel where his daughter was enrolled. Maddie’s father visited her, despite the fact that she didn’t want to see him. The Vice President, who was engaged in various political scandals, was not even a nice father to his daughter. Maddie was terrified of him and hated having security personnel around her all the time just because of who her father was. Yet her friendship with Arrington was special. Arrington couldn’t keep her out of sight, while Maddie couldn’t thank her enough for being there for her all the time. But this time, with Maddie turning into the target of an assassination attempt, could Arrington save Her with Erik Monks’ assistance? Or would she be forced to suffer a significant loss?


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