‘The Naughty Nine’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Lesson Did Santa Teach Andy?

Directed by Alberto Belli, the Disney Original Christmas movie The Naughty Nine is all about a bunch of troublemaker kids planning a heist at Santa’s headquarters at the North Pole. The Naughty Nine follows a fifth-grade student, Andy, who finds himself on Santa’s naughty list, prompting him to hatch a plan of a heist, but by the end of the film, instead of stealing the gift from Santa’s headquarters, he and his friends returned with a valuable life lesson.


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Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The Naughty Nine opens with Andy being summoned to the principal’s office. Andy had been a troublemaker the entire year, which was a matter of concern for both of his parents as well as the principal. So the principal tried to talk to him, hoping to bring him on the right track, but all Andy was doing in his mind was hatching a plan for his next mischievous activity. However, despite being a troubled child, Andy was kind and compassionate. With his best friend, Dulce, he planned to steal all the Christmas stuff from the school’s inventory and decided to give all of it away to his classmates. They were almost caught in the act by the principal, but Andy, who was always one step ahead in planning, had managed to swap the bag full of gifts with cookies and told the principal that they were making a secret plan to give these cookies to the school faculty members. The principal bought this, letting Andy and Dulce go.


Back at home, we saw Andy had a sister named Laurel, who was always mad at her brother because no matter what he did, he always got away with it by telling a bunch of lies. Andy’s parents came to know that he was called to the principal’s office, but Andy managed to convince them that he went there to fix the Wi-Fi. However, Laurel got the idea that it was not Wi-Fi Andy was there for.

On the next Christmas morning, Andy and Laurel get excited to open their gifts. But near the Christmas tree, Andy couldn’t find the gaming console he desperately prayed for. He swiftly realized that he was probably on the naughty list of Santa, who chose not to give him the gift he had wanted. Andy, however, didn’t care about it, and he didn’t even want to get off the list, but he wanted the gaming console so badly. So he hatched a plan to go to the North Pole to loot the headquarters of Santa Claus. But he couldn’t pull this off alone, so he needed to gather all the naughty listers who didn’t get their gifts this Christmas.


Did The Naughty Nine Steal The Gifts They Wanted?

Andy and Dulce enlisted the conspiracy theorist Lewis’ help to locate the headquarters of Santa in the North Pole. With the help of Lewis, they also managed to find those other naughty listers. Among them were a “wheel woman,” Ha-Yoon; Rose, who could talk to animals; a master of disguise, John Anthony; an adorable innocent face, Albert; and a gymnast, Bethany. Bethany was a fellow gymnast of Laurel, who was envious of Bethany’s amazing skills. Andy and Dulce managed to gather all of them and describe to them the plan for the heist in their basement. Initially reluctant, every one of them agreed to join Andy and Dulce, but the next morning Bethany backed off. She couldn’t join them, as her parents were too strict to let her go on a night out. Therefore, Andy was left with no choice but to approach his sister, Laurel, who was not on the naughty list but an amazing gymnast.

However, they needed someone to take them to the North Pole. One day, Andy overheard his dad talking about his colleague Bruno, who had seen a flying reindeer in the sky. Andy came to know exactly who to approach. He went to his father’s workplace and asked Bruno to take them to the North Pole. The journey soon began, and as planned, John Anthony made elf costumes for all the members of the group so that they could sneak into the headquarters of Santa.


With the help of Albert, the innocent charmer, the elf guards were distracted while the remaining group sneaked into the place and blended into the other elves. They got into the celebrations and parties but remained focused on their goal. Finally, Andy, Laurel, and Dulce arrived at the place where all the gifts were kept. With the help of her gymnastic skills, Laurel helped them make their way to the gift store. But it was locked, and it required singing a lengthy Christmas song to get unlocked. After they were able to unlock the store, Andy finally got his hand on the gaming console. They stole those gifts the nine members of the group had wished for but didn’t get, but Laurel, who was not on the list, unethically stole a smartphone from there.

What Lesson Did Santa Teach Andy?

After the successful heist, Andy and his friends managed to escape the headquarters and almost got on Bruno’s plane, but Andy was not happy at all. He didn’t expect his sister, who was not on the naughty list and did receive her gift from Santa this Christmas, to steal a cell phone from the vault. So he decided to get caught. He thought that he deserved the punishment, considering it was his plan from the beginning. As Santa’s elves captured Andy and brought him back to the headquarters, Dulce decided to go back to rescue Andy, as, for her, it was never about the gifts; it was Andy whom she cared for.

Upon returning to the headquarters, Andy wanted to meet Santa, so the elves took him to Santa. Santa was very upset by Andy’s behavior, but he was impressed to see that Andy was ready to face the consequences of his actions, and he didn’t want his friends to suffer for his mistake. Meanwhile, the rest of the team appeared there and apologized to Santa for the heist. Laurel returned the cell phone she had stolen from the vault. Santa told them that he didn’t make the naughty list because they were mischievous, but it was made to give those naughty kids a chance to change themselves. Andy was inspired by Santa’s kind words and promised that he would try not to create any troubling situations. Santa forgave them all and let them return home.

Will It Have A Sequel?

At the end of The Naughty Nine, we saw the nine members of the group return home. Andy and Laurel finally got along with each other, making their parents happy. But in the next year, right before Christmas, we saw Andy summoned to the principal’s room once again. This time, Dulce even wondered why he was summoned, as Andy had been a really good kid the entire year. However, as Andy walked in, he was stunned to see that instead of the principal, it was Santa who wanted to see him. Santa told him that he needed Andy’s help, and Andy was more than happy to hear that. Probably, the Disney Originals will bring a sequel to The Naughty Nine, where we’ll get to know how Andy and his team will be helping Santa solve his issues.


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