‘The Munsters’ Ending, Explained: Did The Munster Family Get Back Their Castle?

“Love can reach you in beautiful ways.” “The Munsters” is a 2022 family drama film that is inspired by the 1964 sitcom of the same name. The series left an imprint on people who learned the beauty of togetherness and love. Every family is beautiful despite all the limitations. The movie has touched on all the viewpoints and maintained the authenticity of the sitcom. Well, the movie opens with Dr. Henry and Floop stealing the body of a famous pianist, but to their surprise, his corpse has become a walking zombie. However, the duo manages to steal it anyway. At the same time, Grandpa Munster is up from his sleep, and he constantly worries about his daughter’s despicable love life. Lilly Munster decides to go on a date with the weird rat-obsessed Orlock. He tries his best to entice her, but Lilly wants more from her love life, so she decides to leave the place. Now, a love-deprived Lilly is lying on her bed, experiencing a series of heartbreaks where she ends up falling in love with the man of her dreams. On the other hand, Dr. Henry and Floop were on the hunt to steal the brain of Shelly Von Rathbone, the smartest man on Earth. But Floop stole Shecky Rathbone’s brain. Both the brothers died consecutively, and this created huge confusion in Floop’s mind.


Back at the laboratory, Dr. Henry is putting his best input to work to create a masterpiece through his futuristic techniques, and he successfully manages to complete his mission. The next day, Dr. Henry appears on the popular TV show Good Morning Transylvania to unveil his creation, and Lilly falls in love with it. Even though his actions are bizarre and destructive, Lilly finds him extremely attractive. Well, both of them were looking for true love, and Lilly approached him with the same motive. Dr. Henry decides to leave him with Floop, and now he is named Herman. Lilly manages to track him down at his rock band performance and invites him for a dinner date. Herman is head over heels for Lilly, and here they declare their love for each other. By this time, Herman has already imagined his future with Lilly. Well, Grandpa Munster was not impressed by his arrival, but he had to put up with Lilly’s preferences.

On the other hand, she is unbothered by his individuality. He spends the night cracking lame jokes, but this trait attracts Lilly! Grandpa is unnerved by his presence and denies accepting their relationship while planning to break them apart. But Herman is consistent about his plans, and he wants Grandpa Munster to love him. The couple decides to spend more time with each other, and soon, Herman proposes to her for marriage. Meanwhile, Grandpa Munster is figuring out ancient spells to separate the couple with the husband’s spell, and he manages to create the perfect husband, but he fails drastically! Grandpa Munster loses his cool after he witnesses the huge proposal ring in Lilly’s hand. Well, he had no choice but to accept his daughter’s love interest. The couple is happily married to each other, and they head to Paris for their honeymoon.


But Herman refuses to inform Lilly about Lester’s betrayal. Lilly and her brother Lester were on bad terms, and this had a lot to do with his debts. Lester coerced Herman into signing the castle over to him. Soon, Grandpa Munster and Lilly are enlightened by the fact that they’ve become homeless. Herman comes up with a very strange plan when he proposes a thought to Grandpa and Lilly about permanently moving to Hollywood, California, for the rest of their lives. Lilly manages to contact the real estate agent, Elvira. The family finally moved into the house which met all their expectations! Well, Lilly and Herman are fooled because the whole town is dressed as monsters, but they had failed to recognize them. Herman manages to seal the deal with Elvira for the murky house that was right next to the town’s residential area. But the next day, Herman is shocked by the sight of human beings in the locality. The family decides to leave the house, but things turn out quite favorably after Lester’s arrival.

The castle deal had enabled him to win massive money from Las Vegas, and he offered Herman his share of the money. Now the whole family is delighted to know that Herman is a rich man! The movie ends on a good note as the Munster family is finally together despite all the differences. “The Munsters” provide a very important lesson, and this lesson states the significance of having a family. None of the families are similar to each other. Every clan has different personalities, and even though things are mismatched, our loved ones manage to build a beautiful relationship with us. Apart from this, The Munsters resonated beautifully with the previous series. The 1964 version provided motivating messages to the generation back then. Even though the Munsters couldn’t get their castle back, the family finally spent time together. It’s been years since Lester and Grandpa Munster spent time with each other, but now, things are expected to change as the family is coping with the losses, but still, they’ve managed to find the true meaning of love and support!


“The Munsters” is a 2022 family drama film directed by Rob Zombie.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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