‘The Mole’ Season 2 Contestants List

The Mole is an American reality show, a Netflix original that has its second season out. A new set of participants is tasked with finding out who the mole in the group is, sabotaging all the tasks they’ve been assigned. The end goal is for one of the participants to win the prize pot, but also to catch the mole who wants to bring down all the hard work put in by the participants.



Hannah is one of the strongest contestants on the game show, and she happens to be an ex-pageant winner as well. She believes people underestimate her because of how she looks, but she can turn the odds to her favor. Even though she comes across as someone who could be timid, she soon becomes aggressive with her approach to the game, and this is a fierce quality in her that is evident, yet she has never been on the suspect list. 


Tony, being the good-looking lad of the lot, is easy to mistake for the mole. Because of whatever pop culture history has told us, the audience always thinks that good-looking men or women are the bad guys. There is no clarity on what he does for a living, but he does come across as a smart person with a decent head on his shoulders. 



Neesh, a contestant of South Asian descent, is a podcaster who gets along with anyone. He proudly claims himself to be someone with leadership qualities and faces the first task smartly without much pressure. His handling of the first task is an indication of his being a good leader and that he will do anything for the team. Neesh carried the quality of being a good person, which is why there is no indication of him being the mole.


Deanna is also one of the strongest contenders to win the reality show. She is the type of person who never trusts anyone from the start. She believes everyone is here for only one purpose. Deanna comes across as the intimidating contestant in the show but has integrity. She completes the tasks allotted to her and is a great team player. So far, she has not given anyone the chance to suspect her of being the mole.



Sean is a stay-at-home father who used to be an undercover cop for a long time. It is his history with the police, and the fact he often went undercover for his work, that makes him a prime suspect to be the mole in the show. Sean has been picked on and thrown jabs at for possibly being “the Mole,” yet he refuses to bow down even if he is. He is happy to be a typical suburban father, taking care of his children, who needs him to win the money. It was his simple qualities that made him a suspect. 


Michael could easily pass off as someone who has no interest in being the mole. As a parking lot manager whose job requires him to talk, he feels he cannot be someone who would willingly sabotage tasks assigned to other people. Michael likes to give himself many tasks, but his hot and cold behavior makes it hard for someone to understand his intention. Only the upcoming episodes will decide who among the non-eliminated thinks he is the mole. 



Andy is the elderly gentleman on the team who probably has a lot more life experience than anybody in the group of twelve. He has formerly worked with a forensic team, which may have helped in solving many kinds of cases that could have come to his team. It is his work with the team that will help him find answers regarding who could be the mole. 


Muna is yet another American girl in the participants’ list. As she mentions in her introduction, a woman who wears a hijab is always considered to be at a disadvantage, as there has been no representation of them in mainstream media or reality shows. Muna wants to break away from the seriousness with which she is looked at and have fun while understanding the game so she can take part with a lot of passion. Muna is not a suspect so far, but it will be interesting to watch what she contributes throughout the entire show.


Quaylyn is one of the many participants whose goal is just to win the reality show and go home with the prize money. As he claims, just like the others, he does not intend to become “The Mole.” So far, there is nothing that stands out about him that could arouse enough suspicion for him to be branded the mole Quaylyn, however, is known for his honesty, which helps him be seen as the nicest guy in the room. 


Melissa, just like Neesh, has great leadership qualities. She can mobilize the team to make them carry out activities that could add money to the prize pot. She has a stern nature, which helps the rest understand that Melissa is not to be messed with. Her nature could be the reason why she could be one of the suspected “moles” as well. 



Ryan, as a volleyball coach, has an aggressive attitude, especially towards completing the tasks. These tasks are assigned to be completed as a team, and Ryan has loads of experience being a team player and getting the work done as per the plan. Ryan’s nature does cause serial issues, and many believe she could be the mole as well. 


Jennifer on The Mole comes across as a harmless person who is here just to experience what the show has to offer. An avid traveler, she claims to not be the mole. She wants to use the money for her benefit, and spying would be disadvantageous. Jennifer tries her best, but her destiny to be on the team till the end is a farfetched dream.


Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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