How Is Julia Jayne And The Hourglass Symbol Connected In The Series ‘The Midnight Club’?

“The Midnight Club” is a series that ends with an ambiguous conclusion. From the very beginning, viewers will be hooked on all the episodes since each one of them includes a different twist. Various theories are connected to the show, but none of them comes up with a proper explanation. The series revolves around eight individuals who are a part of “The Midnight Club.” Every night they come together and spend their time sharing spooky stories. Even though the stories are entirely fictional, they represent their fear of death. Ilonka arrived at the manor to figure out ways to save herself from thyroid cancer, and she came across the life of Julia Jayne. Ilonka was obsessed with Julia’s story since she was mysteriously cured. Ilonka believed that Julia’s history could cure her too. The tale of her survival attracted Ilonka to the grounds of Brightcliffe, and from the very beginning, Ilonka looked for ways to gather more information on her. The fact that Julia had disappeared without a trace only to come back several days later with her canter healed was a surprise indeed. Little did she know that the manor hid the deepest and darkest secrets in its grounds. 


Throughout the whole series, Ilonka walks in the exact direction of Julia. In 1968, Julia attended the Brightcliffe manor and managed to find Athena’s book. Athena had an hourglass symbol on the back of her neck, which played a very important role in the formation of the Paragon Cult. Athena was the daughter of Regina Ballard, and guess what? Before Dr. Stanton purchased the manor, she was the founder and owner of Brightcliffe Manor. Their main purpose for building this manor was to promote the growth of the Paragon cult. Regina was attracted to the study of Greek goddesses, but her obsession took a different and malicious turn. Regina knew that Julia could carry forward the legacy of the Paragon cult, so Regina taught her everything that she knew about the cult. Well, there is a high possibility that Julia had contacted Regina to cure her illness again. Maybe her illness bounced back, and all these years, she trespassed the grounds of Brightcliffe to sacrifice individuals for the betterment of her health.

Julia hid her identity as Shasta and often visited the grounds of Brightcliffe. Here she ended up meeting Ilonka, and both of them shared warm conversations. Julia managed to gain her trust and attention, but her sole motive was to sacrifice Ilonka since her death could be beneficial for her health. Moreover, she was the one who pushed Illonka into conducting the illegal cult practices of Paragon with the promise of saving Anya’s life. But the ceremony didn’t work, and Anya lost her life. At first, the paragon cult dealt with religious activities, but later it entirely changed its purpose. The practices of this cult date back to the year 1931 by Aceso Aka Regina. She believed that she possessed the powers of the healing goddess Aceso. But it didn’t stop there. To make the ceremony work, Regina had to gather five females and address them with the names of other Greek goddesses: Panacea, Iaso, Aglaea, and Hygeia.


The hourglass represented the portal between two different worlds, as being a part of the paragon cult simply promoted her ability to cure illnesses and bring people back from death. Her main aim was to promote blood sacrifice, and by this time, Regina had lost complete control over her mind. Athena witnessed all the incidents and begged her mother to come back from her unearthly obsession. But nothing ever stopped her from obtaining the pact. Soon, the members of the cult died one by one, and the main reason for their deaths was poisoning. Regina created a tea, which was essential for the ceremony, but she ended up confessing to the police that it was a terrible mistake as she gathered the wrong plants to continue the ceremony. But Athena revealed in her diary that her mother was trying to fake her innocence. The deaths of the cult members were necessary to keep her alive. If you look closely, Julia had tried her best to contact the members of the Brightcliffe manor since she knew that some or the other person would be fascinated by her survival story. 

Well, that person was Ilonka, and from the very beginning, Julia left never-ending clues in her art submissions, and these clues were found on the grounds of the Brightcliffe manor as well. In her submissions, Julia often drew the hourglass symbol and wrote the number 282.13. Well, this number was connected to the library of the Brightcliffe manor and Ilonka was able to find Athena’s book at the mentioned number. Since Regina killed all the members of the cult, she had to break up with the paragon group and move on with her life. She changed her identity back to Regina from Aceso to avoid any interrogations or cases. Ilonka often spotted the spirits of two elderly couples who roamed around hungry. Well, there are chances that Dr. Stanton fed her patients to the old couple since she didn’t reveal any details about them after their death. The patients of Brightcliffe believed that these spirits visited them at the time of their death.


The series ends with a massive cliffhanger as Dr. Stanton has the same hourglass symbol engraved on the back of her neck, which was carried by Regina’s daughter Athena. Viewers are already speculating different views and theories as there is a possibility that Athena had changed her identity to carry forward her mother’s legacy as Georgina Stanton, and maybe she fed her patients to the elderly couple whose spirits wandered the empty halls of Brightcliffe. This was to ensure long life, but there’s no clarity to this speculation since this cliffhanger could play a very important role in the development of the paragon cult. Maybe she was continuing this cult to ensure the happiness of entities lurking in the hallways of the manor and also to increase the lifespan of those who were present in the manor. But there’s no doubt that these individuals were stuck amidst the frauds of the Brightcliffe manor.

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