‘The Matchmakers’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was The Bounty Hunter Looking For Yeojudaek?

The ninth episode of The Matchmakers focuses on giving a feel-good treat to the audience by focusing on the romantic affairs of the characters. However, the mood of the episode changes when the spotlight shifts to a murder from 8 years ago. Even though there is no big revelation in this episode, it acts as a stepping stone for more revelations in the next episodes. There are a lot of events that we get a glimpse of in this episode, which raise a lot of doubts in our minds. What was the actual incident that caused Yeojudaek to be blamed as the murderer? Will Orabeoni and Jeong Woo be able to save Yeojudaek? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Jeong Woo Manage The Matchmaking Process?

After Jeong Woo confronts Yeojudaek about her being the murderer, he walks off and tries to manage the entire matchmaking process on his own. He teaches the old bachelors as to how they should try to impress the maidens. The first bachelor is taught how to use the swing to impress the eldest maiden. He tells the second bachelor how he should wrestle to impress the second maiden. He also instructs the third bachelor as to which position he should choose to sit in so that he can get a glimpse of the third maiden while she washes her hair. He also lets them know the date of their marriage, which they reject, saying that it was too early. He sticks to Yeojudaek’s plan and tells them that this date is auspicious and that their three generations will prosper. And if they did not marry on that date, then there was no auspicious date for marriage for the next seven years. Listening to Jeong Woo’s words, they decide upon marriage on the very day that has been decided, but the maidens, however, do not follow the lies told by Jeong Woo.


Is Jeong Woo Able To Express His Feelings For Yeojudaek?

Jeong Woo is seen to be love-sick when he does not get a glimpse of Yeojudaek for many days. While he is making arrangements for the marriage, Yeojudaek has also been making efforts to fix the marriage. She trains the maidens as to how they should present themselves before their would-be grooms. When she meets the maiden’s mother, the blind lady, she thanks Yeojudaek for her efforts for her daughters. She asks for her real identity, and she reveals it and tells her that she is the Left State Minister’s second daughter-in-law. The woman tells Yeojudaek that she was a matchmaker before she went blind and was the one to fix her marriage with her late husband.

Meanwhile, Jeong Woo is heartbroken and craves Yeojudaek’s company very badly. He is approached by Lady Sam Soon, and she asks him to make things up with Yeojudaek the next day at their home. While Yeojudaek is at the maiden’s house the next day, Jeong Woo is seen looking at her from a distance. Oh Bong, however, comes up to her with the news that the bounty hunter looking for her is coming to the maiden’s house. Oh Bong hides her in a room where Jeong Woo is hiding, and they end up meeting each other. She confesses to Jeong Woo that she did hide her identity but was not the murderer. Unable to control his emotions, he confesses his feelings to her and asks her to go with him to Gyeongwoonjae so that she will be safe. She, however, refuses to go with him and tells him that she does not have any feelings for him.


What Misunderstandings Occur Between Orabeoni And Jeong Woo?

While Jeong Woo starts investigating the false murder of which Yeojudaek has been accused, he finds Orabeoni investigating the same case. He thinks that Orabeoni has a soft spot for Yeojudaek and, hence, is investigating it. Orabeoni also doubts Jeong Woo’s soft corner for Yeojudaek and asks him his motive. He tells him that since their aim is similar, they should investigate the issue together. The prince sends Yeojudaek a letter, asking her to visit him in Gyeongwoonjae, and when she refuses to do so, he tells Orabeoni that he will report her if she does not turn up. Orabeoni asks Yeojudaek to come to Gyeongwoonjae, and she turns up to meet Jeong Woo. Initially, she tells them that she had lost all her memories of the incident so that she could save the real Yeojudaek, whose identity she had taken up for matchmaking.

Why Was The Bounty Hunter Looking For Yeojudaek?

We know that some peril is to befall Soon Deok when the actual Yeojudaek’s little daughter tells the bounty hunter that she knew her after glimpsing at her picture. The bounty hunter had been looking for her because of the murder of Pyeongyangbu’s deputy mayor eight years ago. A peddler had been falsely accused in the case. It was said that Gwang Mu and his wife, Tae Ran, were the main culprits who murdered the official for money. After their capture, the husband mysteriously died, and his wife fled from the prison. The prison guard who was in charge was dismissed, and it was this guard who was on the lookout for Yeojudaek.


When Jeong Woo narrates this story, Yeojudaek says that Min Seung Gwan was a member of the Namjang Party and was an enemy of Jo Young Bae, the leader of the Dongno Party. Gwang Mu was the right hand of Min Seung Gwan, suggesting that Seung Gwan had murdered and blamed it on Gwang Mu. The charge of examining the matter was given to the Left State Minister’s eldest son eight years ago. It was brought out that Seung Gwan cooperated with the enemies of the Dongno Party as his daughter was involved. She disguised herself as a male judge in Pyeongyangbu in place of her sick brother, with her father’s permission. She had however fallen in love with the enemy’s son, Jo in Hyeon, and went on together to expose the governor’s corruption. Later, when they realized that they could not end up together, the lovers committed suicide, and later Seung Gwan tried hiding his daughter’s affair. The story had been jotted down in the book, ‘The Scholar’s Man’, and Yeojudaek said that she had come to know about the story from that book.

Final Words

Soon Deok is disguised as Yeojudaek so that she can save Tae Ran, or the real Yeojudaek, whom she and her brother had saved eight years ago. When they saved her, she was pregnant, and hence she was ever so grateful to Soon Deok for having saved her life. These secrets, if revealed, are most likely to severely impact the lives of both Tae Ran and Soon Deok. Will Soon Deok be able to resolve the murder mystery and rid Yeojudaek of the false accusations? Will Soon Deok be imprisoned in the long run for faults that are not even her own? The answers to these questions are yet to be found in the following episodes. The ninth episode of The Matchmakers, however, is replete with romance, suspense, mystery, and thrills, making the one-hour episode quite entertaining!


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