‘The Matchmakers’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: What Challenges Does Yeojudaek Face?

The eighth episode of The Matchmakers includes a lot of twists, making it one of a kind. This episode sheds light on the revelation of Yeojudaek’s real identity to the others. There are also some confessions and acknowledgement of love in the episode. The revelation of the secret conspiracy associated with the use of Geumjam poison that killed the princess has also been explored here. Will Soon Deok’s dual identity be revealed to her mother-in-law? Will Jeong Woo misunderstand Yeojudaek? Will the secrets of the Geumjam poison be revealed? Let’s find out the answers to these questions!

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens After Jeong Woo Is Saved?

After Yeojudaek saves Jeong Woo from drowning, he is dragged back up to the shore. She rebukes him for going against the plan and jumping into the water. The comic element intensifies when he tells her he learned to swim from a book the previous night. When Orabeoni arrives at the spot, he sees Yeojudaek without makeup and realizes that she is none other than his sister, Soon Deok. She asks Orabeoni not to reveal her real identity in front of Jong Woo, as she would then be arrested because she was the Left State Minister’s daughter-in-law. Orabeoni is later seen persuading his sister to quit the matchmaking job, as that would be the recipe for more trouble in the future.

Meanwhile, the unidentified corpse of the gypsy that Yeojudaek had planned to plant on the shore has been set up. When the corpse is found, Orabeoni tells everyone that it is Hwa Rok’s corpse. However, when the news reaches the king, he says that the Defense Minister had proved the rumors against himself to be true by shooting an arrow at Hwa Rok before his arrest. Lady Jeonggyeong understands the intensity of the situation and asks her brother, the Defense Minister, to step down from his post. On the other hand, the Left State Minister states that it would be an injudicious decision to step down, as that would further prove his wrongdoings.

What Misdeeds Does The Defense Minister Do?

A court proceeding is held against the Defense Minister, and just when he defends himself against the charges of murder against him, the King intervenes. He tells him that the court proceedings were not because of Lady Cho Ok’s murder charges but because of the prohibited space on Mt. Mokmyeok. The crown prince had informed the king that some illegal proceedings were happening in that area as the mountain had been cleared of pine trees for someone’s monetary profits. The King states that the Royal Investigation Bureau found that some pine trees were planted in the garden of the Defense Minister’s house, proving his guilt of confiscating government property and using it for his own means. He is dismissed from his post, and the Chancellor of the Namjang Party is promoted as the new Defense Minister, making his family think that the Left State Minister had caused this, as they were their would-be in-laws.

What Was The Conspiracy Behind The Poisoning Of The Maid?

It becomes clear to us that the Defense Minister, along with the Left State Minister, was also involved in poisoning the princess during her marriage. He had ensured that the person who had bought the poison was killed so that no witnesses were left. Meanwhile, Jeong Woo had not stopped investigating the murder of the princess and was closely examining the maid, who had the same symptoms as the princess after taking the poison. Jeong Woo and the King come to the conclusion that someone had made sure that the maid would be poisoned after eating the prince’s leftovers, so that they could frame the Queen, as she was in charge of the prince’s food.

What Misunderstandings Occur In The Matchmakers Meeting?

As Yeojudaek meets Orabeoni, Jeong Woo, and Sam Soon to discuss the matters of the marriage, some secrets unfold. As Orabeoni now knows the identity of Yeojudaek, he becomes protective of his sister, and Jeong Woo misunderstands it as a romantic affair. He instructs them to sit apart and tells them that their closeness is inappropriate. Lady Sam Soon is unable to hide her feelings and confesses them to Orabeoni. In a sudden confrontation, Orabeoni gets puzzled and says that he has no feelings for her, which hurts her feelings. She walks away, and Yeojudaek follows her. She tells Yeojudaek that she would marry anyone that she would find for her, as the officer does not have any feelings for her. Meanwhile, certain heartstrings are seen to tangle more in The Matchmakers Episode 8, as we notice an increased closeness between Yeojudaek and Jeong Woo, Lady Ha Na, and the crown prince, making the series of events even more interesting!

What Challenges Does Yeojudaek Face?

There are a lot of challenges that Yeojudaek has to face, both at home and outside! The maid that Lady Jeonggyeong had set up to find her real identity finds her secret clothes and novel. She hands it over to Lady Jeonggyeong, and she summons her. Yeojudaek’s maid had informed her beforehand of the impending danger that would befall her, as she had heard Lady Jeonggyeong and her maid conversing. However, instead of confronting her about her dual identity, Lady Jeonggyeong hands Yeojudaek more responsibilities. She tells her that she will then look after the farmland of the family. This was done so that she did not have time to go out and engage in other activities!

Yeojudaek, however, also faces an unexpected disaster outside her home. An unknown man is seen wandering the market in search of Yeojudaek. When Oh-Bong comes across the man, he immediately informs Jeong Woo of her real identity as the murderer of the deputy mayor of Pyeongyangbu, also stating her actual name, Tae Ran. When Jeong Woo confronts her, he asks her why she has hidden her real identity from him. Yeojudaek thinks that he has come to know of her identity as the daughter-in-law of the Left State Minister and asks him how he has come to know of it. Later, when he tells her that she is a murderer who was on the run, she is shocked!

Final Words

The ending of The Matchmakers Episode 8 keeps us longing for the next episode! The cliffhanger was so intense that it raised several questions in the minds of the audience! Is Yeojudaek really a murderer? What is her real identity? There is a possibility that the personality and looks of Tae Run, who was being sought, were quite similar to those of Yeojudaek. There are a lot more questions that are raised in this episode, and we look forward to them being resolved in the next episode.

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