‘The Matchmakers’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens During The Dano Plan?

The elements of a murder mystery have been set in balance with the elements of romance in the 10th episode of The Matchmakers. The murder that took place eight years ago was tried to be dug up by Soon Deok and Prince Gyeongwoonjae. They are also up to setting up the lovebirds together so that they can get the old maidens married to clear out the path of the Crown Prince’s marriage. This episode holds many revelations, paving the way for new possibilities in the next episodes. What secrets are revealed about the assassination of Pyeongyangbu’s deputy mayor? What happens to the matches set up for the old maidens? Let’s find out!


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What Are The Secrets Of The Murder Case?

Soon Deok and Jeong Woo approach Cheon, the man from whom they had taken the corpse, to pass it off as Hwa Rok’s. On interrogating him, they find out that he was the author of “The Scholar’s Man.” Cheon tells them that the deputy mayor of Pyeongyangbu had collaborated with his enemies to hide his son’s identity as a homosexual. He also reveals that Jo In Hyeon was murdered by his own father because of his sexual orientation. Before the murder, Cheon and Hyeon were making plans to reveal Park Bok Gi’s corruption. However, In Hyeon later said that he could not do it as he had gone through evidence that proved that his uncle had tried murdering Grand Prince Woon Hae other than just stealing from tributes. He thought revealing his uncle’s dark secrets could get his entire family exterminated. Later, when Jo In Hyeon was being comforted by Cheon, the Left State Minister saw his son in the embrace of a man and understood that the rumors about him were true. He killed his own son, In Hyeon, and injured Cheon. Cheon was able to survive the injuries, while In Hyeon lost his life, causing the Dongno Party to cease their plans.


What Plot Does Lady Jeonggyeong Come Up With?

The Left State Minister, along with the Defense Minister and his wife, Lady Jeonggyeong, were involved in making plans to ruin the Royal family. They had managed to obtain information that Jeong Woo had visited the undertaker monk, Cheon. They could sniff from afar that Jeong Woo had concocted a plan to safeguard Hwa Rok’s. Little did they know that Jeong Woo was up for inspecting something else that could uproot them from their positions. The Left State Minister also wanted to come up with a plan to stop the marriage of the old maidens being set up by Jeong Woo so that he could stop the marriage of the Crown Prince. Lady Jeonggyeong had, however, come to know of the exchange of letters between Lady Ha Na and the Crown Prince. This had shed light on the fact that she was the one to have hidden the Crown Prince that night. Lady Jeonggyeong comes up with the plan to trap the Crown Prince by writing a false letter to him and making it look like a note from Lady Ha Na to show him around the village once again. She sends the letter to the Crown Prince, and he is deceived by it. He thinks that Ha Na sent him the letter and contemplates eloping from the palace to meet her.

Are Soon Deok And Jeong Woo’s Feelings Mutual?

When Jeong Woo expresses his feelings for Soon Deok, she does not accept it and says that she is still in love with her late husband. She talks to her brother, the officer, and tells him how much she misses her husband. He was living in a misunderstanding that their father had forced Soon Deok to marry her husband, despite knowing of his fatal ailment, to save their family. She clears the misunderstanding by stating that she had taken the decision to marry her husband because she was in love with him. Despite her rantings about how much she loves her husband, we see Jeong Woo frequenting her mind all the time. She has started to feel love-sick and feels his presence all around her all the time, whenever he is not with her. The feelings between Jeong Woo and Soon Deok are mutual, even though they have been stalling the communication of the same.


What Happens During The Dano Plan?

Things do not go as planned for Dano, as a majority of the couples set up by Soon Deok end up getting matched with someone else. The officer realizes his love for Lady Sam Soon and ends up following her to Dano, but she does not reciprocate initially as she had been rejected by him earlier. When Bachelor 23 does not turn up for Lady Sam Soon after falling for another maiden, the officer fills the void by saving her when she falls in the water while washing her hair. Later, he proposes marriage to her, and she agrees to the proposal. Similarly, Bachelor 24 also does not turn up for the wrestling match to impress Du-Ri. He is seen spending his time fishing with Ye-Jin, and they eventually develop a bond with each other. On the other hand, Du-Ri matches with the Chancellor’s son, with whom Ye-Jin was supposed to match. The comic element of the series is enhanced when we see the grooms for both women, Du-Ri and Ye-Jin, have been exchanged! Only Lady Ha Na and the match set up for her managed to meet during the swinging event. However, the match remains doubtful, as we have already noticed a bond between the Crown Prince and Ha Na in the previous episode! In the end, we again see Jeong Woo expressing his feelings to Soon Deok, and he tells her that she did not have to forget her late husband, as even though he did not forget his late wife, they could still be together and ease each other’s pains.

Final Words

The 10th episode of the Korean drama The Matchmakers is unique as all the romantic tension that had built up between the couples has been released! They have all come clean to each other about their feelings and have chosen their own life partners despite Soon Deok’s efforts at matchmaking! However, there are certain mysteries that are to be unfolded in the next part of the show! The Left State Minister is likely to meet Cheon and threaten him about the consequences of helping out Prince Gyeongwoonjae with the murder case. It also remains a mystery whether Soon Deok will choose to save her father-in-law and the reputation of her family or her friend, Yeojudaek, from the false murder accusations. It is possible that a ridge will be drawn between Soon Deok and Jeong Woo if she tries to defend her family against the murder. Jeong Woo has been shown to figure out the connections between the murder of Pyeongyangbu’s deputy mayor and the murder of his wife, the Princess. It is likely that Jeong Woo will find out who murdered his wife in the next few episodes and reveal their real faces to the King in the long run!


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