‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3, Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Is Bo-Katan Curious About The Mythosaur?

Disney+ dropped the latest episode of “The Mandalorian” Season 3 today, and every viewer will undeniably agree that Grogu looked unbelievably cute while watching the crabs by the shore. In the last episode, Mando returned to the planet where the Children of the Watch are housed after redeeming himself in the Living Waters of Mandalore, together with Bo-Katan Kryze, and she was accepted into the guild. Now, Mando decides his ward, Grogu, needs to learn the ways of the Mandalorians if he’s to become one of them, so he asks his adopted son to train. However, trouble approaches, and the Mandalorians go off on their next adventure. Here’s all that follows in the fourth episode.


Spoilers Ahead

A Flying Terror

It’s a training day at the opening outside the cave where the Armorer forges gear for the Mandalorians, and all the able-bodied members of the Children of the Watch are training in the Ways of Mand’alore, from close combat to firing their blasters. Din Djarin notices Grogu watching crabs by the shore, and he brings his ward to the pit to start his training. Bo-Katan Kryze asks if putting a babbling baby against a Mandalorian foundling would be a good idea, but Mando reassures her that this is the only way Grogu can be promoted from foundling to apprentice. The challenged kid is the one who we saw accepted into the Ways of Mand’alore in Episode 1 of “The Mandalorian” Season 3, and he asks why Grogu doesn’t have a helmet, but Mando responds that Grogu is very young to understand the Creed. The foundling asks for training darts to be the weapon of choice for the challenge, but Grogu doesn’t understand the instructions the referee—or The Judge, as they call him—reads to both challengers. The foundling shoots Grogu in the chest twice with the darts, and then Mando asks his ward to show the others what the young one is capable of. Grogu uses the Force to launch himself into the air like his trainer Luke Skywalker, jumps back down to shoot all three darts at his challenger, and is declared the winner.


As the defeated foundling is sulking near the edge of the water, a pterodactyl-like creature swoops in, grabs the child in its talons, and flies away. Paz Vizsla stops Mando from shooting at the creature to avoid hitting the child, and instead, four Mandalorians pursue the flying beast. The creature covers a huge distance, and one by one, each Mandalorian runs out of jetpack fuel and has to ground to a halt, but Bo-Katan chases the raptor in her ship to its lair. Bo returns and says she has marked the area where the raptor has its lair, and a hunting party needs to be organized to rescue the foundling. Mando asks to be a part of her party, and the Armorer entrusts Paz Vizsla along with the Shriek-Hawk Training team to go rescue the foundling but asks to avoid using their blasters to ensure his survival. As the hunting party leaves to go rescue the foundling, Grogu watches them with his usual wide-eyed awe when the Armorer tells him that he’s too young to be involved just yet and there’s a lot more for him left to learn. 

Grogu’s Past 

Inside the cave, the Armorer shows Grogu the Forge where every piece of armor for the Mandalorians is built and explains how every being starts as a raw ore and then is hardened into a Mandalorian by facing risks and hardships. Through the constant battering of the Forge to shape the steel, in his mind, Grogu is transported to the time when he witnessed Stormtroopers kill several Jedi protecting him, and he himself was almost caught until a Jedi named Kelleren Beq spotted him. Beq killed multiple Stormtroopers and flew off with Grogu in his bike, dodging blaster fire as they swerved through the traffic in the ecumenopolis of Coruscant. They finally reached an area where some friends of Beq awaited him, and Beq and Grogu got into the ship prepared for them and flew off. As the Empire ships followed them, Beq jumped into hyperspace to escape the pursuers and save Grogu. He’s brought back to reality by the armorer hammering the chest plate she forged for him. She puts a circular chest plate made of Beskar steel on Grogu’s chest on top of the chainmail that Mando had gifted him, and to show that Grogu is a part of Mando’s clan, his armor bore the signet of the Mudhorn that the two had felled together.


The Brave Rescue

Meanwhile, Bo-Katan’s hunting party gets close to the raptor’s lair, and the Mandalorians make for the beast on foot through the rocky dunes until they reach the foot of a tall peak. Bo tells her group that the raptor’s nest is at the top, and they should rest at the foothill for the night to set out in the morning. At dinner, Bo asks Mando how they’re supposed to eat if they don’t remove their helmets, so he tells her that Mandalorians need to eat in an isolated place where nobody sees them take their helmets off. Paz Vizsla gives Bo the honor of having her dinner by the fire, given that she’s the leader of the party, and as the others depart to look for isolated areas, Bo takes her helmet off and eats in silence.

The next morning, the Mandalorians scale the peak strenuously, and by the time they reach the nest, the raptor is missing. Paz Vizsla wants to jump into the nest to rescue the captured child, but Mando alerts her of a heat signature in the nest. Bo asks Vizsla to wait, but the reason behind his urgency is that the captured foundling was his son, Ragnar. Vizsla climbs into the nest, but three baby raptors start screeching at him, which alerts their mother, the creature that kidnapped Ragnar. It spits out Vizsla’s son, and he screams for help as he dangles from the raptor’s mouth. Vizsla leaps towards his son, but the raptor grabs him in its teeth and his son in its talons and flies away yet again, and the Mandalorians give pursuit. Bo-Katan loses her shoulder armor while fighting the beast, but she manages to resume pursuit while the others use their fiber cord whip to slow down the beast. Bo stabs the raptor to make it release Vizsla, who crashes to a halt in one of the peaks as his jetpack fuel runs out, while the others trap the raptor’s wings, and Din Djarin frees Ragnar from the beast’s talons. Din brings Ragnar to his father, who thanks the man he had denied entry to not too long ago for being an apostate, while the raptor falls to the water underneath, where it’s swallowed whole by a gigantic crocodile.


A Hero’s Welcome

When the hunting party returns to the Children of the Watch, every member applauds the team that saved the foundling, while the Armorer praises Bo-Katan for doing the highest honor in the Mandalore—saving the life of a foundling. While forging the shoulder plate for Bo, the Armorer asks if she’d like the signet of the Nite Owl, the guild Bo was a part of. After briefly staring at the Beskar insignia of the Mythosaur on the cave wall, Bo-Katan asks if she can have the signet of the Mythosaur on one shoulder plate while keeping the Nite Owl on the other. While the Armorer forged the signet of the Mythosaur for Bo-Katan, she asked the leader for her opinion about the incident in which she saw one of those majestic creatures. The armorer thinks Bo saw a vision, but she rectifies that she saw a real beast under the Living Waters inside the cave at Mandalore. The Armorer still argues that it was a vision, while Bo keeps trying to convince her that she saw the actual Mythosaur. The leader fits the plate on Bo’s shoulder and says, “This is the way,” as Bo continues looking at the insignia on the wall.

Season 3, Episode 4: Ending Explained – Why Is Bo-Katan So Curious About The Mythosaur?

The fourth episode saw Bo-Katan becoming an invaluable member of the Children of the Watch, thanks to her instrumental role in saving a foundling, the son of Paz Vizsla. Apart from having Vizsla’s eternal gratitude, Bo also earned the honor of having a shoulder plate forged for her by the Armorer—a piece of gear made of pure Beskar steel, complete with the signet of the Mythosaur. However, this raises the question of why the royal descendant of the Kryze clan was so fond of the ancient creature that the world knew was a mythical beast that was used as a symbol meant to bring the Mandalorians together. Bo-Katan saw one of the beasts under the Living Waters in Episode 2 and began questioning everything she knew.


The reason Bo-Katan’s so interested in the beast is because it’s living proof that hope for the Mandalorians is still alive, and after hesitating whether to share the news with the Children of the Watch in Episode 3, she finally confessed the same in the latest episode. It’s possible that she wishes to rally more Mandalorians to join the cause and return to the planet to re-establish the ways of New Mandalore. Although the Children of the Watch follow conservative and traditional rules, Bo has no choice but to confide in the Armorer because it’s the only group she has left after her original crew abandoned her when she lost the Darksaber. Bo’s ultimate goal is reclaiming her position as ruler of Mandalore, so she needs more Mandalorians to rally to her cause, which could also explain why she took the proactive stand of going to rescue the foundling—to prove herself as a capable leader. If she’s able to convince the Children of the Watch to support her and she can demonstrate to them that the hope for all Mandalorians—the Mythosaur—exists, she can possibly restore Mandalore to its previous glory and also be crowned the ruler, with the added glory of being the Mandalorian who discovered the mythical creature, the Mythosaur.

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