‘The Lovers’ (2023) Recap & Ending Explained: Did Seamus Leave His Career For Janet?

A Sky Atlantic drama, The Lovers, is the latest rom-com TV series to hit your screens. The story follows Janet, a sharp-witted grocery store worker whose life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with the charming and charismatic TV presenter, Seamus O’Hannigan. As Janet and Seamus feel attracted to each other and explore their chemistry, they discover that, to be together, sacrifices must be made. The only question is: who will make the first move in this game of love? Let’s look into it.


Spoilers Ahead

Recap Summary: What Happens In The Series?

Seamus O’Hannigan, a well-known TV presenter, found himself in a difficult situation during his visit to Belfast. His mission was to interview Nisha Anand, the Foreign Secretary, for an upcoming episode of his show. However, things took a terrifying turn when he mistakenly stirred up trouble while discussing unemployment on the streets of Belfast. A group of young, unemployed boys became hostile, and Seamus had to flee for his safety. Desperate to escape, he clambered over a wall and entered a random house, which belonged to a woman named Janet.


Janet, an Irish woman who worked at a local grocery store, was living a life weighed down by her own struggles. At work, she had a bad reputation for her rude behavior and even her habit of taking chocolates without paying. Her manager had issued a final warning about her behavior, and she promised she’d rectify it. Janet seemed utterly depressed as we saw her returning home and trying to commit suicide.

However, it was at this dark moment that Seamus stumbled into her life, not as a savior but as someone desperately seeking refuge from the dangers outside. Janet, despite her dilemma, allowed him to hide in her house, knowing that the young boys might still be searching for him. Seamus, who was true to his word, had intended to leave in a taxi, but the danger of the aggressive young men outside prevented him from doing so. Janet allowed him to stay at her place, and they even shared a bed because the window in the other room had been broken. Seamus tried to understand why Janet had tried to end her own life. She revealed that her husband had passed away, but it was evident that her sorrow ran deeper than that. She carried the weight of a troubled past, which she kept confidential.


Who Was Janet?

Janet, the seemingly ordinary shop clerk, held a hidden past that troubled her present. At the tender age of 19, she became entangled with a paramilitary group known as LUV. Though she didn’t take a life during her time with the group, her involvement led to a three-year prison sentence. Her dark history began when she was just five years old, witnessing her father’s tragic death at the hands of the IRA. This traumatic experience fueled her resentment towards the IRA and eventually led her down the path of joining LUV.

As a widow, Janet led a solitary life filled with loneliness. Her relationship with her late husband remained a mystery on the show, but it was apparent that she was far from happy. Her isolation became nearly unbearable until the unexpected arrival of Seamus. Although she initially doubted Seamus’s claim of being a famous TV presenter, she soon began to trust him and developed feelings for him.


However, Janet’s heart was broken when she discovered, through a magazine, that Seamus was romantically involved with a successful and wealthy actress named Frankie. The revelation left her feeling devastated. Despite this, when Seamus returned to Belfast, he contacted Janet, telling her about the suite he was staying in. All of these subtly indicated his desire for her to visit him. Janet, unable to resist the tension between them, took the bold step of going to Seamus’s location to surprise him.

After they reunited, they spent a romantic night together and initially agreed to have a casual relationship without getting emotionally involved. However, as they continued to see each other secretly and their physical closeness increased, Janet and Seamus discovered that they were deeply in love with each other. Their love story, which had started in secrecy, now faced a critical juncture. Things took a twist when Frankie encountered Janet and Seamus on the street, raising suspicions about their relationship. Janet, quick on her feet, introduced herself as Seamus’s cousin, which was a made-up story that Frankie surprisingly believed. Frankie even invited Janet to join them at their resort.


While Frankie slept peacefully, Seamus and Janet spent a beautiful and passionate night together. They made a mutual agreement for a no-strings-attached affair, but it was soon replaced by a strong and undeniable love that had grown between them. After a few secret dates, Seamus faced a tough choice and bravely decided to end his relationship with Frankie to be with Janet.

Why Did Seamus Leave His Career For Janet?

While Seamus developed genuine feelings for Janet, he couldn’t bring himself to break Frankie’s heart hastily. He wanted to handle the situation delicately and respectfully, not wanting to hurt anyone. Janet traveled to London to be with Seamus and spent quality time with him. But when she learned that Seamus hadn’t yet ended his relationship with Frankie, it deeply saddened her. In an effort to make things right, Seamus promised Janet that he wouldn’t delay any longer and mustered the courage to confront Frankie. Breaking the news to Frankie was undoubtedly a painful experience, and she was left heartbroken and angry. Despite her hurt, Frankie chose not to cling to Seamus and allowed him to follow his heart and be with Janet. However, she did decide to express her feelings on social media. Her post had the potential to tarnish Seamus’s reputation with a public breakup announcement.


Seamus O’Hannigan, whose real name was John Snow, had a strong dislike for the show Game of Thrones because it reminded him of his own name, which he didn’t particularly like. Despite his English-sounding name, he had Irish roots through his mother, who was a religious Irish woman, unlike Seamus. This connection to Ireland gave him a sense of empathy and understanding for Janet. But he was still not ready to hear the truth about Janet’s past. After breaking up with Frankie, when Seamus wanted to be with Janet, she finally revealed her dark past and apologized to him for keeping it secret. This revelation shattered Seamus, and it eroded the trust that had been built between them. He constantly kept on saying that his breakup with Frankie was a poor choice, which was humiliating for Janet to hear. She opened up about her past, explaining that she never took a life as she was just a kid who was angry because of her father’s assassination. However, in Seamus’s eyes, she appeared nothing more than a criminal.

Seamus was a famous personality who craved the spotlight, while Janet wanted to avoid it due to her troubled history. This created a significant conflict between them, as Seamus wasn’t willing to give up his career for the sake of their relationship. However, in a surprising turn of events, Seamus reached a breaking point during one of his interview shows. He was interviewing a prime ministerial candidate who seemed to be deceiving ordinary people with false promises. Fueled by anger and frustration, Seamus abruptly stormed off the set, leaving behind his microphone and his high-profile career. He had come to the realization that he couldn’t continue living a life filled with the weight of immense responsibilities and insincerity.


Driven by his love for Janet and a desire for a simpler, more genuine life, Seamus made a life-altering decision. He chose to leave his successful career behind and pursue a life with Janet, ultimately not judging her character by her previous affiliation. Their reunion was the beginning of their official and committed relationship. During The Lovers‘ ending, Seamus joined Janet in her daily life, even working at the same store as her. Their love had won over their complicated pasts and different priorities, allowing them to create a life together filled with love and honesty.

Final words:

The Lovers is a heartwarming tale of love that has elements of romance, politics, and comedy, making it a thoroughly entertaining watch. The standout feature of the show is the exceptional performances by the cast, who bring depth and authenticity to their characters. One of the series’ strongest points is its ability to portray the complexities of love in a realistic and relatable manner. The relationship between Seamus and Janet is beautifully depicted, starting as a secret affair and evolving into a deep and genuine love. Janet’s past involvement with a paramilitary group reflects the turbulent political history of Northern Ireland, which managed to provide a thought-provoking backdrop to the romance. Their love story represents hope and healing in a tough world.


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