‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Andrea Find Proof Against Lisa?

The fourth episode of The Lincoln Lawyer ended with the plea bargain offered to Mickey and Lisa being off the table, which proves that Andrea has a smoking gun that could derail the defense. Mickey is guessing it might be about Lisa’s ex-husband, but he is not ready to make any judgment as of now. How will Part 1 of the show end? Is there any hope for Lisa?

Spoilers Ahead

Mickey’s Attraction

The episode opens with Mickey dreaming about Lisa, and it proves the fact that Mickey can’t stop thinking about his client, and it is morally unethical to even have a physical and emotional relationship with someone you’re representing. It is also considered a conflict of interest because the outcome of the case would benefit Mickey as well as Lisa. They should be thankful that the media has not caught up on the two dates they had; otherwise, it might put not just the case but also Mickey’s career in jeopardy. The man is acting like a smitten kitten and is unable to get out of it.

Even though Mickey mentions Jeff once again in the hope of getting some positive response from Lisa, her angry response implies that she is visibly disturbed by hearing his name. Cisco is finding more dirt on Alex Grant, and starts questioning the existence of some suspicious emails between him and Mitchell. He also goes to the site of the construction to gather more information about the said person, but Alex is said to be away, and no one is willing to talk about him. As Cisco finds out that Alex Grant is Alex Karzian, a member of the mafia syndicate, a corruption angle is what the defense team is looking for.

It implies that the real estate business will not flourish without any underhand dealings; it would be stupid to ignore that angle, as many rich developers rely on the shadows of corrupt government officials. There is a chance that the local state body might be pushing Andrea to build a case against Lisa to divert the trial and not give the media or the people the idea that maybe digging deep into Mitchell’s business might bring up plenty of ugly facts. Again, it is only speculation that Mickey and his team are working on. They are given a list of witnesses who will be testifying. It does not include Bondurant’s secretary, who claimed to have seen Lisa near the office building.

Mickey comes across the news that Lisa will be speaking on her friend’s podcast about the ongoing case, even though he had asked her not to speak to anyone in the very beginning itself. Anything she says would be used against her by the prosecution, making their case stronger. Speaking to the media only makes sense when the person talking has no criminal case filed against them. Though Lisa may have spoken about being targeted for speaking in favor of the community, it could still be used as ammunition to prove that she is the killer. Another odd thing about this criminal trial is that there is no mention of the murder weapon that was used to kill Mitchell. Another slip up from the writers for not including a key element. Or was it done deliberately? Hopefully, more of it will be shown in the second part of the show.

Cisco, on the other hand, is trying hard to sort out Kaz’s matter, but things are just getting out of hand, and he is unable to make time for either Mickey or Lorna when it comes to his actual work. By the looks of it, Cisco’s arc is coming across as bizarre, and there seems to be no chemistry between him and Lorna. They seem to be in love and very much looking forward to getting married, but at the same time, it feels like the actors are just plain awkward together. Thankfully, this part of The Lincoln Lawyer ends with Kaz and Cisco’s matter being sorted out by Lorna herself as she pleads with Kaz to let Cisco live in peace. Her reaction proves that Cisco might become a different person after the wedding, and matters concerning him and the large group of bikers might go on the back foot.

Will Andrea And The Prosecution Team Find Any Proof Against Lisa?

Andrea’s prosecution team brought in a detective who was not even present during the interrogation of the witnesses. The actual interrogation officer is deemed to have been kept away from the trial. This proves Mickey’s hunch right: Andrea and her team have nothing on them, and the actual investigating officer would crumble in front of Mickey, and the case would fall apart.

This forces Andrea’s team to bring forward Mitchell’s secretary, who is an elderly lady, but Mickey makes sure to confuse her by asking her many specific questions. This was just a tactic to question her statement and show how she could not be considered a reliable witness. This explains the expertise Mickey brings to the court and how he was able to turn the tables, and he is sure Lisa will be acquitted in no time. It implies that Lisa and Mickey might finally be able to have the relationship they’ve wanted for a while, but all of this seems too easy and too good to be true. There has to be a derailment; otherwise, there will not be a good cliffhanger to this show.

Lisa also reveals that she was outside Mitchell’s building on the day of the murder, but only to pick up ingredients for her restaurant. This happens to be a revelation that is coming out now, which Mickey should have seen as the second red flag. As an attorney, he is supposed to know everything by this point. Mickey might slowly lose hope in the case with Lisa coming out with this piece of information.

To their horror, Andrea and the rest of the prosecution team present a glove found on the scene of the crime, and the DNA on it matches Lisa, as per the reports, and the blood on it belongs to Mitchell Bondurant. Mickey and Lisa should have anticipated this because the prosecution team wouldn’t let this case go. This evidence proves that Lisa is indeed on the path to trial, and unless Mickey finds significant evidence to negate this, the situation looks bleak.

This episode ends with Mickey learning from Izzy that Lisa’s friend Henry is about to use Lisa’s name to publish stories of her life so far, and it makes him livid. He cannot believe he would be losing for the second time in a day as he is unable to find the papers he got signed by Lisa regarding the rights remaining with him, and he ends up blaming Lorna for her incompetence. That was an insensitive statement because he is aware that Lorna has been working very hard to run this firm. Hopefully, in the second part of the show, they will reconcile and move past this incident. This is causing massive confusion for the viewers, who are unable to understand what the significance of these papers is. The execution of the scene is what makes the viewing experience jarring. The last scene shows Mickey getting beaten up by two men in the parking lot. The viewers can connect this to the first scene, and one can see the dramatic elements the makers have used in this show.

The goons could be the people sent by Mitchell’s men who beat Mickey up so that it sends a message, and he stops representing Lisa. These people could also represent the beginning of the next criminal case that Mickey and his team could be taking over in Part 2, and this was just a prelude. Many speculations can be drawn from this scenario, and only in August would the viewers come to know of it. The Lincoln Lawyer season two so far has not been an engaging watch.

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