‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Lisa And Mickey Take The Plea Deal?

The third episode of The Lincoln Lawyer season two ended on a somber note when Lisa and Mickey decided to put a hold on their relationship and work on the case. They would rather put all their energy into winning the case and, from then on, chart their future as a couple. Lisa comes across as someone who might be hiding something, but Mickey is unwilling to believe that. Going forward what happened on the day of Bondurant’s death would be revealed.


Spoilers Ahead

A Day Filled With Paperwork

With their pre-trial preparations underway Andrea sends loads of boxes to Mickey’s office to overwhelm them. This is just a normal way to put them on the back foot, as they would be spending a lot of inconsequential hours just going through a lot of paperwork. It also explains Andrea’s way of getting back at Mickey for trying to push her out of the prosecution team. The amount of work sent to them will also lead them to the fact that there might be other suspects. Mitchell being a business owner, he would attract mistresses, rivals, and friends. Mickey is unwilling to step back. Lisa’s case has made them dive deep into this mess, hoping to find a diamond in this haystack.


Lorna, on the other hand, is trying to find answers to the million-dollar question of who the killer could be and what his motive is. She suspects Lisa as well and has a gut instinct that states the opposite of what Mickey’s does. Since Lorna has lived with Mickey as his wife, she understands his cues and body language.

Lisa’s Ex

Mickey wants to get hold of Lisa’s ex-husband, Jeff, because he thinks it would be better to get her a character reference from him before Andrea reaches out. This is just a way to build up evidence in favor of his client in the hope that she will be acquitted. One of the many tricks utilized by lawyers is to get control over the narrative that goes out. Getting in touch with Jeff would also help Mickey understand her relationship with him and get an idea of why they broke up. It seems a bit selfish for Mickey to do something like that, but under the garb of the case, it would make his questions sound legitimate. Apart from this, Lisa has also got plenty of public support, many would believe she is being framed because she was vocal about the deceased man taking over the city by constructing many new buildings and destroying its heritage. 


Lisa claims that she and her husband wanted to start a restaurant together but soon realized they wanted different things from each other and from life in general. She also claims to have split on amicable terms but is not keen on involving him in this matter, as insisted by Mickey. He should have seen this as a red flag because Lisa is making contradictory statements, which means she is hiding something, and as Lorna stated, there is something off about this woman that needs to be investigated as well.

Do Lisa And Mickey Take The Plea Deal Offered By Andrea?

Andrea comes with a plea bargain; this seems like a win-win for Mickey and his team because he thinks the prosecution has nothing on them to accuse Lisa over, and the plea bargain would mean Mickey and his team would have the upper hand here. It also proves that Lisa might go scot-free and that Mickey’s instincts were right after all. The plot up until now has done a lot of back and forth because, in between, Mickey also takes up other cases, and he has to make sure that he wins them too. As viewers, we wonder when they get to sleep, as they have been piled high with paperwork and dealing with clients and crimes of various natures.


Mickey describes the plea bargain situation to Lisa, and taking up the offer means she will have to serve a maximum of eleven years, and based on good conduct, she would be acquitted within five years of sentencing. Lisa is still not keen on taking the plea bargain because she claims to be innocent, and she’s unwilling to ruin her life and her restaurant just based on circumstantial evidence that the prosecution team has gathered. Lisa is somehow clinging on to Mickey and asking him to answer if he thinks she is guilty. There seems to be an intent behind that question, and it is not coming out. The two have gone out only twice, and within that time frame, Lisa is expecting to get emotionally involved in Mickey.

Mickey clearly shouldn’t be emotional even though he is making a decision based on the fact that he likes her, but Lisa’s body language proves that she is expecting something more from him in this matter, and she expects him to be her guardian savior. Mickey is afraid of what Maggie and Lorna are claiming to be true, and that would just derail the whole trial. It is hard to assume what Lisa is up to, for there are some pictures of her protesting near Bondurant, and they could easily be used as proof. There is more restlessness attached to this plot of the show than the thrill of knowing who killed the businessman and what Lisa is hiding from Mickey and his team. As a lawyer, Mickey should have gone ahead with the instincts of the two women he knew and made a sound decision. Here, it seems they are heading in the right direction, but it is obvious that the case will soon fall apart.

Cisco, on the other hand, is trying to find other avenues that could lead to other suspects who could be behind the murder. They find an email that they think connects the deceased real estate magnate to a crime syndicate. They hope this could be used to divert the trial, and this is when Mickey decides not to take the plea bargain because they now have a trail of information in their hands that could be used to decimate the prosecution and the police investigation.

Before Mickey could let Andrea know about his decision on the plea deal, she backed away from the offer by letting him know that it does not stand as they took time with the response. This bewilders Mickey because he now knows Andrea has some information on them that’s made her move away from the deal. This might put the whole defense team on the backfoot, and Mickey does not want that for him and Lisa. It also implies that Mickey and his team would have to go through the paperwork all over again to find out if they missed anything. The episode ends with Mickey letting his team know to look forward to another long night as there are more things to cover with the pre-trial hearing closing.


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