‘The Legend Of Vox Machina’ Season 2 Review: Action And Adventure Awaits As The Dragons Wreak Havoc On Emon

The Season 2 of Amazon Prime’s “The Legend of Vox Machina” takes action, raunchy humor, and crazy ideas to the next level by picking up right where it had left off at the end of the first season. This season, expect to see a lot more dragons, way more destruction, and very Indiana Jones-like quests as the seven protectors of the realm of Tal’Dorei go on to recover Vestiges of Divergence, ancient artifacts that possess immense amounts of power. The group of Vax the paladin, Vex the archer, Keyleth the druid, Pike the healer, Percy the gunslinger, Scanlan the bard, and Grog the giant meet their greatest opponents yet when not one or two, but four terrifying dragons attack the kingdom of Emon. Does Vox Machina find footing against these monsters, or do they come up short as Season 2 opens?


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is The Chroma Conclave?

The villains of this season belong to a group of dragons that call themselves the Chroma Conclave, with the big, bad, Thordak at the helm. After Vox Machina wipes out the blue dragon Brimscythe, the rest of his flying friends are back to avenge his death and rule over humanity while they’re at it. These flying monsters wreak havoc and kill people by the hundreds by freezing them till they explode, melting their skin off with acid, or simply belching molten magma on humans. Completely outmatched and ruefully helpless, Vox Machina has to seek out tools that have the strongest chance of felling these wretched beasts. However, these artifacts, aka “vestiges,” won’t be easy to locate, and the heroes will have to go through immense hardships and toil and fight tooth and nail until they can get their hands on these weapons. Sacrifices need to be made, and blood and tears have to be shed as the heroes that call themselves Vox Machina realize that wielding weapons of yore with dragon-killing powers takes more than just fighting ability. The heroes will spend 12 episodes discovering the secret ingredient that shall help them take on the Chroma Conclave.


Character Development For The Vox

Interestingly, the second season is significantly more mature in handling its characters, albeit the fact they often devolve into raucous jokes and crude humor. While Season 1 was too busy explaining who the Vox Machina has become, the second season takes a deeper look at who they were before. Apart from discovering the artifacts buried way beyond the normal human’s reach, each of the crew members has to participate in tests where their deepest insecurities are brought to light and tested. As each member’s past comes back to haunt them in some way or the other, they will have to rely on their strengths, both physical and mental, to face their opponents. Additionally, it’s the season of love as our heroes realize their feelings for each other, making it a joyous time for all the Vox-shippers out there. Through unsaid gestures and subtle emotions, the heroes will show that they are no longer that rag-tag band of mercenaries who took on jobs because the pay was high, but a fraternity of skilled warriors who are each other’s family.

Brilliant Action Sequences And Bright Colors

If the gloomy backgrounds of the Briarwoods’ Whitestone were a buzz-kill for you last season, then get ready for a vibrant treat as Season 2 introduces you to all sorts of colors, crazy adventures, and even more of Scanlan’s brand of music. Journey through the Fey Land, where three-tailed birds get eaten by Venus Flytrap-like plants and pollens from flowers take you on the most vibrant substance-induced trip yet, and take a plunge under the ice-cold waters to explore ancient temples. In other words, season 2 makes up for the lack of color and change of scenery that the previous season offered by providing some of the most brilliantly animated creatures and beautiful landscapes. However, the dragons could have been crafted more realistically as they seem rather blocky and badly photoshopped into the scenario. Especially the green acid-spilling dragon’s CGI needed a little more realism. However, the voice acting of each dragon is done to perfection, with the mighty Thordak’s voice being enough to scare the opposing forces into surrender. With lucid fight scenes and a knack for spilling the enemy’s blood, the heroes shall burst into the battlefield every time they can in this season, as the Vestiges give them the necessary boost to add the extra zing to their attacks. As they face their biggest obstacles yet in the shape of gigantic dragons that release deadly attacks, there’s little room for error and even less space for selfishness because joining hands together will be the only option against foes so powerful.



“The Legend of Vox Machina” Season 2 packs a powerful punch as the seven warriors go the extra mile to present the powers they were yet to reveal. The animated series will be the newest favorite web series if you like getting together with friends on weekends and having a fantastic Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It’ll also keep you entertained if you prefer fantasy video games or grew up watching the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. With explicit language and some scenes saturated with adult humor, it’s best not to let kids see the show yet, but if you enjoy crass humor and ugly monsters getting kicked in the face, this show is for you.

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