‘The Law According To Lidia Poet’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Lidia Save Jacopo?

At the end of episode 5 of “The Law According To Lidia Poet,” Lidia managed to mark another victory with Achille Castelnuovo’s case. When she attended Massimo’s party, Lidia asked him a few questions, and with his testimony, Lidia instantly recognized that he had a strong political motive to kill Achille. In the end, Lidia tricked Madame Crespal and Massimo into believing that Achille’s sister-in-law Giuditta had seen him murdering Achille. Just like she expected, Massimo arrived in the hospital to kill her, and Lidia caught him red-handed in the act. Again, Lidia saved another woman from getting arrested. The sixth and final episode had a more emotional impact on Lidia’s life. Lidia and Jacopo were getting closer to each other, but now she had to save him from a crime that he had never committed. Jacopo had been arrested for killing a prostitute named Maya because he was the last person to meet her. The prosecutor tried to force him to give a fake confession, but Jacopo refused because he hadn’t killed Maya. Enrico chose to fight the case for him, and this time, Lidia had to convince him again. Enrico knew that several people had seen Jacopo with the girl, and all the evidence pointed at him, but Lidia managed to convince Enrico to visit the brothel to question other girls about her disappearance.

Spoilers Ahead

Was Maya A Prostitute? 

Maya had been a very quiet girl; she often avoided any conversation with the other girls to avoid any problems in her career. Maya and Jacopo had a good bond. But someone had strangled her with a wire. The timing had been the most shocking discovery for Lidia since Maya had been murdered just 15 minutes after Jacopo had left. So, people indirectly believed that Jacopo might have killed her beforehand and then left the room. Lidia carefully observed the marks around Maya’s body to find any clues to catch the killer. Lidia met some women who had been friends with Maya, and they told her about General Valerie, who was only interested in Maya. So, without thinking, Lidia decided to join the other girls to spend the night with the Army officers. Lidia wanted to gain the general’s attention, but he didn’t attend the party. Lidia managed to save herself from an officer and stole the keys to the general’s office. Here, Lidia discovers a shocking truth about Jacopo’s identity. He had been a member of the French Anarchists and a forger. The general and his army men began to follow him everywhere. Maya had been fooling Jacopo into confiding in her, when in reality, she had been a spy for General Valery. 

Maya’s real name was Giorgia Villa. Jacopo told her about a woman named Nicole who had been his girlfriend, but she’d left him for Louis, another anarchist with destructive ideas. Jacopo didn’t agree with any of his ideas and left Paris to forget Nicole because she chose to run away with Louis. Now, Jacopo had been caught up in much more trouble because he’d made fake tickets for Nicole and Louis to hide in Uruguay. They had been arrested, but both Nicole and Louis escaped and found Jacopo for help. Luckily, Lidia had noticed that Maya’s window had been broken around the edges, which gave them enough time to save Jacopo because it showed the signs of a forced entry. Nicole and Louis were still in Turin, and they were about to leave for Genoa the next morning. The forger that Jacopo worked with lived on Nizza Street; he hid the money in his office so that he could bribe the conductor to help Nicole. Lidia decided to hide the money to save Jacopo from getting killed. But this could’ve been a risky option for her because Lidia could badly risk her life in this process.

What Happened To Louis And Nicole? 

Lidia still stole the money and gave it to Nicole, even though Jacopo had told her not to. That night, Lidia climbed up to Maya’s window and searched around the entire room. She found out that Maya had been an anarchist too, and that she’d also worked with Nicole and Louis. But she chose to betray them and escape to Turin. Now, the only possibility left for Lidia was to find out if Nicole and Louis had killed Maya or not because they chose to visit Turin even though they could’ve traveled anywhere in the world. When Jacopo was busy helping Nicole, Louis might have killed Maya. But Jacopo got caught up in this whole murder case because he had been visiting the brothel every time. Enrico and Lidia had to stop them from escaping because if Nicole and Louis managed to leave Turin, Jacopo would be hanged. Lidia had managed to get on the train, but Louis had tried to kill her. During their scuffle, Louis fell from the train, and Nicole had no choice but to confess her crimes to the prosecutor. In the end, Lidia’s predictions are true because Nicole and Louis killed Maya to get their revenge.

This case brought more popularity to Lidia because several women and journalists arrived to meet her. Even though Lidia solved so many cases, the court still rejected her appeal to register with the Turin Bar Association. In the end, Lidia chooses to leave without Enrico’s knowledge. But when she left, several women had been waiting near the gate to greet Lidia, and her brother had been waiting for her already. But the ending was indeed ambiguous because there was no surety whether Lidia decided to leave or not. Lidia had been the only woman who fought for her dreams, and if she had left, thousands of Italian women would have lost their hope to strive and fight for their careers. In the past, women were forced to marry so-called superior men, even though their qualities were often overshadowed by these men. But now, Lidia had created a reason for these women to fight, and even though she couldn’t get an official notice to become a lawyer, the world had already made her one.

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