‘The Law According To Lidia Poet’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Alberto Kill Antonio Muraro?

The foregoing episodes of “The Law According To Lidia Poet” revealed how Lidia cracked the two murder cases of Adele Valery and Elena De Santis. Elena was murdered by one of the trustworthy men, Rodolfo Fumigi, who worked under the commendator, and he killed Elena purely out of rage. Fumigi hated Elena because she had been in love with a woman and also helped various anarchists secure their jobs. Even though Lidia marked a huge victory with this case, her career was not moving ahead. There weren’t any advancements because men still judged Lidia for her appearance in places where only men were allowed.


Moreover, she was banned from the court again. There’s no doubt that throughout the years, men have been scared by a confident woman as nothing could create challenges like a woman’s tenacity would. This time, Lidia would certainly find new ways to get back what was lost and what she deserved. That’s when a man named Vittorio Muraro knocked on Enrico’s door to kill his father, Antonio. The third episode began with another ambiguous case that was closely connected to Enrico and Lidia’s lives. Lidia was about to get married to Vittorio’s brother Alberto, but Lidia escaped the marriage to live her life the way she had wanted. Lidia never wanted a man to control her life because she knew that it would be the end of her dreams. But Lidia had much more planned in her mind, and to achieve her dreams, she would go to any lengths!

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Who Is The Real Murderer? 

Vittorio had been a constant drug abuser and even didn’t know if he had killed his father for sure because after having a huge argument with Antonio, the next morning, when Vittorio woke up, he found that his razor had been placed right next to him, deluding him into believing that he was the murderer. There were no signs of a forced entry or break-in, but there was a huge possibility that the killer had been pretty close to the family since the killer knew that the razor belonged to Vittorio. The bloodied corpse was too hard for Enrico and Lidia to process because they had grown up together in Vittorio’s house.

Without considering any details, Enrico couldn’t raise any objections, and Vittorio was arrested for the murder. Lidia quietly analyzed the blood stains on the carpet and noticed that his father’s body had been dragged from the wooden flooring. It began in a different room and ended in the study room. There, Jacopo and Lidia found a hair strand. Before Lidia could find anything more, the prosecutor found them sneaking inside the room, and he kicked both of them out. So, Lidia had one option left, and that was to update this information for Enrico. Lidia had noticed that Vittorio didn’t have blood stains around his body, and the ones he had wouldn’t have appeared from a murder.


To kill a person using a razor, blood will splatter all over the murderer’s body, but the blood stains that Vittorio carried were way too few. Anyway, Enrico couldn’t have done anything because Vittorio had turned himself in, which directly made the legal system mark him the killer. All this time, Lidia had thought that the concept of justice only worked for men since women had no benefits from it. The next morning, Lidia met Alberto, and he gave her shocking revelations about the murder. Now, the story had taken on a different angle as a woman named Beatrice had been involved in this case. She would often visit Vittorio, and the two smoked together. Lidia decided to question her and realized that she had seen the whole incident. Moreover, a necklace had been missing from Vittorio’s mother, Matilde’s jewelry.

A Secret Of The Muraro And The Poet Family

Lidia broke into the Muraro mansion again and found out that the blood stains had reached a very high level, which had been a bit difficult since the book had been placed pretty high. The blood was a bloodied fingerprint, and Lidia pulled the book out to witness that the study had a secret door behind the bookshelf. Lidia entered the room and noticed that the study had been filled with her own father’s belongings and a ticket from Collegno to Turin, which had been on the same date Antonio had been killed. The killer was none other than Alberto. He faked that he was in Nice that night, but in reality, he never visited Nice. When Matilde left the house to look after Alberto’s pregnant wife, Albert carefully hid inside the secret room and waited for his brother to fall asleep, so; he took this opportunity and killed Antonio and fabricated all the evidence to make it look like it was Vittorio’s fault. Lidia and Enrico rushed to the judge and provided all the evidence, and Alberto was arrested. Lidia had to rush because Vittorio had tried to kill himself, and if Lidia hadn’t found out about Alberto, an innocent man would’ve lost his life. Again, Lidia used her instincts to notice that all the details were left behind since Vittorio had confessed to murdering Antonio.


Meanwhile, this also provided the viewers with a different angle: if Lidia hadn’t run away that night, she would’ve married a murderer and destroyed her life. Both Beatrice and Alberto had been arrested for the murder. Alberto killed Antonio because he wanted Antonio to lend him some money for his sheep raising business, and Antonio had refused. Moreover, Lidia already knew that Alberto had paid Beatrice to fabricate the evidence against Vittorio. Finally, Matilde got her necklace and her son back!

In the end, Lidia discovered that her father had huge gambling debts with Antonio, and to pay them off, he had to sell the villa. But Lidia was heartbroken when she realized that her father was planning to sell her to Antonio to be married to Alberto. If she would’ve married him, Antonio would’ve settled all the debts. She found the secret letter inside the study, and it was too painful for her because Lidia had always considered that her father loved her more than anything else in the world. Enrico couldn’t believe his father’s motives and constantly apologized to Lidia for the same. Enrico never knew about his intentions and always blamed Lidia for running away. This time, Enrico decided to pay her back and promised to stand with her in readmitting her appeal. Finally, the siblings were back together, and this time their bond was stronger than before.

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