‘The Last Of Us’ Season 2: Expectations And Theories: What’s In Store For Joel And Ellie Next?

The HBO frontrunner for almost three months, “The Last of Us,” premiered its finale yesterday, and it’s probably one of the best video game adaptations for TV of all time. Everything from the phenomenal acting to the adrenaline-filled action sequences has been executed with such dexterity that it’s almost impossible not to like Episode 9 of the series. Based on the 2013 PlayStation exclusive “The Last of Us” by Naughty Dog, the series brought us the live-action versions of the beloved father-daughter duo Joel and Ellie, played to perfection by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. HBO has already confirmed that they’re gearing up for Season 2 of the show, which shall be based on “The Last Of Us” Part 2, the second installment of the game franchise, released in 2018. With a huge section of the audience being unfamiliar with the game, it’s possible many will have to wait for HBO to bring the series back to the small screen to learn about what happens next. Thus, here’s a discussion of what we can expect from the second season of “The Last Of Us” and all the things we might be hoping to see once the beloved series returns.

A world of possibilities stands ahead of Craig Mazin, the creator of HBO’s “The Last of Us,” for the way “The Last Of Us” Part 2 might be adapted for TV now that season 1 has drawn to a close. If the patterns of the first season are carried forward in season 2, then we can expect to see the lives of several characters that have been left unexplored in the game. Like it was with Bill and Frank in Episode 3 or Sam and Henry in Episode 5, “The Last Of Us” Season 2 might give us a deeper look into the characters like Tommy and Dina. Regarding Abby, the main antagonist of Part 2, it’s almost certain that we’ll get a deeper look into her character and see the events from her side, even if she’s among the most hated female characters in video game history.

Joel relied on a ton of lies and deceit while driving Ellie back from the Firefly hospital in the season 1 finale, and Ellie seemed to accept his lies instead of choosing to think that her father figure was a murdering maniac. However, as we know, even the best-kept secret like Jon Snow’s true identity in “Game of Thrones” didn’t stay hidden forever, so it’ll be interesting to see if Joel’s lies get exposed. In the event that Joel’s falsehood is brought to light, the audience will really look forward to seeing if he defends his actions or if regret has hunched him down over the years. Additionally, in case Ellie discovers that her adoptive dad chose to keep her from achieving something with her life, will she ever be able to forgive the man, no matter what motivation drove him to take such actions?

We didn’t see much of Tommy in the first season other than in Episode 1 and Episode 6; in the first episode, he was the baby brother Joel needed to protect, and in the sixth, he was a self-sufficient man who was tired of the life Joel lived. With Joel and Ellie returning to Jackson, where Tommy and his wife Maria live, it’s obvious that the father-daughter duo is going to run into Tommy more often than not, so it’s possible that the brothers’ relationship will be explored further, and he might even become Joel’s confidante like he did the last time the two brothers met. Joel broke down and had a heart-to-heart with Tommy, where he confessed that the elder brother has only known failure in his life, and he has constantly let down the little girl who depends on him—Ellie. After the massacre that he left in his wake at the hospital in Salt Lake City, it’s possible that Joel will need a person to share his guilt with, and this might very well be Tommy since the brothers’ relationship saw a marked improvement by the time Joel and Ellie departed for the University of Eastern Colorado. Given that Joel does confess to his brother about his sins, will the younger brother understand and stay by his side, or will he abandon Joel? It all depends on the story the showrunners want to tell.

Music has been a huge part of the series, and we’ve learned that Joel has always been big on music from his childhood. In the very first episode, we saw a poster for a band on the fridge, and when he finally opened up about his life, Joel confessed that he had wished to become a singer as a child. In the finale, he apparently discovered a shattered guitar, which made him want to teach Ellie how to play the instrument. Ellie, too, is a big lover of music, which she probably gets from her mother, and is a fan of the band A-Ha. The angle of Joel and Ellie bonding over music will probably be explored in the second season, as we have understood from their mutual love of all things musical.

The gaming community has spent years fuming over “The Last of Us” Part 2 based on the controversial manner in which the game ended, leaving innumerable players dissatisfied with the outcome. Given how the gaming community has been unhappy with the canon ending of the game, there is a possibility that HBO might choose to re-do it again, probably giving it a twist that’s more satisfactory than the one we got. In case it’s the same original ending as the game, the audience may have to relive their discontentment one more time, so here’s hoping HBO picks up on the gamers’ requests and gives us the ending we deserve.

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