‘The Last Manhunt’ Ending, Explained: What Happened To Carlotta And Willie Boy?

“The Last Manhunt” is the latest movie directed by Christian Carmargo and stars the likes of Jason Mamoa as Jim, Martin Sensmeier as Willie Boy, Mainei Kinimaka as Carlotta, Jahn McClarnon as William, Lily Gladstone as Maria, Raoul Max Trujillo as Hyde, Brandon Oakes as Segundo, and Christian Carmargo as Sheriff Frank Wilson. The movie is inspired by a real event and follows the story of two lovers, Willie Boy and Carlotta, who’re forced to the runway after Carlotta’s father is mistakenly killed during a struggle by Willie. 


Spoilers Ahead

‘The Last Manhunt ‘ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Movie?

The movie unfolds in 1990 and introduces us to Willie Boy and Carlotta discussing their next destination. Carlotta suggests Arizona and wishes to reside in a desert cabin with a nice view. The conversation hints that the couple has eloped together and is on the run. Carlotta catches sight of a fox and labels it as a sign, and her lover, Willie Boy, playfully accuses her of sounding like her father. In many instances, the fox symbolizes independence, liberty, and good luck, and maybe the sight of the fox in the opening foreshadows their fate and blossoming romance. However, their peace is short-lived as Carlotta’s father, William, arrives and takes her away, warning Willie to stay away from her. In reality, Carlotta and Willie Boy are fifth-generation cousins and are head over heels for one another; however, their relationship is highly despised by her father, who believes it would lay waste to their long-running tradition. The movie also brings in Amy Seimetz (Clara True), who serves as a representative of the Native Indian Agency and a good friend to Carlotta. She often brings supplies and fresh clothes for native men, women, and their children and has even gifted Carlotta her mother’s books to aid her in her long journey. 


William’s Murder And The Hunt For Willie Boy

Carlotta’s father decides to halt the envoy to arrange for a funeral for one of the native Indians who’s died alone with no one by his side to sing his prayers. Meanwhile, Willie leaves his house and his mother behind to seek his lover, Carlotta. Willie Boy catches up to Carlotta at night, and the duo decides to elope again but is interrupted by Carlotta’s father, who is mistakenly shot and killed by Willie. Maria, Carlotta’s mother, incessantly weeps for her dead husband and suggests Corlatta and Willie run, realizing they’re not at fault. And the lovers elope again. The next morning, Maria goes to fetch the Sheriff to let him know of William’s death but is informed that the Sheriff is on sabbatical. In reality, the Sheriff is a drunkard who divides his time between slumber and alcohol after his wife is murdered. The Sheriff gathers his men, and the cavalry leaves to seek the eloped lovers. On the other hand, Willie Boy is trying his best to throw whoever follows behind him off their track to save his neck. The day passes, and the Sheriff asks the native men who have tagged along to guide them to Juniper Pond to fetch water for themselves and their horses, but Hyde ( one of the native Indians) brings them to a barren land deprived of water to slow their search so he can find and kill Willie Boy. We learn that the news of William’s death has spread like wildfire and that Willie Boy is on everyone’s hit list. The group meets a journalist by the name of Randolph Maddison, who asks to join them on their hunt. Maddison worked for Banning Daily newspaper and wanted to put Sheriff’s and the group’s story on page 1, and the Sheriff agrees after Ben talks him into it. 

Everyone is involved in the hunt for their own interests. Hyde and Segundo are tracking Willie to bring Carlotta home and see that Willie meets his end. Randolph has joined the party, so he calls out exciting news to sell his papers and has even made an alliance with Ben, promising to make him the hero of the tale unfolding in the desert heat. Ben longs to wear Frank’s Sheriff’s badge and hopes that this hunt and Randolph’s words can put him there. Frank is here to escape from his own haunting past and to bring Willie home safe, so he gets lawfully prosecuted and even questions Hyde about his hidden vendetta. Meanwhile, Carlotta has been bitten by a snake in a desert, and Willie marks it as a dry bite but, to be safe, decides to take his lover to a hunter’s cabin to fetch supplies and medicine. Frank and his men arrive at the cabin and find it deserted. Ben accuses Hyde and Segundo of leading them astray and even throws a punch at Segundo but is ordered to take the wagon back with Knowlin. Ben holds a grudge against Frank and often blames him for being sentimental and weak, accusing him of losing his grip. 


‘The Last Manhunt’ Ending Explained – What Happened To Carlotta And Willie Boy?

Randolph just wanted a good story and, in pursuit of it, hardly paid any heed to the truth. In his paper, he wrongfully accused Willie of consuming alcohol before murdering William in cold blood and kidnapping his 14-year-old daughter, whom he had his pervy eyes on for weeks. Randolph is selling fear, not news! Meanwhile, Carlotta is battling the snake bite, and Willie reluctantly leaves his lover behind to get her the help she needs. Willie reaches his village to find it deserted and reduced to ashes. Left with no choice, Willie visits Amy at her house, informing her of Carlotta’s condition. This is Amy’s first meeting with Willie, and she knows him through Carlotta. Amy provides Willie with supplies and medicines and advises him to stay clear of Frank, who has been tracking him since Banning. On the other hand, Hyde decides to ditch Frank and his men after realizing they’re closing in on Willie. Frank stops Hyde and requests that he abide by the law, but the latter rejects his opening, accusing him of asserting his dominance. Hyde fires his weapon from afar, hoping it is Willie but shooting Carlotta instead. The fox appears again, suggesting that she has finally been freed of her pain and suffering. Hyde arrives at the scene and weeps gravely, holding Carlotta’s lifeless body. Even after knowing the truth, Randolph still tries to frame Willie as Carlotta’s murderer. 

After learning of his lover’s death, Willie opens fire on the group and leads them into the canyon. A gunfight ensues, and Willie, having the high ground, incapacitates each of their horses. Franks asked Willie to lay down his arms and surrender and offered him a chance to sing for his dead lover. Segundo, on the other hand, slowly makes his way to Willie and aims for his weapon but hesitates and returns, informing Frank that Willie has fled. To avoid any more casualties, Frank pulls everyone out and orders them to march home. Frank and the others decide to make things right and declare Willie dead. Ben disagrees, accusing the Sheriff of robbing them of their victories. Randolph snaps the final picture, ending the struggle. Towards the conclusion, Franks also burns his wife’s pictures, finally earning his closure. 


“The Last Manhunt” is based on a real event, and according to records, Willie Boy survived the manhunt and spent years in isolation, eventually dying of tuberculosis.

“The Last Manhunt” is a 2022 western drama film directed by Christian Camargo.

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