‘The Kept Mistress Killer’ (2023) Ending, Explained: What Happened To Julia, Paul And Skye?

There are few experiences that rival the exhilarating rush of falling headlong into the depths of love. The sensation of being cherished, valued, and enveloped in affection can make your life magical. But sometimes, the remnants of past connections linger in the present. So, imagine waking up in the morning in the house of your beloved, but as you stir and navigate the room, something catches your eye—a sight that instantly shatters you. There, motionless, lies the lifeless body of his ex-wife, and at that moment, your world is turned upside down, and you realize that a dark mystery has disrupted your once blissful reality. The film The Kept Mistress Killer immerses us in a riveting narrative where the life of Catherine Brunner becomes entangled in a series of murders, leaving her trapped in a web of suspicion and uncertainty.


Spoilers Ahead 

How Does Catherine’s New Job Change Her Life?

Catherine resides in peaceful harmony with her devoted mother, Hailey. However, a captivating twist of fate emerges as she embarks on an exhilarating journey within the enticing world of high finance. Catherine’s aspirations soar as she eagerly embraces her role alongside the esteemed businessman Paul Burke, with an unwavering focus on excelling as a professional trader. From her very first day on the job, Catherine captivates her boss, Paul, with her remarkable pitching prowess. Her persuasive skills secured lucrative contracts with potential clients, leaving an indelible mark on her burgeoning career. Yet, amidst the thrill of success, a peculiar occurrence catches Catherine off guard—the former employee, Jackie Reeves, who once held her position, warns Catherine to be careful. Initially taken aback, Catherine finds solace in the reassurances of her colleague, Pam, who dismisses the unease, attributing it to baseless concerns.


Soon, Catherine’s journey feels like a reverie, with her boss showering her with extravagant gifts, generous bonuses, and even a luxurious car for her daily commute. A connection blooms between Catherine and Paul, entwining their hearts in a whirlwind romance. As their bond deepens, Catherine feels the euphoric pull of love, convincing herself that the timing is ripe to elevate their relationship to the next level. However, the course of events takes a dramatic turn when Catherine attends a party in the company of Paul and Pam. Catherine blacks out, and by the time she wakes up the following morning, she comes to a chilling realization that something unfathomable occurred during the night spent at Paul’s house.

How Does Catherine’s Life Take A Dramatic Turn After She Becomes Embroiled In A Series Of Crimes?

Catherine is devastated to see the lifeless body of Julia, Paul’s ex-wife. In a cruel twist of fate, she finds herself thrust into the spotlight as the prime suspect in a heinous crime she had no part in. Catherine’s memory is a blank canvas, with only the haunting image of Julia’s lifeless form etched into her mind. Unbeknownst to her, the night of the party, Pam surreptitiously laced her drink with sleeping pills, leaving Catherine utterly vulnerable and defenseless. Now, as Detective Barr relentlessly questions her, Catherine feels trapped in a nightmarish labyrinth of uncertainty. Meanwhile, Paul is conveniently absent on a business trip in London, leaving her alone. Amidst all this, Catherine’s attention focuses on Jackie, who has relentlessly issued warnings and threats since her first day at the office.


Haunted by the revelations, Catherine begins to methodically eliminate possibilities, reevaluating every decision she makes. The pieces of the puzzle start to connect as she recalls Julia’s visit to her house, where she issued a stark warning about Paul’s true nature. Doubt seeps into her thoughts, casting a shadow of skepticism over her blossoming relationship with Paul. After all, everything seemed to unravel since she joined the company. But Paul continued to express his undying love and ensure Catherine’s reciprocation. However, suspicions surrounding Catherine escalate further when tragedy strikes again—Pam is found murdered.

As the investigation unfolds, a startling revelation shocks Catherine: the murder weapon, to everyone’s surprise, reveals traces of her DNA. It’s an unexpected twist that leaves Catherine reeling, but she considers the possibility that someone may have extracted her blood during her blackout. Determined to protect Catherine, Paul spares no expense in securing the best legal representation for both of them, leaving Detective Barr unable to make an arrest. Detective Barr, sensing the deepening bond between Catherine and Paul, feels compelled to issue a warning. She reveals that Julia, Paul’s ex-wife, had caught him with another woman, leading to a bitter confrontation between them. This revelation harkens back to the very beginning of the movie, where Paul and his mistress find themselves held at gunpoint by Julia. Catherine is left disheartened by Paul’s concealment of this vital information, but he brushes it off, believing it to be inconsequential at the time.


In an effort to uncover the truth, Detective Barr turns her attention to Jackie. However, her questioning fails to yield any conclusive evidence. With no breakthrough in sight, the investigation takes a different direction—finding Julia’s estranged daughter, Zoey. It is revealed that Zoey harbored a deep-seated resentment towards her mother, even resorting to violent acts against her in the past. The search for Zoey becomes a relentless pursuit, with the police leaving no stone unturned. Despite their tremendous efforts, no clues leading to Zoey’s whereabouts emerge, intensifying the mystery that envelops Catherine’s predicament.

What Happened To Paul and Skye?

In a moment of desperation, Catherine takes matters into her own hands and goes against her lawyer’s advice, confronting Jackie to uncover the truth about Zoey. However, the meeting takes an unexpected turn when Jackie, seemingly threatened by Catherine’s questions, stages an attack, leading bystanders to misunderstand the situation. Fearing the consequences, Catherine makes the decision to go into hiding, seeking refuge with her loyal best friend, Sol. Here, he becomes Catherine’s ally, aiding her in gathering vital information, but the situation takes a drastic turn when the very same mysterious killer who took Pam’s life kidnaps Catherine’s mother, Hailey. So to save her mother, Catherine bravely ventures to meet the kidnapper alone, unaware of their true identity. Meanwhile, Sol, understanding the urgency of the situation, makes a crucial decision to contact Paul, revealing Catherine’s perilous circumstances and providing him with the address.


Fortune favors Catherine, as Paul arrives at the scene just in time to prevent the killer from executing their sinister plan. Unfortunately, the mystery assailant manages to escape, leaving the chase at a precipice. As a few blissful days pass, Catherine and Paul find themselves envisioning a future together. Paul surprises Catherine with a newly purchased house, and as she explores the space, a magical moment unfolds. Paul proposes to Catherine, hoping to solidify their love and commitment. However, before she can respond, their happy moment is shattered by a chilling video that plays on the television screen, revealing the true identity of the mysterious killer—Skye. Unveiling herself as the mistress caught by Julia, Skye discloses a shocking truth—Paul’s involvement in the orchestrated murders. Motivated by a promise of two million dollars from Paul, Skye confesses to killing both Julia. Also, Pam was involved in everything, and when she demanded money, Skye killed her too.

When Paul denied Skye the promised money, she decided to take revenge, determined to expose him and protect her own interests. But amidst the revelations, a twist emerges. Unbeknownst to Paul and Skye, Catherine had been secretly plotting to catch them in the act, meticulously gathering evidence to bring them to justice. The turning point emerges from the recording that Julia had captured during her confrontation with Paul and his mistress. Detective Barr stumbles upon this crucial video, unraveling a significant piece of evidence. Catherine recognizes Paul’s mistress Skye as the same person who had kidnapped her mother, Hailey. Soon the arrival of Detective Barr, accompanied by her team, signals the culmination of Catherine’s plan. In a stunning turn of events, both Paul and Skye are arrested, their reign of terror finally coming to an end. As Barr escorts Paul away, he offers a heartfelt apology, asserting the authenticity of his love for Catherine. In his final moments of freedom, he implores her to understand that, despite his actions, his feelings for her are genuine.


The film The Kept Mistress Killer offers a glimpse into the intricate nature of human duality, where individuals can possess multiple faces, sometimes unknowingly. The story explores the concept of individuals convincing themselves of their desires, even when those desires do not align with their true intentions. Paul exemplifies this dual nature, confidently looking into Catherine’s eyes and proclaiming his love while simultaneously breaking her trust. His selfishness drives him to protect himself from the impending exposure of his secrets by Julia, even if it means manipulating Catherine’s emotions. However, Catherine’s truth becomes her saving grace. Despite being entangled in a web of deceit, she remains true to herself and her principles. The movie emphasizes the triumph of truth, showcasing how honesty and integrity can prevail in the face of adversity.

As the movie concludes, a sense of restoration is revealed. Both Hailey and Catherine find solace in returning to their peaceful lives, working together, and building a future free from the turmoil that once engulfed them. The message conveyed is that, in the end, truth prevails, and those who remain true to themselves emerge stronger, ready to embrace a brighter future. While The Kept Mistress Killer presents captivating characters and intriguing themes, it is important to acknowledge that every movie has its strengths and weaknesses. In this case, one aspect that could be perceived as a shortcoming is the overall story and flow of the film, which may leave some viewers feeling that there are plotholes within the narrative.


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