‘The Interest Of Love’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap And Ending: What Makes Mi Gyeong Insecure?

Sang Su and Mi Gyeong have been caught red-handed by Mi Gyeong’s mother, and Mi Gyeong is happy because her mother approves of Sang Su. However, Sang Su wasn’t really happy. Jeong and Su Yeong looked happy as a couple to Sang Su, which made him wonder if he was really happy with Mi Gyeong. The two couples in “The Interest of Love” have been doing well until now, but a storm cloud is hovering over them as Sang Su and Su Yeong still feel attracted to each other after being in a relationship with someone else for months.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Mi Gyeong Start Doubting Sang Su? 

Episode 9 of “The Interest of Love” gives a sneak peek into the future when Mi Gyeong and Sang Su are married but can’t call it a happy marriage. Their conversation sounds forced, and their faces don’t show any sign of a happy marriage. However, they are now at Su Hyeok’s wedding, and Su Yeong hurriedly informs Sang Su that Su Hyeok has gone missing. Sang Su expected this to happen, and he finds Su Hyeok on the rooftop, crying because his ex-girlfriend told him to be happy. However, Su Hyeok still gets married, even though he hasn’t moved on from his ex-girlfriend. Mi Gyeong catches the bouquet at the wedding and tells Sang Su excitedly that they have to get married within six months, but Sang Su just calls it a superstition. Sang Su’s mother finds out that he is dating Mi Gyeong from Mi Gyeong’s mother, so she meets him and tells him the reality of the difference between their social statuses. However, she still supports him and tells him to hold his head high no matter what.


Mi Gyeong accidentally finds Su Yeong’s diary in Sang Su’s drawer and gets upset over it. She doesn’t ask about it but keeps on thinking about it even after going home. She wonders if Sang Su still likes Su Yeong and if that is the reason Sang Su doesn’t show a lot of interest in her. On the other hand, Su Yeong and Jeong’s relationship is also getting uncomfortable, maybe not for Su Yeong but for Jeong. Jeong has been staying at Su Yeong’s place for free, which is already burdensome, and when Su Yeong removes her piano and plants from the balcony to accommodate Jeong’s belongings, Jeong doesn’t like it. It leads to an argument between them for the first time. However, they reconcile soon enough. Mi Gyeong has become insecure, and she tries to show off her relationship with Sang Su to Su Yeong on many occasions. She notices even the small things that Sang Su does for Su Yeong and repeats the cycle of thinking about Sang Su’s feelings for Su Yeong.

Sang Su runs into a college friend, and when he tells him that Mi Gyeong and Kyung Pil also work with him, his friend tells him that Mi Gyeong and Kyung Pil dated in college and that Kyung Pil cheated on her. Sang Su was serving in the military when it happened, so he was never aware of that, and Mi Gyeong never told him, even after they started dating. However, Sang Su doesn’t hold onto it and agrees to meet Mi Gyeong’s friends. Mi Gyeong and her friends have a get-together in a business hotel, and Mi Gyeong gifts Sang Su an expensive suit to wear to the meeting. Sang Su pays their bill, but in three installments. It is evident that they belong to different social classes, and as if Mi Gyeong doesn’t want to show Sang Su’s flaws, she buys him a car better than the one he already has. Sang Su refuses to accept the car from her, and they never talk about it again.


After a few months, Su Yeong and Sang Su both give an interview for a position transfer to the headquarters, but their interview doesn’t go well. Jeong also gives his civil service exam but fails again. He doesn’t go home for two days and stays in an internet cafe. After returning, he tells Su Yeong that he stayed at a friend’s place, but she has already seen his internet cafe receipts. This leads to another argument between them because Jeong feels inferior in front of Su Yeong. He thinks that he made a mistake by moving in with Su Yeong. He cannot even pass the exam, and Su Yeong sacrifices so many things for him. He feels that he doesn’t deserve a life like this. The next day, Su Yeong gets news that upsets her already tired mind. She doesn’t pass the exam to transfer to the headquarters, and neither does Sang Su. Sang Su’s performance was good, but he had to pay for the report he made against his boss for Su Yeong. Everyone talks about it at their office, but it is the first time Mi Gyeong hears about it.

Sang Su and Su Yeong have to go to the funeral of a VIP customer outside of the city, and it gives them a breather from their suffocating love lives for a while. Both Sang Su and Su Yeong have lost a close family member, and they discuss coping with the loss. Despite their history, they talk to each other like friends and go to the beach together on their way back. However, they barely talk about their love lives. They purposely avoid the topic until Sang Su asks Su Yeong if she is happy with her life. Su Yeong asks him in reply if she should break up with Jeong. She is having a hard time handling Jeong these days and is not happy anymore in her relationship. Sang Su, who looks at her with a surprised expression on his face, doesn’t answer.


How Does Mi Gyeong Introduce Sang Su To Her Father?

Su Yeong returns home to Jeong, who is waiting for her to talk about an important matter. Jeong has decided to leave Su Yeong’s home as soon as possible because he doesn’t want to feel any more miserable about himself than he already does. However, he has decided not to give up on exams. Sang Su also gets a visit from Mi Gyeong as soon as he reaches home. Mi Gyeong was at a friends’ reunion and found out that Sang Su knew about her past relationship with Kyung Pil. She asks Sang Su why he never brought up the topic even if he knew, and Sang Su only says that it doesn’t matter because it was in the past. This is what bothers Mi Gyeong the most- Sang Su not caring about anything related to her, but when it comes to Su Yeong, Sang Su cares about details. Sang Su misses the early morning meeting in the bank and doesn’t know the new rule of no uniforms. Kyung Pil pulls a prank on him that Su Yeong is quitting the bank, and Sang Su believes him. He desperately asks Su Yeong why she’s quitting, leaving her confused.

Sang Su suddenly takes Mi Gyeong to his mother’s spa; surprisingly, Mi Gyeong’s mother is also there. Sang Su introduces Mi Gyeong to his mother, but Mi Gyeong’s mother gets a bigger surprise when she learns that Sang Su’s mother is a spa owner. She doesn’t mind it as much as she worries her husband will. Sang Su’s mother appreciates him for introducing his girlfriend to her, but she isn’t convinced that her son really loves Mi Gyeong because he is unenthusiastic while answering questions about Mi Gyeong. The next day, Mi Gyeong’s father visits the bank, especially to meet Sang Su. Mi Gyeong pretends not to know about her father’s visit when in reality, she is the one who asked him to come to the bank. Her father doesn’t mention it but later tells her that he hasn’t approved of Sang Su yet and needs a formal introduction. The employees start gossiping about their marriage exactly as Mi Gyeong wanted.


Su Yeong’s well-kept secret gets out to some of the employees when her mother gets into a minor accident near the bank. Sang Su takes her mother to the hospital and stays until the treatment is over. This gives Mi Gyeong one more reason to be anxious when she hears it from a colleague. Sang Su runs into Su Yeong again at night, and they go for a walk. Sang Su takes Su Yeong to his college campus and shares his memories. Sang Su shares more with Su Yeong than with Mi Gyeong, and he is clearly happier when he is with Su Yeong. They don’t get to eat the food they walked for so long, so they return on an empty stomach. However, Sang Su asks Su Yeong to have a meal together next time. He has never asked Mi Gyeong out to have a meal. It’s always Mi Gyeong who makes plans, and Sang Su only follows.

‘The Interest Of Love’ Episode 10: Ending

When both Sang Su and Su Yeong don’t pick up Mi Gyeong’s call, she goes to Su Yeong’s house as if to check if they are together. Su Yeong arrives after Mi Gyeong, and she clears Jeong’s belongings from sight before letting her enter the house. However, Mi Gyeong still finds his traces but pretends not to have noticed. She is insecure and wants reassurance that Sang Su loves her and not Su Yeong. She tries to give the car she bought to Sang Su again, but he still refuses to take it. Su Yeong, as well, tries to help Jeong with money, which only disturbs their relationship more. Amid this, Sang Su goes golfing with Mi Gyeong’s father, where her father tells him that he doesn’t care about his financial or social status because he has everything that he lacks. He only wants to give his daughter what she wants.


Sang Su and Su Yeong planned to have dinner together, and that’s why Sang Su declined Mi Gyeong’s father’s offer to have dinner together. However, Su Yeong reaches the hotel and, instead of going inside, walks away. She lies to Sang Su that she is with Jeong, but Sang Su catches her lie as he sees her walk away and follows her. Sang Su doesn’t mind because he has done the same to Su Yeong before. Su Yeong expresses to him how they keep coming back to each other, like walking in a circle. “The Interest of Love” is a tale of slow romance and complicated love stories with four individual characters at the center of its affairs. Sang Su and Su Yeong are two people who want each other desperately, but their thoughts hold them back. However, they cross the line this time and kiss each other. This doesn’t look like it is going to lead anywhere good, as both of them have cheated on their partners, whom they also work with. If anything, they will keep this a secret that they never talk about again.

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