‘The Interest Of Love’ Episodes 7 & 8: Recap And Ending: Will Su Yeong And Sang Su Cheat On Their Partners?

“The Interest of Love” shows the hot and cold romance between Su Yeong and Sang Su until Su Yeong gets into a relationship with Jeong. Su Yeong and Jeong were happy with each other, but Sang Su couldn’t move on from Su Yeong, even after Mi Gyeong confessed her feelings for him. However, situations change pretty quickly. Sang Su and Mi Gyeong had been hanging out more lately, and at one such moment, Mi Gyeong asked out Sang Su again, and this time, he replied positively. Sang Su and Mi Gyeong got into a relationship, but on the other side, Jeong, who disappeared for days without informing Su Yeong, returned and asked Su Yeong to end things between them.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Jeong Break Up With Su Yeong?

Sang Su and Mi Gyeong celebrate their new beginning, and Jeong leaves Su Yeong without giving a reason for their breakup. Su Yeong misses seeing Jeong at the bank, but she is the only one feeling this way. The branch manager has to go on leave until the gossip dies down about his affair, so the deputy manager is happy as he is the temporary boss. Manager Ma plans a hiking trip to win the favor of the temporary branch manager. The mood in the bank is pleasant lately, and Kyung Pil, who is known as Mr. Nosy, never misses any detail. He quickly notices that Mi Gyeong and Sang Su have started dating. Sang Su and Mi Gyeong go on a date after work, and Su Yeong goes looking for Jeong at his apartment. Jeong has packed his things to move back to his hometown. Jeong didn’t want to reveal his vulnerable side to Su Yeong, but when she insisted, he told her that his father had collapsed and was in the hospital. Jeong had failed his police exam as well, so he just decided to go back home.


Jeong has been going through a lot, and he is having a tough time leaving behind his job and his studies. He is still on leave but is going to quit the job after it gets over. He has a fight with Su Yeong when she finds him staring at the bank, contemplating what to do next. Jeong is upset and worried about the life ahead of him, and he doesn’t want Su Yeong to be a part of his suffering. Su Yeong is upset when Mi Gyeong breaks the news to her that she is dating Sang Su. At this point, Su Yeong doesn’t know exactly what to be upset about. However, she lives every day as it comes. She joins her colleagues for the hiking trip on the weekend. Mi Gyeong picks her up, and Sang Su joins them on the way as well. However, when Su Yeong sees a police officer on duty, it reminds her of Jeong, and she gets out of the car suddenly. She gets on a bus to Jeong’s hometown.

Su Yeong meets Jeong’s mother, who still believes that Jeong works at the bank and that the bank has given him a loan to pay for his father’s treatment. The truth is that Jeong has used all of his savings and is penniless now. His mother isn’t aware that Jeong is working at a car wash for the time being in his hometown itself. Su Yeong is busy looking for Jeong, and on the other hand, Sang Su and Mi Gyeong’s relationship has been exposed to their colleagues. They were caught kissing, and Sang Su looks uncomfortable because everyone knows about their relationship now. Jeong feels uncomfortable talking to Su Yeong, but she knows how to make him feel comfortable. Jeong is in despair, and Su Yeong reminds him of his own words that cheered her up when she was going through a hard time.


Jeong’s situation is much different from what Su Yeong went through, but Jeong comforted her when she needed it the most. Su Yeong does the same for him and tells him not to give up. She tells him that she wants to see him as a police officer with a bright future ahead. She also said that she would wait for him until the last bus to Seoul left. Su Yeong leaves on the last bus of the day, but as if she still has hope, she steps down from the bus and goes back to the terminal. There she sees Jeong with a bag in his hand, ready to go back to Seoul.

Why Does Su Yeong Thank Sang Su?

Su Yeong takes Jeong to her house because he has nowhere else to go and no money. Jeong is grateful to Su Yeong for having given him a space to live even when it’s uncomfortable for her. Both of them feel awkward living in the same space, but Jeong eases the burden on him by cooking breakfast for Su Yeong the next day. Sang Su and Mi Gyeong also experience something similar, as Mi Gyeong shows up late at his home and sleeps over only because she misses him. Mi Gyeong and Sang Su are a popular office couple now, and their colleagues can’t stop teasing them. Su Yeong wasn’t on the hiking trip, so it is a surprise for her that everyone knows. Sang Su also gets surprised when he sees Jeong and Su Yeong together again.


Branch manager Yuk returns to the bank, and as soon as he sees Sang Su, he taunts him for reporting him. He tells him that he thought Sang Su had feelings for Su Yeong as he put so much effort into her, but he was surprised to hear the news of him dating Mi Gyeong. Su Yeong hears the branch manager, but Sang Su ignores the topic when Su Yeong asks him about it. However, Kyung Pil tells her the real reason the branch manager apologized to her. Su Yeong was happy to hear of it and thanked Sang Su later. However, she tells him not to worry about her anymore and especially not to get on the branch manager’s bad side.

Mi Gyeong’s father wants her to quit her petty job and get married, but Mi Gyeong has no plans to do so. Her father pesters her so much about it that she misses her colleague Seok Hyun’s pre-wedding party. She arrives late to the party and shocks Sang Su with a fake marriage proposal. After the party, Sang Su and Mi Gyeong go on a date, and Su Yeong goes home to cook a meal for Jeong, who will arrive home late after studying. Jeong has joined a study group, and his good looks make him the center of attention, but he proudly tells people that he already has a really pretty girlfriend. Jeong arrives home late and leaves early, so Su Yeong doesn’t get a chance to tell him that it is her birthday. However, she eats seaweed soup as per the tradition at her parent’s restaurant.


Apart from her mother, no one wishes Su Yeong a happy birthday. She wants to go home early and celebrate with Jeong, but Mi Gyeong asks her to run an errand for her. Moreover, Jeong informs Su Yeong that he will be home late. Disappointed, Su Yeong goes to Mi Gyeong’s home to deliver what she asked for and gets a birthday surprise. Mi Gyeong had planned a surprise birthday party for Su Yeong, and Jeong and Sang Su joined them. As they chat, Sang Su sees how supportive Su Yeong and Jeong are of each other. Mi Gyeong thinks that Jeong is cute and excited when expressing his love for Su Yeong, unlike Sang Su. Sang Su couldn’t sleep at night, thinking about Su Yeong.

Mi Gyeong’s mother is curious about Mi Gyeong’s boyfriend and goes to the bank to check if he is one of her colleagues. She follows her after work and catches her with Sang Su. She asks them about marriage, but neither Sang Su nor Mi Gyeong responds to her. Both of them have settled in life and don’t have a particular dream they want to pursue, but this is not the case for Jeong and Su Yeong. They want a better life for themselves, and they dream of it together. They dream of a better future with each other and can talk about it for hours.


‘The Interest Of Love’ Episode 8: Ending

At Su Hyeok’s wedding, Sang Su and Su Yeong cannot stop staring at each other. Sang Su thinks that Su Yeong is someone he almost had, but now he cannot approach her because he has to honor his commitment to Mi Gyeong. For Su Yeong, Sang Su is someone she could have had, but she doesn’t want to keep her hopes up anymore. They still desire each other but have to hold back to not complicate the situation more.

Su Yeong and Sang Su’s chemistry is stronger than ever in “The Interest Of Love,” as their desire and yearning haven’t stopped despite being in a relationship with their respective partners. After the wedding ceremony, both Sang Su and Su Yeong lie to their partners and do not go back home. Instead, they go to a hotel room together. Sang Su is a righteous person and doesn’t seem like someone who would cheat on his partner, and Su Yeong is happy in her relationship. This episode ended with suspense, and if Sang Su and Su Yeong really get intimate with each other, the drama is about to escalate in this mature and mellow romance.


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