‘The Interest Of Love’ Episodes 5 & 6: Recap And Ending: Who Is Su Yeong’s New Boyfriend?

Sang Su and Su Yeong had been good colleagues and friends with each other for three years, but one love confession from Sang Su made their relationship awkward. Their first date went well, but the second date created a mess as misunderstandings kept piling up between them one by one. In the meantime, Park Mi Gyeong joined their bank, and in a few days, she confessed to Sang Su that she liked him. On the other hand, security guard Jeong finally spoke his heart out and told Su Yeong that he had developed feelings for her. “The Interest Of Love” has two love triangles and it is only going to complicate further, based on Sang Su and Su Yeon’s undefined relationship.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is The New Gossip About Su Yeong?

If there’s one thing that Su Yeong and Sang Su are terribly unlucky about, it’s the timing. Sang Su missed the time to meet Su Yeong for dinner because he hesitated for a while, and nothing has been going right for them since then. They are finally ready to talk about their awkward relationship after the workshop, but their colleagues disturb them, and when Sang Su goes back to talk to Su Yeong, she is busy talking with Jeong on the phone. However, the next day, Su Yeong asks Sang Su if they can talk after work. At work, Mi Gyeong happily tells Su Yeong that she has confessed her feelings to Sang Su, but they aren’t dating yet. Su Yeong wanted to talk to Sang Su after work, but the branch chief took her to a business meeting, which she wasn’t interested in going to. Some of the employees start gossiping that Su Yeong and the branch chief must have something going on between them as he always takes her to such meetings. In reality, Su Yeong has no other choice because her position is very low in the bank.


Meanwhile, one of the employees receives a photo of the branch chief with an unknown woman, and she immediately wonders if it is Su Yeong. The branch chief again asks Su Yeong to go to a meeting with him, giving others a chance to gossip about them, but Su Yeong refuses to go, saying she is uncomfortable. The chief gets angry at her and orders her to clean the filing room before Monday. It is clear that Su Yeong has to work over the weekend to finish the work. Other employees think that their boss is abusing his power, but they are helpless too. At least they stopped gossiping about Su Yeong’s affair with their boss. Both Jeong and Sang Su offer their help to Su Yeong, but she doesn’t let them help her as they could get in trouble if they do, so Sang Su brings dinner for her and leaves. Over the weekend, Su Yeong keeps working at the bank, and Sang Su attends a golf game with a VIP customer. Sang Su has to attend the wedding of a college friend later that day, and Mi Gyeong goes to pick him up. On their way to the wedding, Mi Gyeong reveals that the VIP client Sang Su met is her father.

Sang Su and Mi Gyeong reunite with their college friends, but it isn’t as pleasant as expected. When the friends start gossiping about the newlywed couple, Mi Gyeong calls them out. One of the friends gets offended and insults Mi Gyeong by talking about her rich parents’ privilege and how she stole a needy student’s scholarship in college. Even though Mi Gyeong lives her life by herself with minimal help from her parents, certain stereotypes don’t escape her. She is a smart person, but her wealth obscures all of her good traits. She is upset and gets drunk with Sang Su. She just wants others to acknowledge her efforts and the fact that she has achieved so much without help from her parents. The same goes for Su Yeong, but her efforts go unnoticed because she has neither a degree nor any connections. She misses the team meeting because she is still cleaning the filing room on Monday, but her absence doesn’t bother anyone as she exists just to do menial tasks. She is deeply hurt by the humiliating treatment she gets from her boss and goes looking for her mom. She was upset with her mother for getting back with her father, but she needed her by her side right now. She reveals to her mother that she had seen her father with another woman on the day her brother died, and she believes that her brother had seen it too. Su Hyeok’s mobile was found where Su Yeong saw her father, and the next thing she knew, Su Hyeok was dead. This is why Su Yeong can never forgive her father.


Su Yeong’s mother tries to tell her something about her father, but she can’t bring herself to do it. She seems to be hiding something from Su Yeong. Su Yeong calms down after talking to her mother, and while returning home, she rethinks why she behaved strangely with Sang Su even when he tried his best to explain himself to her. She realizes that she cannot be honest with him because she is not honest with herself. However, when she thinks about Jeong, she isn’t confused. She meets Jeong on the way as both of them live in the same neighborhood, and Jeong tells her once again that he is trying his best to become her boyfriend, and this time, Su Yeong agrees to start dating him. Even Jeong is surprised at Su Yeong’s sudden declaration. However, a bigger surprise awaits them at the bank the next day. An audit team visits the bank all of a sudden and interviews two particular employees. After their interview, the branch chief comes out of his office, yelling at Su Yeong. As he comes closer to Su Yeong, Sang Su interrupts him.

Does The Chief Apologize To Su Yeong?

The bank chief is enraged, but Sang Su tells him to solve the matter privately instead of causing a scene in front of all the employees. The chief tells Su Yeong that he thinks of his employees like family and that he even gave her taxi fare whenever they went for a business meeting, so he doesn’t understand why she would report him for coercion. Su Yeong has never used the taxi fare the chief gave her because it felt like compensation for the unfair treatment. She returns all that money to him and demands a formal apology from him. Sang Su and Su Yeong’s new boyfriend, Jeong, check up on her after she comes out of the chief’s office while others are busy gossiping about her. Mi Gyeong doesn’t want Su Yeong to listen to all of it, so she takes her for a relaxing art session during the lunch break. That’s when Su Yeong tells Mi Gyeong that Jeong is her boyfriend. Mi Gyeong was worried that Sang Su and Su Yeong had something going on when Sang Su stopped the chief in the morning, but she was relieved now.


Sang Su had gone out for a site inspection and returned at closing time. He has to take care of his next day’s work, so he stays behind for a little. Su Yeong is also finishing up her remaining work in the filing room, and they both get stuck inside as Kyung Pil locks the bank, assuming everyone is out. However, they are relaxed as the security system will be alerted if they move, and someone will come for them. In the meantime, they clear up their misunderstandings and apologize to each other. Su Yeong tells Sang Su that she has found a man who makes her feel good and that he should find such a woman for himself as well. Su Yeong is happy with Jeong as they go on dates and talk about their dreams. Both of them live similar lives, so it is easy for them to understand each other. Everything is working out in Su Yeong’s favor lately, and surprisingly, the branch chief gives her a formal apology in front of everyone during the meeting. Neither Su Yeong nor the other employees expected that they would ever see such a day. It is indeed surprising to see the chief apologize to his most junior employee, but only two people in the bank know the real reason behind it. Sang Su reported the chief to the headquarters for using operating expenses for personal reasons, and Kyung Pil guessed it correctly. With multiple reports against him, the chief has no choice but to apologize so that at least one report against him will be retracted.

Sang Su doesn’t really feel good when he sees Su Yeong and Jeong together, but he is not ready to move on from Su Yeong yet. Mi Gyeong has confessed her feelings to him, and she is still waiting for his answer. She takes Sang Su out on an impromptu date after work, and it turns out to be a fun one as Sang Su’s car breaks down. Mi Gyeong calls it an adventure ride as the car gets towed away. Su Yeong invites Jeong for breakfast on his exam day because she wants him to have a proper meal on his important day. Jeong is all prepared for the exam and confident that he will pass for sure. His look after the exam shows that the exam was good for him and that his dream of becoming a police officer will soon come true. He is about to call Su Yeong when he gets a call from someone, and all the joy on his face disappears. Su Yeong waits for his call, but he neither calls nor replies to her texts.


The next day, a replacement security guard comes to the bank as Jeong goes on a leave of absence. Su Yeong feels lost, and while she tries to reach Jeong on the phone, a drama unravels at the bank. As if the bank chief is filling his quota of bad days, his secret affair gets exposed in the bank as both his wife and mistress come face to face. 

‘The Interest Of Love’ Episode 6: Ending

Sang Su and Mi Gyeong have been hanging out together a lot, and while they jog together, Mi Gyeong asks him again if he will date her. Sang Su tells her that he is not 100 percent ready and that if she is fine with that, they can date. Mi Gyeong is ready to take even one percent as well, and they officially become a couple. On the other hand, Jeong calls back Su Yeong, and they meet. Jeong doesn’t look great and seems to be hiding something from Su Yeong. All of a sudden, he asks for a breakup from her. Where Sang Su and Mi Gyeong have started their new relationship, Su Yeong and Jeong’s fresh relationship is about to end.


“The Interest Of Love” has twists and turns in every new episode. Sang Su and Su Yeong’s uncomfortable relationship was over, and Su Yeong was enjoying her time with Jeong when he suddenly asked to end things between them. Whatever he has going on in his life, he thinks Su Yeong shouldn’t be a part of it, but Su Yeong always lets him in on the difficult things in her life. Jeong has always mentioned wanting to be a perfect boyfriend, but Su Yeong just wants someone who can understand her, not someone perfect. Sang Su has feelings for Su Yeong, and yet he starts dating Mi Gyeong. Their relationship is perfect according to everyone around them, as they are both accomplished adults whose social status matches, but their hearts don’t match well. The drama very clearly highlights adults marrying someone who matches their social status and wealth once they fall out of passionate love, and Sang Su’s half-hearted decision to date Mi Gyeong is similar.

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