‘The Interest Of Love’ Episodes 3 And 4: Recap And Ending – Why Did Sang Su Hesitate To Go To Su Yeong?

Sang Su confessed his feelings for Su Yeong even after their failed second date, but Su Yeong lied to him that she was dating guard Jeong. “The Interest of Love” introduced Park Mi Gyeong, who joined KCU Bank as an assistant manager and was Sang Su’s junior in college. The bank employees believe that Sang Su and Mi Gyeong, and Su Yeong and Jeong are the perfect couples, solely based on their social status. However, a different story is going to unfold among the four of them.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Doesn’t Su Yeong Like Her Father?

Jeong and Su Yeong weren’t really close to each other until Jeong met Su Yeong’s father, whom no one else in the bank knew about. Jeong brought breakfast for Su Yeong one day and later confessed his feelings to her. That was on the same night Sang Su waited for Su Yeong outside her home and misunderstood that Su Yeong was dating Jeong when he saw them together. The next day, Sang Su and Su Yeong shared only a few brief words and ignored each other. Sang Su immerses himself in the new project with Mi Gyeong. Mi Gyeong is new to the bank but has managed to befriend others easily. She befriends Su Yeong as well and takes her out for lunch. Sang Su is so confused by the situation that he ends up drinking beer in the middle of his working hours.


Mi Gyeong and Sang Su go out for dinner and talk about their lives outside of work. Sang Su tells Mi Gyeong that he doesn’t date much because he thinks of love as a responsibility and can only get into serious relationships. On the other hand, Jeong brings Su Yeong’s father’s restaurant pamphlets that he left behind to Su Yeong, which brings back memories to her that she doesn’t want to face. Su Yeong had a younger brother named Su Hyeok, who promised Su Yeong that he would buy her an apartment in Seoul with a big balcony where she could grow plants, paint, and play the piano. However, her brother passed away, and Su Yeong blamed her father for it. She goes to their restaurant and asks them why they opened a restaurant near her workplace. Her parents just want to be close to their only child, but Su Yeong doesn’t feel the same way about them. She thinks it’s her father’s fault that her brother had to die.

Sang Su and Mi Gyeong stay in the bank until dawn to work on their project presentation and go for breakfast at Su Yeong’s father’s restaurant early in the morning. Sang Su is a regular there and helps Su Yeong’s father, which impresses Mi Gyeong. They successfully presented their project proposal, and on the other hand, Su Yeong has also taken steps toward a new chapter in her career. She has gotten her first batch of VIP customers to work with, and she hopes that she can continue doing this work instead of just depositing and withdrawing money. She accidentally meets Jeong in a library and shares the good news with him. Mi Gyeong and Sang Su also meet over the weekend, and Mi Gyeong pretends to learn ice skating from Sang Su when she already knew how to ice skate.


Mi Gyeong likes Su Yeong and often goes out for lunch with her. Mi Gyeong doesn’t know yet that Su Yeong knows about her family because Mi Gyeong’s mother is one of Su Yeong’s VIP customers. The branch manager throws a dinner party as Mi Gyeong and Sang Su’s project gets selected for the final competition by the headquarters. Their colleagues tease them when they sing a song together and call them a perfect couple. A few days ago, these same colleagues interrogated Su Yeong and Jeong about whether they were dating. The class divide exists in this way as well. The seniors order Su Yeong to buy things for them from the store but Sang Su volunteers because he doesn’t want Su Yeon to feel inferior in front of them. However, Su Yeon confronts Sang Su by asking him how long he will play with her feelings. She tells him that she knows that Sang Su didn’t show up on their date on purpose. She waited for him, and she saw him stop before entering the restaurant.

Who Takes Away Su Yeong’s Project?

Su Yeong and Sang Su got along with each other before this romantic drama happened between them. Su Yeong trained Sang Su when he newly joined, and Sang Su got promoted while Su Yeong remained in the same position. Still, the friendship between them didn’t change much, as Sang Su still respected Su Yeong as her senior. The main reason for their friendship was their similar thoughts—both of them want to live an average life that doesn’t make them stand out in the crowd. However, things aren’t the same now. Su Yeong confronts Sang Su about their failed date. It is true that Sang Su arrived late, and Su Yeong had seen him coming. Yet, Su Yeong still left because she had seen Sang Su hesitating to step inside the restaurant even when he was already late. 


Su Yeong misunderstood Sang Su’s hesitation as his unwillingness to pursue a relationship with her. She projected her insecurities on him as she always felt inferior next to others. However, Sang Su has an honest explanation. He admits that he hesitated because he was overwhelmed. He took his and others’ feelings seriously, and he needed time to process what was happening between him and Su Yeong. He took his time and went to the restaurant, but Su Yeong had left. Su Yeong is not even ready to understand his feelings, and she rather hurts him by saying that she doesn’t have any feelings toward him. After this, the air between them is tense, and everyone in the bank notices it as both of them bicker over the smallest inconvenience. 

Sang Su has already been going through emotional turmoil, and among all the emotional chaos, he has to perform his father’s memorial rites. It brings back a lot of memories for him and reveals why Sang Su is the way he is. Sang Su doesn’t want to live with regrets because he already has one big regret that weighs heavily on his shoulders. After his father died, people questioned if he really died in a car accident or if he committed suicide because of all the debt he owed. Sang Su regrets not stopping his father from getting more loans or stopping him from going out on the day he died. Sang Su believes himself to be somewhat responsible for his father’s death, which is why he hesitates while dating. He already carries the weight of the world around him, and loving someone is a big responsibility for him.


Afterwards, Mi Gyeong brings Su Yeong to her house as she has the wine that Su Yeong really likes. However, Mi Gyeong has a different intention: she wants to know how the relationship between Su Yeong and Sang Su is. She got curious after she saw them bicker. When she asks Su Yeong about it, Su Yeong doesn’t hold back and asks Mi Gyeong if she likes Sang Su. She is not surprised when Mi Gyeong replies positively because it is obvious from her behavior. Mi Gyeong tells Su Yeong that she likes how Sang Su is considerate towards her, but Su Yeong thinks that it is just his mannerism. Mi Gyeong thinks that she and Sang Su are alike, and Su Yeong feels the same way about her and Sang Su. Meanwhile, Jeong and Su Yeong have been having more accidental encounters, but they aren’t awkward even after Jeong has confessed his feelings for Su Yeong. Seeing Jeong buy a cheap dinner reminds Su Yeong of her brother, who used to do the same. She buys him a proper dinner as she cannot see him sleep with a half-filled stomach as her brother would.

Mi Gyeong’s mother often goes to Sang Su’s mother’s spa, but Sang Su’s mother lies to Mi Gyeong’s mother that her son works at another KCU branch because she doesn’t want Sang Su to feel uncomfortable at his workplace. Mi Gyeong also goes with her mother to the spa, and this time, she brings Su Yeong with her. This gives Sang Su’s mother more reason never to reveal that Sang Su is her son. However, Mi Gyeong has something else on her mind. She meets Sang Su for dinner and confesses to him that she likes him and gives him time to think about it. Everything she says to him, he hopes to hear from Su Yeong.


Since Mi Gyeong and Sang Su won the competition which their project was selected for, everyone thinks that Sang Su will be promoted to work at the bank headquarters now. Su Yeong was also put in charge of a new project, and she was happy to work on it, but all the hard work she put into it didn’t pay off. The branch manager transfers her project to Mi Gyeong.

‘The Interest Of Love’ Episode 4: Ending

For once, Su Yeong thought that the world wasn’t that unfair, but she was proved wrong again. She knows that she cannot transfer positions because of her educational background, but she wants to dream big, nonetheless. Guard Jeong, who has been a supportive friend to her, encourages her to cheer up and assures her that she will shine brighter one day. Sang Su is also upset about Su Yeong but cannot do anything for her. As if nothing has happened, Su Yeong goes to attend a workshop at the bank, and Sang Su also joins, even though he isn’t obliged to. This is what he likes about Su Yeong—her persistence. She doesn’t let obstacles get in the way of her life, and she doesn’t say no to anything. Sang Su, Su Yeong resembles him because he is just like her—persistent.


It is obvious that Sang Su followed Su Yeong to the workshop because he has unfinished business with her, and she is well aware of it. However, she is blunt when speaking about it. While Sang Su is gentle when expressing himself, Su Yeong bluntly asks him why he still likes her and, with equal roughness, tells him that she has feelings for him. Sang Su in “The Interest of Love” is the epitome of the ideal partner who wouldn’t give up on you. He is persistent in work and in love as well. He cannot give up on Su Yeong easily now that he has given his heart to her, but Su Yeong is more hesitant to accept him than he is to her.    

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