‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 6 Recap Summary: Who Blackmailed Hyewon?

There are multiple twists in the 6th episode of The Impossible Heir. Taeoh, who has dedicated his life to protecting Inha, is now being backstabbed by him. Is it jealousy to win Hyewon all that has been pushing him to do so? Whatever Inha’s insecurities may be, his father, Joongmoo, has been clearly exploiting him. The quagmire that Inha had been put into was definitely the brainchild of Joongmoo—to entice him with a piece of bone for him to get into the mud (he was the illegitimate son after all!). Despite knowing that Joongmoo thinks of Inha as nothing more than a pet dog, he is happy to lick his father’s boots for a piece of the Kangoh Group! Is there a greater motive in Inha’s mind? Will Taeoh be able to find out the man behind the attack on him? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Inha Intervene In The Investigation Of The Attack On Taeoh?

Taeoh became the scapegoat, taking all the brunt of Inha’s rise to the throne. When Joongmoo learned about the incident, he asked Inha to stop the police investigation as it could cause complications for the Kangoh Group. In return for trying to subdue the investigation, Taeoh received the best treatment possible and was also shifted to the VVIP cabin after his brain surgery. Seongju was shocked when he found out that the police hadn’t even filed a complaint about the incident. This brings to light the fact that he had no hand in the incident. There was surely something that Joongmoo had been trying to cover up! He had just been using Inha as his puppet to cover up the entire mess so that the Kangoh Group would not have to face any difficulties in the long term. 


How Did Hyewon React To The Incident?

Gyeongcheol approached Hyewon to inform her how the Kangoh Group had been involved in hushing up the entire event. She was also told that Inha was also involved in the matter. Inha had just been trying to cover up the matter to be in the chairman’s good books and prove himself as a worthy son. It is also possible that he was secretly jealous of Taeoh because it was quite evident that Hyewon still had feelings for him. 

When Hyewon confronted Inha, asking him why he had stopped the investigation, he tried to justify it, saying that the event could bring a bad name to Kangoh Group. She was taken aback by the lack of empathy in Inha. While returning home, her mom came to meet her after many years, asking her for money. When Hyewon threatened to kill herself, her mom left the spot, only to later sell the information about her own daughter to a third party (in exchange for a lot of money). Later, Inha came to Hyewon and apologized to her for not responding more sensitively to the issue. He also took her to Bisunjae for dinner, where Joongmoo asked her to abandon her career. He said that she was a Hanmi party leader that Jo Sudong aided, and he wouldn’t tolerate it. She was, however, insisting on holding on to her career, which led to a mild altercation between her and Joongmoo. 


Did Taeoh Find Out The Real Culprit?

Taeoh went to Joongmoo, seeking answers about the attack on him. The coldness in Joongmoo was seen when he said that he wouldn’t allow Kangoh’s image to be affected because of the investigation. However, he allowed Taeoh to conduct the investigation on the attacker on the condition that the news of the perp being close to him (the Chief of Kangoh) was not revealed. Later, Taeoh promised him that he wouldn’t let Kangoh’s name get tarnished but would find the culprit soon! We are left feeling that Joongmoo could have a hand in trying to cover up the attack, as he had been asking to find information on the case as he was sure that someone close to him had done the crime. 

Taeoh later went to Seonu to find out about the one who had attacked him. He gave Seonu the location, time, and date of the attack and asked him to find out the culprit. Seonu had almost immediately started looking into the matter, only to stumble upon some CCTV footage in the locality of the attack. From the footage, it was revealed that the attacker was Inju’s assistant. It is possible that Inju had some perilous plans against Inha and had been planning to remove Taeoh so that he could no longer protect Inha from his conspiracies. 


Taeoh started following the guy into a club and confronted him. He was curious as to why the man had attacked him and if it was a warning for something more perilous, but the assistant kept on denying having attacked him. Meanwhile, Taeoh went on with further investigations and found out about the monthly report and Inju’s suspicious futures investment. Taeoh was making a foolproof plan to make sure that he could get back at Inju for having attacked him. He was also curious as to why he had been attacked all of a sudden and if it was a message for a forthcoming danger to Inha. 

Who Blackmailed Hyewon?

Someone had been keeping a constant eye on Hyewon and Taeoh. It was later revealed that Inju had ordered his assistant to keep an eye on them. He had also taken a few snaps of Taeoh and Hyewon having an intimate moment together. The two had been entangled in an intimate moment while talking about the past, when Hyeown had tried to come back to Taeoh, but he had given her up for Inha. As Inha was about to get married to Hyewon, Inju started blackmailing her, showing her her intimate pictures with Taeoh. It is possible that Inju had wanted to use Hyewon to get revenge on Inha for appearing out of the blue and occupying a significant position in the Kangoh Group. 


What Will Happen Next?

Later, the scene shifts to Taeoh lying in an unconscious state, and when he regains consciousness, he sees himself holding a bloody knife and Inju and his wife lying dead beside him. It is possible that he killed them both in a frenzy for having attacked him and now blackmailing Hyewon. But it seems somewhat unlikely, and there is a possibility that Inha had planned this entire scenario to remove Inju from his path and frame Taeoh for it. That way, he would have finished off two of his enemies. Inha must have wanted to vilify Taeoh just to win over Hyewon’s love (making her believe Taeoh is a murderer!). There is another possibility of Seongju having killed Inju to put the blame on Taeoh after getting to know that he was responsible for his fall in the first place. The seventh episode of The Impossible Heir is likely to bring out the reality of Inju’s murder. 

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