‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 5 Recap Summary: What Was Director Ko And Inju’s Plan?

With every passing episode of The Impossible Heir, the plot keeps getting convoluted. There are several questions that come to mind while watching the fifth episode of The Impossible Heir, but a majority of them are to be clarified by the end of this episode. Directed by Min Yeon-hong and Lee Hyang-bong, The Impossible Heir has several subplots, helping it overshadow other Korean dramas. Will Seongju still be allowed a position in Kangoh? Will Inha rise to power and misuse it? Will Taeoh be able to control Inha’s power rush? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Taeoh Appointed As The Division Director?

After all of the misdeeds of Mr. Chu and Seongju had been revealed, Mr. Chu apologized to the Chairman. Meanwhile, the media had been going ballistic with the introduction of the third son, Inha, to the Kangoh groups. Just to handle the situation, Joongmoo had appointed Taeoh as the division director, so he could take better care of the business. Joongmoo, by this time, had come to know that Taeoh was more responsible than his own sons and hence did not hesitate to give him such a big role. When Geumseok came to know about her son’s demotion, she left the house, saying she was going to take a break. Seongju was extremely mad after he learned that his mother had left the house. He wanted to face his father and tell him that he would never forgive him for placing all his expectations on him since childhood and then snatching them all from him. However, he did not have the courage to do so and went to his father to seek an apology. When he approached Joongmoo, he asked Seongju to lay low if he did not want to lose his share in the Kangoh group. 


What Did Taeoh Warn Seonu About?

Taeoh went to warn the hacker, Seonu Wan, from the Lazarus Special Forces. Taeoh said that Seongju might come after him after being tossed from his position, and hence he had to be very careful. Seonu, however, boasted, saying he was Kim Gwangul, a top spy of the Reconnaissance General Bureau who manipulated banks worldwide and hence would not be caught so easily. 

What Was Hyewon’s Motive?

Hyewon agreed to marry Inha after he proposed to her. It is possible that, despite having feelings for Taeoh, she was marrying Inha to attain a position in society. Later, when Oh Gyeongcheol asked her out for lunch, she went to meet him, where she was shown her pictures with Inha. He wanted to turn her into a competent political aide, to which she agreed. When she went to talk about it with Taeoh, someone clicked their pictures together. It is possible that Gyeongcheol had been spying on her now that she had agreed to be his political aide. 


What Happened After Inha Was Put In Charge Of The Negotiations?

Joongoo told Taeoh that he would put Chief Manager Inha in charge of the negotiation of Kangoh Tech One Sales (which was at a loss). It would lay the foundation for his Royal Road project, further securing Kangoh’s position in the future. Initially, Daejong Innovation CEO Ko Suchan (a rational man) was to negotiate for the Daejong group, but later it was revealed that Director Ko Huichan would come for the negotiations. In his preparation for the negotiations, Inha appointed two new staff members, Jeong Dongnyeong and assistant manager Ma Jui. Ko Huichan, leading negotiations for Daejong, wanted to buy the Kangoh Tech One at a cheap price as he knew the company was running at a loss. They suggested that Daejong wanted a no-employment succession with a 30 percent price cut for Kangoh Tech One. Meanwhile, Seongju had been getting all the information on the deal from Jeong. When Taeoh realized it, he got him out of the meeting. 

What Were Inha’s Plans?

Inha wanted to use IM technology to leak false information to Daejong, which was initially not approved by Taeoh. He told Taeoh that IM Technology is currently in the initial stages of a technological collaboration with Eugen in Germany. They had decided on the deal as Eugen had decided to keep quiet about their last-year tech leaks. Inha wanted to exploit the same weak point to spread some false news. After IM Technology was manipulated to make some false news leaks, Daejong Group found out about an evaluation report from the Chinese company IM Technology, which started developing state-of-the-art vertical takeoff drones that were only possible with K200GF9. The patent for it was with Kangoh Tech One. This false news made Director Ko think that many Chinese companies would now jump to buy Kangoh Tech One, which would raise the value of the company manifold. He decided to buy the company and then sell it in the Chinese market. Director Ko finally decided on Kangoh Tech One’s conditions of a price increase of 13 percent and conditions for employment successions to close the deal. 


When Joongmoo heard about the fake news that Inha had spread to make Director Ko buy Kangoh Tech One, he was furious. He blamed Taeoh for it and said that this decision could hamper the image of the Kangoh groups. He further told Taeoh that if a legal issue were to arise, he would have to deal with it. 

What Was Director Ko And Inju’s Plan?

After getting his hands on Kangoh Tech One (thinking he had made a great deal for himself), Director Ko went to meet Inju. He asked Inju to set him up with his sister Huiju (for marriage); otherwise, he said that his father wouldn’t give him the communication rights. Inju promised to help him if he returned his favor by killing someone. Later, we see Inha playing basketball when Taeoh comes to see him. After a brief match, Inha decides to leave while Taeoh takes his place on the basketball court. Meanwhile, a mysterious man appears and injures Taeoh. It is possible that Inju had asked Director Ko to help him get rid of Inha, but the killer must have been confused and hit Taeoh in his place. 


What Will Happen Next?

The sixth episode of The Impossible Heir will reveal who the killer actually intended to murder. The people who ordered Inha/Taeoh’s murder will also be revealed. It is possible that even though Director Ko and Inju had been discussing a murder, they were not the ones to order it. Maybe Seongju was behind the order, as he wanted Inha out of his way.

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