‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 4 Recap Summary: Why Did Huiju Challenge Taeoh?

The fourth episode of The Impossible Heir unveils several intricacies of the plot. The plan that Taeoh has made for Inha to be appointed as the heir to the Kangoh Group is soon to bear fruit. He has strategized things in a manner that will leave no option for Joongmoo but to become dependent on his illegitimate son, Inha. Meanwhile, Taeoh has also not failed to simultaneously strain Seongju’s position in the company, eventually leading to his downfall. How will Taeoh convince Joongmoo to rely on Inha? Did Joongmoo really collapse, or was it just an act? If yes, why? Let’s find the answers to these questions!  


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Joongmoo Feign His Sickness?

Geumseok directly confronted Joongmoo to restore the rights of the center to Seongju, threatening to expose his dark connections to Milton to the world. She further warned him that if he tried to expose her connections with Jo Sundong, she would do things that could harm Kangoh’s image. Finally, after an altercation when Joongmoo collapses, Geumseok walks away instead of helping him. Later, it was revealed that Joongmoo was not sick and that it was just one of Taeoh’s plans. It is possible that he wanted to keep a check on the activities of Seongju, pretending to be sick. 


Taeoh advised Joongmoo that he would file an anonymous complaint against him about his dark connection with Milton, blocking Seongju’s intentions to ever raise the issue again. Taeoh further said that it was time that he used his third son, Inha, and made him the scapegoat for all his follies. It was actually Taeoh’s first step to introduce Inha to the Kangoh Group. 

Why Did Inju Try To Take Taeoh On His Side?

When Inju called Taeoh to go and meet him, it was evident that he was up to no good and wanted to seek internal information on his father. He tried to bribe Taeoh with a house to ensure he provided him with all the crucial information. He failed to realize that Taeoh was not like an ordinary person who would have been tempted at the very thought of a new house. When Taeoh told him off, Inju asked his personal secretary to keep a check on all of Taeoh’s steps. 


Why Did Huiju Challenge Taeoh?

Huiju went to meet Huichan in a club and insulted him, saying that she wasn’t interested in getting married to someone like him. The aggression in Huiju somehow attracted Huichan to her, and he informed his mother that he was ready to officially date Huiju. She was, however, still hooked on Taeoh and went to meet him. She tried to express her feelings to him, but even this time, he told her off. The fact that someone as simple as Taeoh had been rejecting her repeatedly put her off. She was so adamant on getting married to him that she started damaging his car with her heel out of frustration. When he told her that he was not the perfect match for her and that she should look out for herself in her family, she challenged him, saying that she would marry him no matter what. It is possible that she will turn her fairytale into a reality by hook or by crook. 

What Did Geumseok Plan?

Geumseuk had planned to conduct an emergency meeting with the executives right after she thought Joongmoo had collapsed. When she finally held the meeting, she nominated her own son, Seongju, as the president of Kangoh Securities. The mother-son duo were doing as they pleased after they thought that the main guy (Joongmoo) was gone. Meanwhile, when Seongju decided to operate from the headquarters, Inju opposed him. Geumseok had already taken enough from Inju, and now that Joongmoo was gone, she would no longer bear his tantrums. She told Seongju that they should remove Inju from their path, and possibly it will not be long before she finally harms Inju. 


What Accident Occurred At Kangoh Securities?

Meanwhile, the detective (who was also a tech specialist) hacked into the system of Kangoh Securities and caused a major imbalance in the shares of the company. Instead of 1000 won per share, the shareholders received 1000 shares each. The media had been covering it as a selling accident, but it was actually Taeoh’s plan to ensure Kangoh Securities’ image was tainted (so that Seongju would be tossed from his position). Meanwhile, Seongju was charged with violation of the excessive issue of stocks (as per Commercial Law Article 629) and negligence, resulting in the drop of stocks. Seongju’s prosecution was inevitable, and the face loss he faced as a result of this mishap would further restrict his entry into the company. 

How Did Taeoh Plan To Get Inha Closer To Joongmoo?

Inha was burdened by his childhood traumas of having lost his mom at a very young age. It is revealed that his mother had committed suicide, and he could never really recover from the pain of seeing her in such a miserable condition. While he was lost in the past, Taeoh came in and informed him that his father had been searching for him (all that Inha had wanted all his life). 

When Inha went to see Joongmoo, he revealed that it was his idea to cause the mishap at Kangoh Securities. He apologized for tainting the image of the company, but it was for the greater good. He further told Joongmoo that if Inha could save him from the tight situation that he was in, he would have to be introduced to the Kangoh group and would have to be acknowledged as Joongmoo’s son. Joongmoo agreed to his clause and made him sign a contract, declaring him as a legal heir to the Kangoh group. 

How Did Geumseok React To Joongmoo’s Return?

When Geunseok realized that Joongmoo had just feigned his sickness all this while, she became furious. When she tried to attack him, saying that she wanted him dead so that her son could inherit everything, Joongmoo pushed her off. He threatened to punish her and Seongju at the board meeting. Both Geumseok and Seongju knew that they were doomed for having betrayed Joongmoo. 


What Will Happen Next?

The fifth episode of The Impossible Heir will showcase how Inha tries to become the right hand of his father. He would certainly try to give his best to attain Joongmoo’s attention. We’ll find out if Joongmoo will really be able to accept Inha as his son or just use him as a scapegoat. It is highly possible that initially he would try to take advantage of Inha, but later, when he realizes that he is better than both his elder sons, he will definitely develop a soft spot for him. Taeoh had paved the way for Inha to enter the Kangoh group; now it was up to him to thrive there and fight for his rights. 

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