‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ Episode 9 Review: Anil Kapoor And Farah Khan Just Lit Up The Show

The eighth episode of The Great Indian Kapil Show was surprisingly good. No one expected to watch Kapil Sharma and Ed Sheeran together on one show and have it be bearable to the extent that the gags were decent, too. Netflix did well this time and did not leave an international pop icon embarrassed. There was a worry right from the start about how this episode would turn out, but thanks to the writers and the host, a lot of effort was put in to make the setup look welcoming. I hope the show’s creators follow the same template in the next episodes as well. 


The ninth episode had the most bizarre people who happened to be good friends as well. Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor are veterans of the industry, and they have done many projects as well. Lately, both have been known for being brutally honest about the lives they have led in the industry and refusing to have a filter while conversing about the work they have done over the past many decades. Both artists were in their prime during the nineties decade and happened to share many stories about their work. Lately, many famous actors during the 1990s have come out to talk about the kind of life they led during the shoots and people they had to deal with daily. 

This episode was excellent because the writers and the host never had to do anything to get it going, as Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor are a hoot to watch right from the start. We are sure none of their one-liners were scripted. They are naturally funny people, and one could notice that none of the supporting actors had to do anything extra to make them talk about their lives and work. It is hilarious of them to include Chunky Pandey in the gag about him being a stingy person. An array of actors like him have come forward and are making very self-aware jokes about themselves. Even though that gag was scripted, it was nice of Chunky Pandey to be a part of it. Chunky Pandey, however, became all the more popular due to his hilarious appearances on another Netflix show, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives. He and Anil Kapoor’s younger brother, Sanjay Kapoor, brought out their hilarious sides on it.


The Great Indian Kapil Show also has a habit of repeating a lot of gags in the hopes the audience on the set and the people watching the show from the comfort of their homes will find some joy in its repeat value. Sadly, there is no fun in watching Sunil Grover play at being an aeronautical engineer and rehashing jokes just to suit the humor of the guests. Besides Sunil Grover, the rest of the gags presented by Krushna Abhishek and Kiku Sharda were innovative, and the experimentation worked well in their favor.

The episode is not that long compared to the Aamir Khan one and even the Ed Sheeran one, but there is a lot to take away from the fact that these actors are willing to take shots at each other and not take anything at face value.  Even though there are times in this episode when Anil Kapoor hesitates to talk about a lot of controversial topics, Farah Khan just cannot hold back from divulging the truth about many actors she has worked with all these years. Apart from these divulgences, there was nothing much about the show that the makers could discuss in this episode. It is hilarious to watch Farah Khan talk openly about Malaika Arora, who incidentally happened to be in a relationship with Arjun Kapoor for many years. 


The most hilarious gag must be Anil Kapoor and Farah Khan trying to mimic Kapil Sharma and Archana Puran Singh. It would be nice for the guests to take over the show and let them find their footing. The Great Indian Kapil Show has taken a good turn ever since the Aamir Khan episode. It is endearing to watch the writers finally take the memo from the audience watching the show from the comforts of their homes on Netflix. The episode ended on a high note, with Kapil Sharma amazingly singing the Italian song “Bella Ciao” which incidentally was an anti-nazi song. This song was later popularized by the Netflix hit show Money Heist. Surprisingly, it was a good rendition of this song. Overall, this episode was lit up by the guests. 

The next episode, however, would feature Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao for their new film, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. The movie is about a cricket-loving couple and how it helps them sustain their marriage, which is arranged as per the trailer. Jahnvi has always been known to be honest about the work she does and the life she leads outside of the film. What would make the onscreen couple interesting is their take on the film and what it tries to convey.


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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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