‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending: Will Mi Joo Reveal The Truth To Kang Ho?

Young Soon has been diagnosed with last stage cancer, and while worries were eating her mind, she helped Kang Ho put in his best efforts to start walking again. In The Good Bad Mother, Young Soon had been preparing Kang Ho for the day when she would no longer be around. Kang Ho needs to be able to handle his life himself. Young Soon is sad but also relieved that her son won’t have to live miserably. However, she is about to find the secret to Kang Ho’s actions in the past that he has forgotten. She found a USB that Kang Ho had left for her.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Young Soon Burn Kang Ho’s Documents?

Young Soon accesses the USB and sees documents that seem like a journal Kang Ho wrote. The records date back to Kang Ho’s first day at law school. Not many days had passed, and Kang Ho had already gotten into a fight with his classmate over grades. The other student was the son of a judge, so Young Soon had to beg him to forgive Kang Ho and not press charges against him. That was the first time Kang Ho understood why his mother wanted him to have power. Those without power and influence always had to beg others to get what they wanted. He had the same experience when he tried to access his father’s death records. He couldn’t get access to them because it involved big names, and Kang Ho was a nobody. However, he didn’t stop the investigation and searched for the people whose names he saw mentioned on the records of the arson of his father’s farm. From that moment on, he followed Oh Tae Soo like a stalker and discovered everything about his family. It was suspicious to him that the witness suddenly changed his statement. To find out more details, he met with the witness, who was a firefighter, and from him, he found out about Chairman Song and his past business. Kang Ho’s records also mentioned his beautiful relationship with Mi Joo and why he had to end it painfully because of the risky path he was going to take. He couldn’t reveal his plan to Mi Joo, and it was his wish that she live happily without him.

Kang Ho broke up with Mi Joo on the day of his appointment ceremony, and he didn’t even invite Young Soon. While taking his oath as a prosecutor, he was reminded of all the pain he went through to be able to reach that point. Right after getting appointed, he went to the police officer who denied him his father’s death records and not only got the records but also found the person behind his father’s death. It wasn’t Chairman Song, but Oh Tae Soo. Since that day, Kang Ho has been determined to get his revenge and has started stalking Tae Soo’s daughter, Ha Young. He eventually started dating her only to get close to Tae Soo. Later, he approached Chairman Song, knowing it would be easier to get married to Ha Young if he had power and money. However, Tae Soo threatened him into leaving Ha Young. Kang Ho didn’t leave Ha Young, but he had guessed that Tae Soo would do anything to get rid of him. That’s why he had collected more dirt against Tae Soo. While doing this, he never thought he would have to give up on his mother. That’s when he realized that he wasn’t doing all this for his father’s revenge but for his mother, who had suffered the most after his father’s death. He had promised himself that he would return to his mother after exacting his revenge. Young Soon can’t bring herself to read any further, and she burns down all the documents that she brought from Kang Ho’s apartment. She tells Kang Ho never to go back and endanger his life.

Why Does Young Soon Want Kang Ho to Get Married?

Young Soon is worried that Chairman Song will come after Kang Ho and that Kang Ho will face the same fate as his father, and this thought is giving her nightmares. She needs to make sure that Kang Ho won’t go back to being a prosecutor even if he regains his memories. Her solution for that is to get Kang Ho married. She thinks that if Kang Ho has a wife and children, he won’t take the risk of going back to Seoul for revenge. She tells Kang Ho to forget about being a prosecutor because he is now the owner of the pig farm. Kang Ho agrees with her, but he secretly still wants to become a prosecutor. He wonders why it is so dangerous to become a prosecutor again. Kang Ho doesn’t understand marriage, but Young Soon explains to him that it is as simple as bringing a friend to live with him for the rest of his life. Kang Ho immediately thinks of Mi Joo, but Young Soon tells him that she already has such a friend. Young Soon has requested that the villagers find a bride for Kang Ho, and they are more excited than Young Soon to find one for him. The women doll up Kang Ho to look more like an adult than a kid, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still acts like a kid. All the girls reject him when they find out about his mental condition. Kang Ho doesn’t like that so many people call him an idiot, but he bears it for his mother.

Kang Ho has been dressing up every day to meet matches, and one day when he is close to Mi Joo’s nail shop, he mentions to Young Soon that he wants to show off his handsome look to Mi Joo. Young Soon lets him go while she is busy with other tasks. Kang Ho goes to Mi Joo’s shop only to see her fighting with a man. The man tried to harass her and is now threatening to destroy her shop because she stood up for herself. Kang Ho meddles to stop the man from hitting Mi Joo, and Mi Joo gets behind Kang Ho’s back, calling him a prosecutor. The man gets scared and leaves Mi Joo alone. At that moment, Kang Ho experiences a similar moment from his past. Mi Joo almost gets hit by a motorcycle, the same as when they were in high school. It brings back Kang Ho’s memories of that time, and he repeats the exact same words and kisses her. Mi Joo kisses him back but later regrets it. Young Soon happens to see them but doesn’t know how to react, so she just ignores them. Since then, Kang Ho has become more determined to become a prosecutor again. He gets angry at Young Soon and asks her why she wants to control his life to this extent. He is stubborn, and so is Young Soon. She has managed to find a woman who is ready to marry Kang Ho.

Young Soon now only has to convince Kang Ho to get married and seek Mi Joo’s help. Kang Ho admires Mi Joo a lot, and Young Soon believes that only she can convince him to get married. However, Mi Joo isn’t excited by the news. She herself is unmarried and is raising Kang Ho’s kids alone. She reveals the truth to her mother and says that she regrets not telling Kang Ho sooner. The Good Bad Mother Episode 10 ends as Mi Joo makes a bold decision to reveal the truth to Kang Ho. Mi Joo’s mother called Mi Joo and her children pitiful because of how their lives are, and it offends Mi Joo. If their father is still alive and so close to them, they don’t need to live miserably like this. Mi Joo has made her decision, and she is going to crash the first meeting between Kang Ho and his match with a surprise.

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