‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending: What Does Young Soon Get Diagnosed With?

Young Soon brought Kang Ho back to the village after he barely survived the deadly accident planned by his fiancé and father-in-law. The Good Bad Mother centers around Kang Ho, who has woken up with the mental capabilities and memories of his seven-year-old self. With Young Soon’s efforts, Kang Ho became able to use his hands, but his legs are still paralyzed. Meanwhile, Mi Joo lost everything she had in Seoul after her business partner ran away with her money. She returned to her village and encountered Kang Ho as soon as she arrived. Both of them share a bitter past, and she didn’t expect to see her ex-boyfriend, prosecutor Kang Ho, back in the village.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Kang Ho Remember Mi Joo?

Kang Ho doesn’t recognize Mi Joo, but he feels as if he knows her and feels sad after seeing her. Mi Joo is too shocked and leaves without talking to him. She learns from her mother that Kang Ho is not the same anymore and also finds out about his fiancee and accident. Mi Joo doesn’t know how to feel because the day of their breakup still haunts her. On the day Kang Ho got his appointment letter, he broke up with Mi Joo, saying that they could not walk on the same path anymore. Mi Joo tells her kids to just not play with Kang Ho anymore. Kang Ho, on the other hand, is smitten by Mi Joo and goes back to his friends’ house, not to see them but to see her. However, he sees them all together playing with a dog, and that’s when Kang Ho learns that the woman he is smitten with is named Mi Joo. The only thing on his mind now is getting a pet dog so that Mi Joo will also play with it, but his mother won’t allow it because he definitely wouldn’t be able to take care of it. Young Soon already has a lot on her mind as she has been feeling sick and the newly moved-in neighbor is giving her a hard time over the pigsty’s smell. He even complains about her to the civil officer.


Tae Soo is busy preparing for the elections, but his daughter, Ha Young, is not in her right mind. She has been getting drunk and making scenes, and the only way to stop her from ruining her father’s reputation is to get rid of the problem—Kang Ho. If Kang Ho regains his memories, it would be a huge problem for Tae Soo and Ha Young. Kang Ho is living a happy life without his past memories and has gotten himself a piglet as a pet since he can’t get a puppy. He wants to show it to Mi Joo, but before he can, the piglet escapes from Ye Jin’s little hands. While chasing it, Seo Jin, Ye Jin, and Kang Ho almost get hit by a car. However, Kang Ho gets to show his piglet to Mi Joo in the end. They don’t get to talk to each other as Young Soon shouts at Kang Ho angrily, and he disappears in fear. Young Soon’s health has been declining, and while she is out to get medicines, a masked person enters their house and tries to stab Kang Ho with a knife.

Who Saves Kang Ho From The Hitman?

Chairman Song’s men had been hiding in Kang Ho’s closet, and they saved him from the attacker. They follow him, but he manages to escape. Chairman Song needs to retrieve a confidential document from Kang Ho to keep himself safe from Tae Soo, so he has ordered his men to find it as soon as possible. Kang Ho is scared, but his mother won’t believe that three men would randomly appear in her house and try to hurt Kang Ho. She thinks that Kang Ho is making up an excuse to cover up the mess he has created. It doesn’t matter to Kang Ho whether his mother believes him or not; he’s just glad that she’s not mad at him. He goes to play with his troublemakers, Ye Jin and Seo Jin, but sees Mi Joo instead. She is in a hurry, and she drops her wallet while climbing the bus. Kang Ho knows how to take a taxi and follows Mi Joo to the market even when Young Soon strictly tells him not to go in crowds. While searching for Mi Joo, the wallet gets stolen from Kang Ho, and he also gets accused of stealing a bag while he chases the thief. Thankfully, both his mother and Mi Joo found him at the right time and got him home safely. Young Soon feels both apologetic and thankful to Mi Joo because even though she didn’t treat her right in the past, she is still kind to her and Kang Ho. Little does Young Soon know what has happened between Mi Joo and Kang Ho.


While Young Soon is busy with Kang Ho and her farm, the newly moved-in neighbor, Hoon Ah, has turned the villagers against Young Soon. Hoon Ah lived in the village in his early childhood, and he’s convinced his childhood friends that he would build a concert hall in the place of the pig farm. He took advantage of his friends’ emotions, and they agreed to hold a protest. Young Soon hears their conversation, but she knows talking to them won’t be of any help, and moreover, she has to tend to a pig giving birth. Kang Ho is home alone, and despite Young Soon’s warning, he goes out at night to fish because he remembers randomly that Mi Joo likes to eat fish. At the riverside, Sam Sik, who has returned to the village for good after losing his job, curses Kang Ho for not helping him when he was in desperate need. Sam Sik has no idea about Kang Ho’s condition and doesn’t understand why he’s mad at him but won’t curse him back. Kang Ho innocently goes to Ye Jin’s house to ask her father to scold Sam Sik because he is a terrifying person. He ends up having dinner with them, which makes Mi Joo feel awkward. Kang Ho doesn’t remember how he is related to Mi Joo, but judging by her behavior, he understands that he must have wronged her in some way, so he apologizes to her.

Hoon Ah is ready with his banners for the protest against Young Soon’s farm, but none of his friends show up. They agreed with him initially, but later realized that Young Soon is already going through a tough time because of Kang Ho, and they cannot betray her after years of living together in the same neighborhood. Young Soon has been working all night at the farm but doesn’t return home the next day. When Kang Ho calls her in the morning, he starts knocking on the village head’s door worriedly. He has gotten the news that his mother has been hospitalized. The Good Bad Mother Episode 6 ends with Young Soon’s world turning upside down as she gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Kang Ho is sick and dependent on her, and she cannot leave him alone. She is barely able to accept her condition, but she needs to be strong for Kang Ho. She might become a strict mother again if she wants to make Kang Ho return to normalcy before she passes away from her illness.


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