‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Kang Ho Get His Revenge?

Young Soon had a happy married life and was pregnant with Kang Ho when a series of tragedies struck her family. Young Soon and her husband worked diligently on their farm and pigsty. However, their farm was burned down, and later, her husband was murdered. The Good Bad Mother shows the story of Choi Kang Ho, who never saw his father, but he wanted to get revenge after discovering the truth behind his death. Young Soon raised him in a strict environment, but it only caused Kang Ho to turn his back on her in the future. He was so driven to get revenge that he gave up on his lover, Mi Joo, and also on his mother, to protect them from his enemies. However, it was revealed to be a facade later on. He became a corrupt prosecutor and was planning to get adopted by a corrupt businessman, as part of his facade, in order to get his revenge. Kang Ho knew what he was getting himself into, and as he expected, Tae Soo, his archenemy, tried to kill him. Kang Ho barely survived but lost his memories. Young Soon had to raise Kang Ho again like a child, and this time, she made sure that Kang Ho wouldn’t go back to being a prosecutor again. However, Kang Ho regained his memories, and he had to stop Tae Soo and Chairman Song before they could hurt his family again.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Kang Ho Manage To Arrest Chairman Song?

After keeping Ha Young in a safe place, Kang Ho goes to meet Tae Soo during his campaign. Tae Soo obviously thinks that Kang Ho wants to expose him and ruin his campaign, but Kang Ho makes it clear that his main target is Chairman Song, who killed his father. He threatens Tae Soo with testifying against Song in court if he doesn’t want to lose his presidential candidacy after Kang Ho exposes him alongside Song. Tae Soo has no choice because he cannot afford to lose his chance to become president, for anything. He agrees to do it but warns Kang Ho that it won’t be easy to get a warrant against Song as he has connections everywhere. Kang Ho is well aware, and that’s why he already has a plan. Chairman Song is going on a business trip abroad, and only a few hours before his flight, his secretary, So Ji Seok, goes to him. Song had sent men to kill Ji Seok, but he survived. Ji Seok starts crying in front of Song and asks him why he tried to kill him when he had been loyal to him all this time. Song says that he should have fled the country if he managed to survive, which indicates that his life will still be in danger as long as he is in Korea. As Song prepares to leave, Ji Seok shows him that he has been recording their conversation and will send it to his partner. Song loses his mind at that moment and starts hitting Ji Seok while trying to get rid of his phone. That’s when Kang Ho shows up and catches Song red-handed.


Kang Ho arrests Chairman Song for trying to murder Ji Seok, and that’s only the beginning. Kang Ho only needed to arrest Song and bring him to court. He is going to make sure that Song doesn’t get out of court without being charged with all his crimes. Back in the village, everyone is surprised to see Kang Ho on TV and are happy that he is back to normal. Young Soon proposes they all go to Seoul to attend the trial of Chairman Song, and they get ready right away. Chairman Song’s secretary, Ji Seok, claims in court that Song tried to kill him just like all of his previous secretaries. To support his statement, Kang Ho has records of all of Song’s previous secretaries who either died in accidents or committed suicide, and the most controversial of them all is Hwang Soo Hyun, who was found dead in the sea. Kang Ho brings up Soo Hyun’s case to both defend himself and drag Tae Soo into it. Kang Ho has more evidence against Song thanks to Ji Seok’s help, as he reveals that Song ordered him to kill people that came in his way, but he couldn’t kill them because they were imprisoned.

What Evidence Does Kang Ho Have Against Tae Soo?

Kang Ho brings Tae Soo as a witness and asks him about all the cases he handled involving Chairman Song when he was a prosecutor. Tae Soo says that nothing was wrong with Song’s cases back then, but a recent case bothers him. He says that Soo Hyun gave birth to Song’s child, and that’s why he could have killed her. He was an extremely selfish man who wanted to clear his name by blaming it all on Song, but fortunately, the truth comes to light as Song reveals to the world that Tae Soo is the real father of her child. While they are fighting, Kang Ho brings Ha Young as the next witness. Ha Young is there to speak against her father and tells the court that she was deceived by him, and that’s why she tried to kill Kang Ho. To this, Tae Soo replies that Ha Young is being threatened by Song, but Ha Young refutes his claims and reveals that it was he who ordered her to kill Kang Ho and that he is also the father of Soo Hyun’s child. Tae Soo knew Ha Young would do something like this, so he brought a medical certificate that said Ha Young was mentally unstable. The court is confused as everyone is blaming someone else, so Kang Ho requests a DNA test. Soo Hyun’s child is still alive thanks to her smart decision to hide him at the time, and it is the end for Tae Soo now.


Tae Soo refuses to testify anymore and stands up to leave the court. Kang Ho tries to stop him and arrests him on charges of abetting the murder of Hwang Soo Hyun. Young Soon had been keeping herself together while this was going on, and as she sees Tae Soo in handcuffs, she cheers in joy. This is the moment she never thought she would see. Her son arrested the men who killed her husband, and she can now leave this world in peace. Tae Soo’s career is already over as he is making headlines in the news, and it is the best gift Young Soon can get on her birthday. All the villagers return with Kang Ho to celebrate Young Soon’s birthday. Young Soon is happy and content, and she thanks everyone for being by her side all this time. She asks Mi Joo to take care of Kang Ho when she is gone. On that night, Young Soon asks Kang Ho to sing her a lullaby, and she goes into a deep sleep to never wake up again. Kang Ho knew this was coming, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. Mi Joo and Kang Ho start living together and build the pigsty again. Kang Ho finally proposes to Mi Joo, and all that Young Soon wished for Kang Ho came true—a happy life with a family that she could never have.

What Can We Expect From ‘The Good Bad Mother’ Season 2?

The Good Bad Mother Episode 14 came to an end with Kang Ho bringing justice to his parents and Young Soon leaving this world peacefully. She had nothing to worry about anymore, as Kang Ho was back to normal and also had Mi Joo and their kids by his side. With such a happy ending to season 1, the sequel need not bring more enemies into Kang Ho’s life. A new season looks unlikely as the real protagonist of the show was Young Soon, the good bad mother, and since she is gone after repairing her relationship with her son, there’s nothing more that the story can offer.


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