‘The Golden Spoon’ Season 1: Ending, Explained: Is Seung Cheon Alive?

Seung Cheon‘s real father and swapped father, both of whom found out that Seung Cheon had swapped identities, both knew about “The Golden Spoon.” However, Seung Cheon’s real father didn’t accept it well and humiliated Seung Cheon. He realized his mistake later and apologized to him. Seo Jun Tae ran away from the hospital because he wanted to get rid of Seung Cheon. While trying to save Seung Cheon, his real father got stabbed by Jun Tae.


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How Does Seung Cheon Find Hyeon Do’s Real Identity?

Seung Cheon’s father fought for his life but couldn’t survive the innumerable stab wounds in his body. His family couldn’t even talk to him for the last time. They arrive just when Seung Cheon’s father stops breathing. Tae Yong asks Seung Cheon who was responsible for the murder, and Seung Cheon runs out after yelling Jun Tae’s name. Hwang Hyeon Do gets the report and asks his secretary about his wife’s status.


Hyeon Do’s wife, Yong Shin, has been hosting a house concert and has a lot of guests. She is aware of what Jun Tae has done and has been hiding him in her room. If she had canceled the concert, Hyeon Do would have gotten the hint. Yong Shin has told Jun Tae to only trust her and no one else. Jun Tae is already enraged, and Yong Shin’s support only gives him more courage. He barges into Hyeon Do’s room only to find Seung Cheon. They get into a physical fight, and Jun Tae would have killed Seung Cheon if Hyeon Do hadn’t intervened by pointing a gun at Jun Tae.

Hyeon Do promises Jun Tae that he will not be caught again, but Jun Tae still tries to kill Hyeon Do. Left with no other choice, Hyeon Do tells a huge secret to Jun Tae. He tells him that Yong Shin is not his sister but his mother and that she is the one who has ruined his life. Jun Tae asks Yong Shin if she is his mother, but Yong Shin doesn’t answer. Jun Tae was so deeply hurt that he shot himself in the head.


Sunga is Seung Cheon’s real sister, and she lashes out at him at their father’s funeral, but her mother lets him pay his respects. Seung Cheon starts crying so loudly that everyone goes silent. Yeo Jin arrives and feels guilty that she gave the golden spoon to Seung Cheon’s real father. If he didn’t know who his real son was, he wouldn’t have died for him. Later, Seung Cheon’s real mother meets Hyeon-Do and insults him because he insulted her husband in the last few days of his life.

Seung Cheon calls Tae Yong to meet him and returns him his golden spoon. He tells Tae Yong that his father knew he was the real Seung Cheon because of the golden spoon. Tae Yong returns Seung Cheon his golden spoon as well. While leaving, Tae Yong informs Seung Cheon that his real father was Gwon Yo Han, but he had taken his own life after his business went bankrupt.


Yeo Jin has finally accepted that Seung Cheon will never love her, and she tells him that she will announce their breakup to the media. Her decision is more driven by the guilt she feels at Seung Cheon’s father’s death than by Seung Cheon’s feelings towards her. Yeo Jin meets Ju Hee and informs her about the breakup as well. However, she also makes it clear that Ju Hee can never marry Seung Cheon because his father will never approve of them. Ju Hee finds out from Yeo Jin that Jun Tae killed himself, and Hyeon Do cover it up.

Seung Cheon saves his company from the problem of short-selling with the help of Alex Boo- his father’s business partner, and he also reports the Amikus group to the prosecution for trade manipulation. Seung Cheon invites his father to lunch at a convenience store because he wants him to understand how poor people live. However, it is not easy to change his father’s opinion. Instead, he asks Seung Cheon to get over his pitiful mindset.


Munki discovers that Gwon Yo Han is Hyeon Do’s close friend and reports it to Seung Cheon. Seung Cheon needs to tell this to Tae Yong because Hyeon Do could have had something to do with Gwon’s death. On their way to Tae Yong’s home, Munki and Seung Cheon see some men beating Tae Yong up. They save Tae Yong from them, but the thugs don’t look like just any street thugs but rather people hired by an organization. Suddenly, Hyeon Do’s words and actions start making sense to Seung Cheon, and he guesses that Hyeon Do is the real Gwon Yo Han.

It has been ten years since Seung Cheon became Tae Yong, and it is Seung Cheon’s last chance if he wants to go back to his real self. Before making this decision, Seung Cheon has something important to do. He meets Hyeon Do in the building where he killed Yo Han. Seung Cheon calls Hyeon Do by his real name, Gwon Yo Han, and asks him why he swapped identities if he was already rich. Hyeon Do has a simple answer: power. Hyeon Do was much more powerful than him. 


However, things have changed now, and Seung Cheon wants both him and Hyeon Do to pay the price for ruining other people’s lives. Seung Cheon has reported all of Dosin Group’s illegal activities to the prosecution, and the prosecutors have arrived to arrest him and Hyeon Do. Seung Cheon was too naive to do to successfully execute this plan because Hyeon Do was more powerful than he assumed. The prosecutors only arrested Seung Cheon, not only for illegal activities but also for Ju Hee’s father’s murder.

Where Does Seung Cheon Find Hyeon Do’s Spoon?

Seung Cheon runs away from the prosecutors, and Munki helps him escape. The police start tracking them, and Seung Cheon wants Munki to leave him because he doesn’t want to cause trouble for any more people. Munki refuses to do so because he has grown up with Seung Cheon and sees him as a younger brother. Elsewhere, the old woman has been waiting for Seung Cheon because she needs to tell him the last rule of the spoon, but Tae Yong shows up instead. Hilariously, he demands a refund for his golden spoon and gets it.


The old woman tells Tae Yong that Seung Cheon won’t know the final rule of the spoon if he doesn’t meet her. That’s when Tae Yong realizes that Hyeon Do wouldn’t know the final rule of the spoon either because he never went back to the old woman. He calls Seung Cheon right away and informs him of the same. Munki and Seung Cheon sneak into Hyeon Do’s office, and Seung Cheon discovers where the golden spoon is hidden. Alex Boo had told Seung Cheon that his father had kept many artifacts in his gallery, and that’s where Seung Cheon found his golden spoon.

Seung Cheon’s real mother lets him hide in her house and also feeds him. Seung Cheon eats the meal with Hyeon Do’s spoon and sees his memories. He sees everything, from the time Gwon Yo Han met Hwang Hyeon Do for the first time to the time he killed Hyeon Do after switching identities with him. He even sees that Ju Hee’s father had a cassette with a recording of Yo Han killing Hyeon Do. Seung Cheon informs Ju Hee, and she starts looking through her father’s cassettes with Tae Yong.


Seung Cheon goes back to his home and asks Yong Shin to help him. Yong Shin doesn’t like Seung Cheon, but she hates Hwang Do even more, so she agrees to help him. Hyeon Do comes home to find Seung Cheon sipping coffee calmly. He asks him if he is ready to surrender, but Seung Cheon has a surprise for him. Seung Cheon has donated all of Hyeon Do’s funds from his Swiss bank account with help from Yong Shin. That’s when Seung Cheon tells Hyeon to Make the golden spoon’s last rule.

Ju Hee finds the footage of Hyeon Do murdering Gwon Yo Han, but she doesn’t know how to show it to the world. Yeo Jin would do anything for Seung Cheon, so she broadcasts Hyeon Do’s video on her personal channel. Back at their house, Hyeon Do tries to kill Seung Cheon, but Tae Yong saves him. The police arrive at Hyeon Do’s place, and while Hyeon Do tries to escape, Yong Shin snitches on him and gets Hyeon Do arrested.


Seung Cheon also surrenders himself, but he gets out after proving that he didn’t kill Ju Hee’s father. It was all thanks to Munki, who searched relentlessly for the murder weapon. Seung Cheon doesn’t want to stay in Hyeon Do’s home anymore and goes back to pack his things. The housemaid brings him a glass of poisoned juice, and later, Yong Shin finds Seung Cheon dead in his room. Hyeon Do finally succeeds in killing Seung Cheon.

Three years have passed since then, and Tae Yong has become the author of the bestselling book, “The Golden Spoon.” Tae Yong’s family is well off now, and they live in an apartment, just as Seung Cheon always dreamed. Ju Hee and Tae Yong are still friends, but Tae Yong thinks that the world is unfair. Hyeon Do and Yeo Jin also stole someone else’s identity but didn’t face the same unfortunate fate as Seung Cheon. Ju Hee believes that they should also be suffering every day because of their sins.


Hyeon Do’s sentence has been canceled, but he has been paralyzed. He is alive, but he cannot speak or walk. Turns out, Yong Shin has been slow-poisoning him and only plans to keep him alive until she becomes the owner of the Dosin group. She is taking revenge on him for killing her son, Jun Tae, and his father, Gwon Yo Han. Hyeon Do made his son kill himself, which was more suffering for him than anything else. Yeo Jin gets married to Jang Gun and has a daughter. However, Yeo Jin’s real father, who works at their house, kidnaps her daughter for money. The golden spoon gave them money, but it came with endless suffering, as no one with the spoon was ever happy. 

‘The Golden Spoon’ Season 1: Ending Explained

Ju Hee has to interview a gardener named Han Seong Hun, who has made a huge fortune by trading stocks and who also teaches young people about stock trading for free. The man turns out to be Seung Cheon. On the day Seung Cheon was packing his things to leave home, their gardener Han Seong Hun swapped identities with Seung Cheon by eating with the golden spoon. The one who died that day was not Seung Cheon but Seong Hun. Seung Cheon doesn’t remember Ju Hee, but Ju Hee is happy to see that Seung Cheon is still alive.


“The Golden Spoon” had a rather unusual ending; it was neither happy nor sad. It was disappointing to see Seung Cheon die, but his being alive doesn’t bring much joy either. He only wanted to see his real family live happily, and now that they are, he doesn’t even know that they are his family. Seung Cheon was miserable without money, but even after he gained money, he lived miserably.

The series was interesting only as long as the golden spoon and the swapped identities were a secret. Suddenly, everyone started discovering the secret of the golden spoon, but no one was surprised or in disbelief. It was as if they lived in a wonderland where such uncanny miracles happened every day. The story was rushed after that and stopped making sense for the most part. 


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