‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap And Ending – Who Stabs Seung Cheon’s Father?

Tae Yong has discovered the truth of “The Golden Spoon” and the fact that Seung Cheon has swapped identities with him. He tried to get back to his real self but couldn’t leave behind his parents. However, Seung Cheon and Tae Yong share the same birthday, and if they see their real parents on their birthday, their identities will be swapped again. To make it difficult, Tae Yong and his parents arrive at Seung Cheon’s home on their birthday.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is Hwang Hyeon Do’s Secret?

Seung Cheon’s father hands a bag to him, and that’s when Seung Cheon understands that he has returned to his real identity. Before going back with his father, he exchanges mobile phones with Tae Yong and whispers into his ear not to oppose his father when he puts forth the physical division of his company. Despite Seung Cheon’s suggestion, Tae Yong tells his father that he will take decisions regarding his company. 


Ju Hee laughs at herself for thinking that Seung Cheon and Tae Yong have swapped identities, but when she sees Seung Cheon’s father entering the  Pincode for their house, she gets surprised. It is the same Pincode as Tae Yong’s locker. She realizes that her doubt is indeed true, and she goes to find the old woman but doesn’t see her anywhere near her usual spot.

Yeo Jin meets Tae Yong and slaps him for leaving her alone in the hotel room the other night. Tae Yong doesn’t remember it clearly, and Yeo Jin doubts that Seung Cheon has swapped identities again. She calls Seung Cheon and confirms her doubt. She asks him if he wants to live as Seung Cheon or become Tae Yong again, and Ju Hee hears her. However, Ju Hee pretends as if she didn’t hear anything and goes to wish Tae Yong. 


Ju Hee immediately understands that he is the old Tae Yong. She wishes him and meets Seung Cheon afterwards. She tells him that they had planned to go to a beach, and Seung Cheon pretends to remember it. She takes him to the beach, and they also talk about their date in Sokcho. While Seung Cheon gets jealous, Ju Hee confirms that he is the real Seung Cheon because they never made a plan or went on a date in Sokcho. Ju Hee tells this to Seung Cheon, and he gets scared at first, but Ju Hee is just happy that she got the real Seung Cheon back.

Tae Yong gets jealous when he hears that Ju Hee is on a date with Seung Cheon and calls Yeo Jin to tell her that they cannot get married. Yeo Jin could control Seung Cheon because she had a weapon against him, but there was no way for her to control Tae Yong. She goes to Seung Cheon’s home, only to see Ju Hee and Seung Cheon kissing.


While Seung Cheon’s father delivers food to Tae Yong’s home, Tae Yong’s father gives him the expensive art box. Seung Cheon’s father refuses to accept it initially but ends up taking it, however. Tae Yong’s father had been waiting for this moment, and he insults Seung Cheon’s father on how he gave in to money, leaving his pride aside. Seung Cheon’s father leaves Tae Yong’s home without taking the art box with him. His wife gives him money to enjoy himself and forget what happened, and he runs into Yeo Jin, who urges him to let her buy a meal for him.

Seung Cheon and Ju Hee meet at the old woman’s spot, and Ju Hee asks him about the ten-year rule of the spoon. Seung Cheon hadn’t completed ten years as Tae Yong yet when he became Seung Cheon again on his birthday. Ju Hee was curious about it, and she got her answer soon. As soon as the clock hit twelve midnight, Seung Cheon became Tae Yong again. Ju Hee wonders how did she end up with Tae Yong when she was actually with Seung Cheon all the time.


Elsewhere, Tae Yong’s father, Hwang Hyeon Do, has a big secret. He is not Tae Yong’s real father. He has also used the golden spoon in the past to become rich. This explains why Tae Yong and Seung Cheon didn’t swap identities when Tae Yong saw his father first on his birthday.

Who Tells Seung Cheon’s Father About ‘The Golden Spoon’?

Back in 1982, Kwon Yo Han and Hwang Hyeon Do met for the first time. Hyeon Do was the heir of the Dosin group, and Yo Han was the heir to one of Dosin’s affiliates, the Sungan group. Hyeon Do was engaged to Mi Yeon, whom Yo Han liked as well. 


All of them grew up together, and Hyeon Do and Mi Yeon got married and had Tae Yong. Yo Han worked together for a long time, but a conflict led to Hyeon Do firing Yo Han from his job. That’s when Yo Han swapped identities with Hyeon Do because of the grudge.

Ju Hee was confused when Seung Cheon again swapped his identity suddenly, but Seung Cheon reminded her of the golden spoon and his swapped identity. Seung Cheon rushes to his home and meets Tae Yong, who is confused as to why he is there.


 Seung Cheon reminds him of their swapped identities as well and sends him home. Hwang Hyeon Do sees them together and says to himself that his guess is right. He seems to have found out that Seung Cheon has swapped identities.

Yeo Jin was angry at Seung Cheon and hence, told his real father about the golden spoon and how Seung Cheon had used it. He doesn’t believe her but takes the spoon with him. He eats rice with the golden spoon and sees the vision of how and why Seung Cheon changed his parents. He feels upset and starts crying. 


He visits Seung Cheon in the office the next day but cannot talk to him since Hyeon Do has taken him away. Hyeon Do takes Seung Cheon to the blue house and gives him a surprise. He announces Seung Cheon as the heir of the Dosin group.

Tae Yong’s family spend a day out together, and his father accepts that Tae Yong is his only son now. When they return home, they find Seung Cheon waiting for his real father at the door. However, his real father insults him and tells him never to come back to see him. 


Yeo Jin had asked Ju Hee to meet her because she wanted to tell her to stay away from Seung Cheon. Ju Hee reveals to Yeo Jin that she knows about both her and Seung Cheon’s swapped identities. Ju Hee believes that Seung Cheon will go back to his real self, and that’s why there is no reason for her to stay away from him.

‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 14: Ending Explained – Who Stabs Seung Cheon’s Father?

Hyeon Do’s lawyer informs Jun Tae that Hyeon Do cannot help him get out of prison, and Jun Tae gets violent. He announces that he will get out in any way possible. Seung Cheon tells Tae Yong that Hyeon Do is not his real father, and Tae Yong gets curious. When he finds out that Hyeon Do has a close friend called Kwon Yo Han, he reaches out to his company to meet him. Jun Tae gets into a fight in prison and gets himself severely injured, so he gets hospitalized outside prison.


Jun Tae, however, runs away from the hospital and calls Hyeon Do. He asks Hyeon Do why he cannot be the successor of the Dosin group, and Hyeon Do tells him that his erratic and impatient behaviour is the reason. Seung Cheon’s father had called Seung Cheon to meet him because he wanted to apologize to him for insulting him before. They have a meal together, and as Seung Cheon is about to leave, Jun Tae attacks him.

Jun Tae tries to stab Seung Cheon, but his real father interferes and gets the knife on himself. Before losing consciousness, he calls his real son, Seung Cheon, by his real name and not Tae Yong. A lot of people have discovered the truth of “The Golden Spoon”, and as the old woman had told Seung Cheon, it is bound to hurt many people. Like his father, who has gotten hurt for the second time since Seung Cheon swapped identities. 


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