‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 11 & 12: Recap And Ending – Does Tae Yong Find Out His Real Identity?

Seung Cheon has been acting against Yeo Jin’s wishes, but Yeo Jin holds a weapon she can use against him. Yeo Jin had warned Seung Cheon not to meet Ju Hee, but he kept on ignoring her advice. Yeo Jin had the golden spoon that belonged to Seung Cheon, and she gave it to Tae Yong to eat a meal with. Seung Cheon was not aware of the spoon’s last rule that Yeo Jin knew.


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Why Did Jun Tae Surrender To The Police?

Yeo Jin gives the spoon to Tae Yong and clicks some selfies with him. However, before he can eat, she provokes him, saying he should keep a check on Ju Hee because Seung Cheon is a charming man, and Ju Hee could easily fall for him. It upsets Tae Yong, and he leaves without eating. On the other hand, Seung Cheon finds Ju Hee sneaking inside his locker, which has case files on Ju Hee’s father’s death.


Seung Cheon claims that he is also looking for the culprit behind Ju Hee’s father’s murder, which confuses Ju Hee. She asks him for an explanation, but Seung Cheon receives a message from Yeo Jin, and he rushes to see her. Yeo Jin finally tells Seung Cheon the last rule of the golden spoon and tells him not to meet Ju Hee ever again, or his entire life will be ruined if Tae Yong eats with his spoon.

Seung Cheon has become a CEO, but his father still has the final say, and Seung Cheon has to win his favour. He apologizes to his father for talking rudely with him while having dinner with Tae Yong’s family. His father says to him that he will respect his feelings, but Seung Cheon doesn’t understand what he means by it. His father didn’t like that Tae Yong’s father lectured him and wanted to teach him a lesson.


Seung Cheon’s father gives Tae Yong’s mother a contract to provide Banchan with their kitchen. He also sends them many expensive gifts to apologize for their previous encounter. He even offers Tae Yong a job to work with Seung Cheon, but Tae Yong is not yet sure of Seung Cheon’s father’s intention. Tae Yong visits Ju Hee at her home and finds out that she has been looking for her father’s murderer and that Seung Cheon is her prime suspect.

Tae Yong calls on Seung Cheon to meet him and tells him that he will help him if he is really not the murderer. Seung Cheon tells him to just stay away from him if he wants to help him. Now that Seung Cheon is out of suspicion, Ju Hee suspects Seo Jun Tae and meets him. When she tries to dig up his past, he gets violent, but Seung Cheon rescues her. Seung Cheon’s father finds out that Ju Hee has been planning to do something big about her father’s death and tells his lawyer to stop it.


Ever since Tae Yong read about the golden spoon in the journal, he has been wondering if he has really swapped parents with Seung Cheon. He confronts Seung Cheon about it, but Yeo Jin arrives on time and calls out Tae Yong for having such an absurd imagination. Seung Cheon and Yeo Jin’s relationship is such that neither of them fails to turn up in hours of need.

Seung Cheon’s father meets Jun Tae, and soon after, Jun Tae surrenders to the police for murdering Ju Hee’s father. Ju Hee was all prepared to expose the Dosin group, but Seung Cheon’s father did damage control by sacrificing Jun Tae. Tae Yong had forgotten about the golden spoon, but he encounters the old woman whom he had read about, and the woman offers him the golden spoon.


Why Does Seung Cheon Invite Tae Yong For A Meal?

Ju Hee’s father’s murderer has finally been caught, and Ju Hee is relieved. She visits a church and prays for her father to rest in peace. Seung Cheon meets her, and Ju Hee lets go of all the misunderstandings she had about him. Tae Yong, on the other side, encounters the old woman and buys the golden spoon from her. He goes to Seung Cheon’s house to deliver the side dishes and comes back after eating a meal with the golden spoon.

Seung Cheon has been busy with his business as well and has to work hard to win his father’s favour. While he is busy building his own empire, Tae Yong is determined to go back to his old self. He believes that he is the real Hwang Tae Yong. He tells Ju Hee to forget his confession and promises her that they will stay just friends. However, he still wants to be her lover after going back to his real identity.


Yeo Jin’s father visits a shaman to select a date for Yeo Jin’s wedding, but the shaman tells him that his daughter is already dead. Worried about his daughter, he buys an expensive talisman and keeps it in Yeo Jin’s room. That’s when he finds photographs of Jung Nara and her father under Yeo Jin’s mattress. Tae Yong meets Seung Cheon again to talk about the golden spoon, but Seung Cheon calls it a fictional story. Tae Yong promises him that he will come back after drawing a webtoon for this fictional story.

Seung Cheon gets stressed and goes to church but finds Ju Hee there, who is completely drunk. He drops her at her home and sees the plushie that he had bought for her in high school, but Ju Hee tells him that Tae Yong had bought it for her. Tae Yong, on the other hand, starts acting rudely with his parents all of a sudden, and Seung Cheon tells his housemaids not to let any of his friends eat at their home, especially Tae Yong. Yet his stepmother invites Tae Yong purposely because she is upset about Jun Tae going to jail.


Seung Cheon’s father sees Tae Yong having a meal at their house and calls Seung Cheon to ask him why his friend has eaten two meals at their house, which Seung Cheon has no idea about. Seung Cheon goes home, but Tae Yong has already left. He calls Tae Yong, but Tae Yong keeps on ignoring his calls. Seung Cheon shows up at Tae Yong’s home just at the right time when Tae Yong has gone out to drop off his friend.

Seung Cheon invites Tae Yong for a meal, and Tae Yong gladly accepts his invitation. However, Tae Yong doesn’t know that Seung Cheon has swapped his golden spoon for a fake one. Elsewhere, Ju Hee’s colleague catches the homeless woman who supposedly has Ju Hee’s lost luggage from ten years ago. Ju Hee asks the woman if she spent the 500 million, and the woman says yes. The woman claims that someone else has been living her life because of the golden spoon, and she needs the spoon to go back to her real life.


‘The Golden Spoon’ Episode 12: Ending Explained – Does Tae Yong Find Out His Real Identity?

Tae Yong arrives with the golden spoon to have dinner at Seung Cheon’s house, and Seung Cheon provokes him further because of his absurd story about the golden spoon. Tae Yong brings out the spoon but doesn’t eat with it. As he stands up to leave the house, Seung Cheon asks him why he wouldn’t eat. To which Tae Yong replies that he doesn’t want to change his parents for anything. 

Seung Cheon feels guilty because he changed his parents for money, but Tae Yong didn’t. He meets Yeo Jin because she is the only one who can understand him. She tries to comfort him by telling them that their poverty made them do it, but Seung Cheon is not convinced. He gets drunk and kisses her but soon realizes that what he is doing is not right. He meets Ju Hee and wants to talk to her, but she asks him if he is Seung Cheon, and his silence gives her the answer. 


Tae Yong pretends as if nothing happened and goes to Tae Yong’s house to deliver side dishes. It is both Tae Yong’s and Seung Cheon’s birthdays, and according to the golden spoon’s rule, Tae Yong shouldn’t see his real parents, or their identities will be swapped back. Seung Cheon tries to make Tae Yong leave hurriedly, but his father sees both of them.

However, they don’t swap identities, and Seung Cheon wonders if the old woman lied to him. Soon enough, Seung Cheon’s real parents also arrive with the side dishes. This puts Seung Cheon in a difficult spot as he tries to guess if they have swapped identities this time.


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