‘The Glory’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Killed Son Myeong-O? 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of Part 2 of “The Glory,” let’s rewind and see where we left off in Part 1. We know Myeong-O is dead, and of course, our guess is Yeon-Jin. Yeo-Jeong has agreed to join forces with Dong-Eun and help her get revenge. Yeon-Jin’s husband, Do-Yeong, has figured out some things with Dong-Eun’s coaxing. He is seeing his wife in a new, unimagined light. Hye-Jeong is now complicit with Dong-Eun because her mother-in-law is well acquainted with Dong-Eun. She will do anything to get married to the ‘rich man’ of her dreams. Jae-Jun is making his own plans for his daughter Ye-Sol, who doesn’t know he’s her father. Sa-Ra battles withdrawal symptoms very violently. So, what will happen to the five who ruined Dong-Eun’s life? Will she be able to get her revenge, or will she forgive and forget after coming this far because of the wonderful people who are now in her life?

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 9: Recap – Will You Turn Yourself In?

Although we left off Part 1 with the thought that Dong-Eun’s plans may have faltered, it looks like everything is coming together again. In Episode 9, we see Myeong-O’s arrival to hell. Everyone he called, what he did, and who he met. None of the ‘gang’ members wants to meet with Myeong-O because they don’t take anything he says about Seo-Hee seriously. Seo-Hee was the girl that the gang bullied before Dong-Eun, she died of ‘suicide’ but we all know by now that is not true.  The gang is definitely shocked by her mention, but they don’t think they have anything linked to her death, except for the woman herself, Yeon-Jin. Do-Yeong and Yeon-Jin face each other in Dong-Eun’s house, and Yeon-Jin shows no remorse for her actions back in the day or for breaking into her house now. We previously thought Yeon-Jin would burn everything down, but maybe because Do-Yeong showed up, she only took a picture and left. She expresses her disappointment in her husband for going to another woman’s house, and Dong-Eun happens to be the woman she seemingly just ‘dislikes.’ Do-Yeong, on the other hand, leaves with his suspicions regarding Ye-Sol’s paternal lineage confirmed by pictures on Dong-Eun’s wall. While the conversation between wife and husband transpires, Dong-Eun watches through a camera set up in her home. She notices that despite the situation, Do-Yeong left his shoes at the door, showing some respect. Investigators are looking into the Myeong-O case, which is now not a missing person’s case but a drug investigation. In the meantime, Dong-Eun and Yeo-Jeong are cuddling up together. Dong-Eun is allowing herself to lean on Yeo-Jeong, who is determined to help her in any way possible. So much so that he even tells his mother about it.

The gang meets up, and Yeon-Jin realizes she’s actually on her own in the Seo-Hee case. Her ‘loyal’ pets are no longer loyal. Hyeon-Nam reaches home to find Seon-A being beaten up and waiting for her outside the house. Hyeon-Nam is keen on sending her away as far as she possibly can. Yeon-Jin is about to find out that the name tag that re-started the conversation about Seo-Hee is not real after all. Dong-Eun tells the investigators everything she knows about the case, including the fact that she lured Myeong-O in with a fake name tag. Finally, it turned out that Seo-Hee was eight weeks pregnant when she died. Yeo-Jeong finds out that it was his late father who had ordered for Seo-Hee’s body to be placed in the freezer rather than the morgue. Dong-Eun realizes that Hyeon-Nam’s husband’s photo is missing from the pile that she has now cleared off the walls of her house. Before Dong-Eun goes further into her revenge, inching closer to the final steps, she gives Yeon-Jin a final chance to redeem herself by turning herself in; this is only because of the ‘kindness’ shown by Do-Yeong at Dong-Eun’s house (which is why leaving your shoes out is so important). The episode ends with Yeon-Jin meeting up with Hyeon-Nam at her and Dong-Eun’s usual meeting spot.

Episode 10: Recap – Sometimes Evil Remains Evil

There may be no other character in Dramaworld who is as vile and vicious as Yeon-Jin. After declining Dong-Eun’s offer to turn herself in, she continues to devise more plans on how to eradicate her. Yeon-Jun chooses to rub salt in an old wound by offering Dong-Eun’s mother money to make Dong-Eun resign as a teacher. Her mother agrees, just like those 18 years ago, when she accepted money to withdraw Dong-Eun from school, and created a ruckus at Dong-Eun’s workplace. Now Yeon-Jin has two new ‘curling irons’ to burn Dong-Eun with. Hyeon-Nam, and Dong-Eun’s mother. Elsewhere, Yeon-Jin offers Hyeon-Nam money to stab Dong-Eun in the back. Even worse, she tells her she can take care of killing her husband, so there’s nothing she needs to worry about. Yeon-Jin knows everything about Hyeon-Nam’s daughter, and although she was warned by Dong-Eun that Yeon-Jin knows they work together, she is taken aback by the details. Teacher Chu remains the bully in school. Do-Yeong visits Jae-Jun’s store, where all of Yeon-Jin’s infidelity takes place. Gyeong-Ran, the store assistant who has also been abused by Yeon-Jin and who calls her by her first name, tells Jae-Jun about it. Jae-Jun wants to look through the CCTV footage of the day and asks some basic questions to Gyeong-Ran. It turns out that everything before October 19th was reformatted per the request of Yeon-Jin (hmm, what does this mean?).

Hye-Jeong is tasked with bringing Yeon-Jin to a specific place by Dong-Eun. It happens to be Yeo-Jeong’s place of work. Hye-Jeong invites her over when she’s getting her own procedure done and lets Yeon-Jin know that Do-Yeong has met her and even gifted her an expensive bag. Yeon-Jin is furious, of course, and Yeo-Jeong freely hears their conversation. The thugs who got money from Dong-Eun for bumping the car get caught up in a gambling raid, and Yeon-Jin’s cop friend is furious at them. In fear, Hyeon-Nam has been driving in circles with her daughter for two days until they know they’re safe. It is time for her to turn her phone back on and become “Yeon-Jin’s woman.” Dong-Eun and Hyeon-Nam laugh about the fact together, and Dong-Eun takes her daughter with her into the safe hands of the nurse who wanted to save Seo-Hee back in the day. Yeon-Jin’s marriage is falling apart as her mask slowly falls off in front of Do-Yeong. Yeon-Jin shows no remorse for anything she has ever done, not even for the sake of her daughter. The detective comes to see Yeo-Jeong, too, getting curious about his involvement with Myeong-O. Yeo-Jeong happens to be the last person who called Myeong-O before his disappearance. Yeon-Jin finally decides to succumb to Yeo-Jeong’s plastic surgeon charms and visit his clinic for some fillers.

‘The Glory’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – Let’s Find Out About Myeong-O’s Death

Do-Yeong decides to meet Dong-Eun publicly in Seoul, not the small town they’re in, to understand the details of Yeon-Jin’s actions. Dong-Eun wears a sleeveless dress and shows off all her arm and shoulder scars to Do-Yeong and everyone else who is in their vicinity. When Yeon-Jin is about to go under the knife, something changes. After receiving anesthesia, Yeon-Jin is asked to count down from 10 to 1. She begins, and just before 7, Yeo-Jeong asks her the important question: What did she do to So Myeong-O? We get the entire scene played out for us. Myeong-O met with Yeon-Jin in Jae-Jun’s shop (the same trial room where Jae-Jun and Yeon-Jin used to get it on). He was recording Yeon-Jin on his phone and brought up her cheating on Do-Yeong. Yeon-Jin immediately knew what was going on and poured alcohol on his phone.

Myeong-O then proceeded to ask her about Seo-Hee and told her the evidence of that night was in his pocket. She tried to get it out, but it was all a prank by Myeong-O. This, though, was proof enough that it was, in fact, Yeon-Jin who was there when Seo-Hee died. Obviously, all Myeong-O wanted was money. Yeon-Jin couldn’t tolerate his childish and dirty behavior anymore and struck him with the whiskey bottle on the head. When he tried to lunge at her, she did it again. That’s when Yeon-Jin hears Yeo-Jeong’s voice and begins screaming, “Who is it?” She wakes up in a hospital bed, realization hitting her sweat-soaked face as she turns to face Yeo-Jeong. The first two episodes take us right back to the lion’s den. Does Dong-Eun now have enough evidence that Yeon-Jin killed Myeong-O? Of course, whatever evidence is there, it has been obtained illegally, so how will she prove it to the detectives? Maybe Dong-Eun will blackmail Yeon-Jin by threatening to share this information with Do-Yeong. Let’s find out in “The Glory” Episode 11.

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