‘The Glory’ Episodes 15 And 16: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Dong-Eun Get Her Well-Deserved Revenge? 

It’s finally time to say bye-bye to toxicity and hello to fresh starts as “The Glory” comes to an end. Part 2 has been more graphic and more satisfactory for all of us Song Hye Kyo fans leading up to the final chapter of Dong-Eun’s revenge. How shattered will Dong-Eun leave the gang? Will she continue to be with Yeo-Jeong, or will her world end with her revenge? Let’s get right into it.


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 15: Recap – Your Actions Will Always Come Back To Bite You

As is the way of Hallyu, the last two episodes are packed with all the drama there can be. Hyeon-Nam is finally done with helping Dong-Eun with her dirty work. Dong-Eun asks her to finish up by giving her other friends (the school nurse and Seong-Hee) some material things in return for their help. Hyeon-Nam’s parting from Dong-Eun is very sad, and Dong-Eun hopes they never have to see each other again. Hyeon-Nam also manages to return Yeon-Jin’s slap in a gratifying scene. Yeon-Jin can’t go near her daughter anymore. The shaman receives God’s darkest curse after she talks as Seo-Hee to Yeon-Jin, implying that all of Yeon-Jin and her mother’s sins are going to be seen. Do-Yeong decides to get divorced (finally) and takes Ye-Sol away from the vicious hands of Yeon-Jin and Jae-Jun. Yeon-Jin’s mother is trying to pay Hyeon-Nam a settlement, so she gets off scot-free for killing her husband.


Hyeon-Nam refuses the settlement, and Yeon-Jin’s mother goes to prison for manslaughter. Dong-Eun doesn’t stop there, though. Yeon-Jin, who had used Dong-Eun’s mother to get back at her, will now get a taste of her own medicine as Dong-Eun gets her mother to give her Yeon-Jin’s old badge. Funny enough, she doesn’t actually need the badge at all because the detective already has all the evidence he needs; it was just for Yeon-Jin to see her mother’s ‘love’ for her. Sa-Ra uploads the video to YouTube, and everyone at work harasses Yeon-Jin. She finally quits her job. Yeon-Jin fakes being friends with Seo-Hee in front of the media and lies about her having committed suicide because she was pregnant. Unfortunately for her, Jae-Jun was the dad of the baby, and he is no longer on Yeon-Jin’s side.

At Myeong-O’s funeral, Sa-Ra’s video of her sexual favor to Myeong-O is posted by Hye-Jeong. Sa-Ra nuts out and stabs Hye-Jeong in the neck with the pencil in her hair. Hye-Jeong has most probably permanently lost her voice. Jae-Jun, of course, has no use for her, but he also wiped out the videos on Myeong-O’s iPad. That’s two down and two to go. Dong-Eun didn’t realize it was Jae-Jun who had impregnated Seo-Hee, and so the wrong person died for that crime. Gyeong-Ran was actually Dong-Eun’s friend before she got bullied. When Dong-Eun got burned by the gang, Gyeong-Ran didn’t side with her out of fear. It was actually she who ended up giving Myeong-O the final blow for assaulting her so many times.


Gyeong-Ran asked Dong-Eun to help her, and so the bottle went back to the crime scene as evidence as is. Dong-Eun remembered when she had an encounter with the landlady as a kid. The landlady was a poor woman who had lost her son recently and was washing clothes at the sauna where Dong-Eun was part-timing. The detectives find that the DNA from the material found under Myeong-O’s fingernails match the lighter from 18 years ago. In the middle of all of this, Yeo-Jeong is ready to fight his enemy, too—the guy who killed his father. Yeo-Jeong finally asks him why he did it, and the man says it was because, when he was dying, Yeo-Jeong’s father, the doctor, was worried about his son eating ramen for dinner. That irked him, and so he decided to kill him so he could see who this special son was. Finally, Seo-Hee’s mother collapses, and when Dong-Eun states that she is her guardian, she finds out that Ye-Jeong is named as her guardian in the hospital. What is it that Yeo-Jeong is hiding?

Episode 16: Recap – Good Will Always Triumph Over Evil. Even If It Takes 18 Years.

It turns out that Yeo-Jeong knew about Dong-Eun’s revenge long before she came to him. When she was in the hospital for the first time, he followed her to the morgue, where Seo-Hee’s body was. Yeo-Jeong had thought she was a friend of Seo-Hee’s. He knew she’d eventually come to ‘use him’ as the son of the Joo family that owns the hospital chain and he had wanted to help her since then. He wanted to know why she left him in between, though. Dong-Eun says she found out about Yeo-Jeong’s father through Seo-Hee’s mother, and that’s when she realized she was not the only victim and that this man, too, is a victim. Yeo-Jeong tells Dong-Eun he should ‘use her’ as much as she’d like, and this time if she leaves him, it will be for love and not revenge.


While Hye-Jeong is rotting in the hospital, voiceless, Jae-Jun is running around, leading a normal life. Dong-Eun tells Hye-Jeong she will help her get revenge on Jae-Jun for her. Jae-Jun suffers from glaucoma and requires drops every day. Dong-Eun provides Hye-Jeong with a liquid and an applicator to put in Jae-Jun’s eyedrops to permanently blind him. Do-Yeong had told Yeon-Jin’s thugs that they should get more money from the cop for their work. It is implied that they kill him for not obliging. The detective finds all the evidence he needs to get Yeon-Jin in Siesta (Jae-Jun’s store). The investigator sides with Dong-Eun and tells her that he will not be spending any more time investigating Myeong-O’s case. She is ‘set free’.

Dong-Eun spends time with Yeo-Jeong one last time and leaves him for good, appreciating the help. Dong-Eun and her landlady had both tried to commit suicide one winter day, but Dong-Eun had chosen to save the woman instead. The landlady had recognized her immediately after seeing her as an adult, but Dong-Eun had taken a long time. Jae-Jun used his eye drops and goes blind while driving after finding out that Ye-Sol had gone far, far away. It is unfortunate that hers is not the last face he’s able to see. His car gets hit by a truck, and then, when he’s flailing his hands trying to figure out where he is, somebody pushes him down from the top floor into cement. That someone is Do-Yeong (way to go, man!).


‘The Glory’ Episode 16: Ending Explained – Does Yeo-Jeong Get His Revenge Too? Did Dong-Eun Find Her Happiness?

Now that Dong-Eun has gotten her revenge, she has decided it’s time for her to end her own life, but she’s saved by Yeo-Jeong’s mother. Yeo-Jeong’s mother wants her to help her save her son. She thinks Dong-Eun is the only one who could bring Yeo-Jeong out of this ‘hell’ he’s been living in. Now it is time for Yeo-Jeong’s revenge, and for six months, Dong-Eun figures out a plan to avenge Yeo-Jeong. She finally returns to Yeo-Jeong, who has been disoriented since Dong-Eun left him. Dong-Eun invites Hyeon-Nam to come to help her again, but we don’t really see them interact. Dong-Eun becomes the ‘debate teacher’ at the prison that Yeong-Cheon, the man who mercilessly murdered Yeo-Jeong’s father, is in, and Yeo-Jeong manages to get some people in prison to brutally beat him up. Dong-Eun pays her respects to Seo-Hee and congratulates her and herself for finally turning 19.

Dong-Eun and Yeo-Jeong finally drive off to the prison together. They say the special words ‘I love you’ to each other and then walk into prison, ending on a perky note that they are not done with Yeong-Cheon yet. The last part of the episode was a little bit rushed and seemed a bit forced, with Dong-Eun desperately trying to help Yeo-Jeong get revenge rather than just living a happy life with him. It looks like their relationship is set in stone due to the trauma that bonds both of them, not just to each other but to the world around them. Is it safe to say Dong-Eun is happy? We think it is. She found a person to share her burdens with and other family members with whom she had never imagined it.


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