‘The Glory’ Episodes 3 & 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – Has Dong-Eun’s Plan Of Revenge Begun Successfully?

In Episodes 1 and 2 of “The Glory,” we learn that Moon Dong-Eun, a young woman, is taking revenge on five former classmates from high school for bullying her. Although this is a highly common trope used in Korean dramas for plot progression, it seems Song Hye-Kyo’s new show is trying to do things off-beat by converting our soft and sweet female lead into a villainous, traumatized woman who wants to teach a lesson to those in power. Why must the innocent always suffer quietly?


Spoilers Ahead

Episode 3: Recap – The Amateur And The Insider

We left off episode 2 of “The Glory” with Dong-Eun meeting the housekeeper of the person called “The Chairman” and getting caught stealing some shredded paper from his home. The housekeeper, Kang Hyeon-Nam, tells Dong-Eun that she will be by her side if Dong-Eun can help her kill her husband. Dong-Eun finds out that Hyeon-Nam had been beaten up by her husband in front of their high school daughter, who tried to take a stand for Hyeon-Nam. Dong-Eun gets her to learn to drive and tells her she will tutor her daughter, and that they will both pay each other a regular wage for their services. Back in the game of Go learning days, to avoid catching feelings for the lovely Yeo-Jeong, as they finished their lessons, Dong-Eun decides to leave him with a cryptic message and no way to reach her. Dong-Eun teaches Hyeon-Nam how to use a digital camera so she can get something to leverage from “The Chairman” and her five bullies. Dong-Eun finds out that Yeon-Jin’s daughter is colorblind, and we’re given a flashback of Jae-Jun beating up a boy in school because he insulted him for being colorblind. In the meantime, Yeon-Jin’s husband finds Dong-Eun playing Go and is impressed by her skills. Dong-Eun ends up meeting Yeo-Jeong many years later on the train and ends up having a chat with him. He tells her that the time they were playing Go together was a rough time for him, but playing with her made him happy, and he gives her his card. (We love a cute romance in a psychotic thriller plot line). Hyeon-Nam finally gets the dirt on ‘The Chairman,’ and it turns out he’s gay, and the man he’s with is his driver.


Dong-Eun’s first target is her teacher, and she meets him in front of his son to tell him that she has become a teacher and that she’s thankful for him (with sarcasm, of course). His son is confused as his father gets more and more agitated upon seeing Dong-Eun. She tells him that she’s reported him in many words, as he’s being dragged into the house by his son. Dong-Eun later gets a DNA sample of Jae-Jun through Myeong-O, along with some other information about the group. Yeon-Jin receives an award at the school for being a wonderful and inspiring alumnus (yuck!), and the whole gang is there to celebrate with her, including Dong-Eun. She cheers the loudest in front of everyone and gets slapped by Yeon-Jin for doing so. Seeing as she’s met with all of them now, she has a perfect plan in place and is a force to be reckoned with. It turns out “The Chairman” is the chairman of the school Ye-Sol (Yeon-Jin’s daughter) goes to. Dong-Eun uses the “dirt” she has on him to get a spot at the school as a homeroom teacher for Ye-Sol’s class.

Episode 4: Recap – Be Careful What You Wish For

Yeon-Jin and the gang truly tortured Dong-Eun when she was still in school. Nothing she did to save herself from them—going to the teacher or the nurse—everything that was done was taken care of by their rich parents and their connections, leaving Dong-Eun alone and completely broken. Jae-Jun has anger issues and can easily believe the world revolves around him, still hating his colorblindness (is it really such a big deal?). Yeon-Jin finds out that Dong-Eun is going to be Ye-Sol’s new homeroom teacher. At school, Dong-Eun gives her first lesson- ‘nothing your parents or your grandparents own, and none of their connections can help you if you harm each other in my class.’ Yeon-Jin comes zooming to save her poor, sweet daughter from the “vicious” Dong-Eun. Dong-Eun tells her that whatever she tries to do cannot change anything for Ye-Sol; if she transfers schools, so will Dong-Eun. There’s no getting out of this. Yeon-Jin is outraged and shocked, and at the same time, she finds out their high school teacher has just died too! She obviously connects the dots and realizes this could be Dong-Eun’s doing. Myeong-O is stupid enough to believe that Jae-Jun may have had a child with Dong-Eun herself or someone else entirely, but he never seems to think it might have been Yeon-Jin. In return for all the information he’s given her, Dong-Eun gives Myeong-O some information about Yoon So-Hee, another student who committed suicide because of all the damage caused by the “rich five.” Her body is still in the mortuary after so many years. Dong-Eun knows So-Hee was pushed but didn’t die of suicide. Yeon-Jin continues to get paranoid about Ye-Sol, and “The Glory” Episode 4 ends with Dong-Eun and Yeon-Jin’s husband playing a game of Go and Dong-Eun beating him.


‘The Glory’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – What’s Next For Dong-Eun?

Although it is quite obvious why Dong-Eun would not want to have any romantic relationships or even just friends on her journey of revenge, it seems there is also a class difference between her and Yeo-Jeong that keeps her from reaching out to him. Of course, he will have a bigger role in her life than just being the guy who taught her to play Go since he made a comeback, and we’re waiting for that side of things to blossom! Yeo-Jeong also seems to have some dark secrets he’s hiding, as we saw in episode four of “The Glory” when he received a letter from someone in prison. Karma is strong for Dong-Eun as her teacher is murdered by his own son because he doesn’t want to have a bad reputation for “the sins of his father.” The reason her teacher beat her up was that she had asked him if his son was treated the same way, what would he do? Unfortunately for him, his son turned out to be just like him in the end. The world of greed and power is terrifying, and Dong-Eun is setting a fire in the middle of it.

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