The Glass Bridge In ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Explained: What Happens In Game 6?

The fifth game of Squid Game: The Challenge had everyone lose one partner they were attached to. The game marbles sadly forced people to choose who among the two would get eliminated. It was a tough decision, but many got through it with a lot of heartache. It was followed by another dorm room test that included mass elimination. That game involved forming a chain of allies, which led to eleven members getting eliminated in one go. It has been well established that at any given time, one would be eliminated. It is a game of wit and luck that sustains the remaining constants, and the entire show becomes difficult by the day.

All the remaining contestants are brought to the infamous game hall and introduced to the new challenge, which would further give way to an elimination. The glass bridge would involve crossing a make-believe suspended object that has been placed with two types of tiles. One tile is safe to stand on, while the other will straightaway eliminate the person standing on it. There are many such tiles placed on the bridge randomly, and here again, luck plays a big role. For the group to walk on the bridge, a system must be followed. At the game hall, each player picks up a teddy with a number on it. Any player picking up the teddy with a number is supposed to pass it on to the contestant who deserves it. The number would be their position in the line leading up to the glass bridge. It was yet another tactic put forward by the showmakers to foment trust issues between the contestants. Such rifts are required to understand who the potential winner of the game could be.

As the numbered Teddy bears emerged, a lot of contestants took it upon themselves to offer these numbers to their least favorite person. The trick here is to offer the earlier numbers to the least favorite contestant. Presumably they would fear this contestant becoming a leading player in the game. Offering a potentially damaging number would put him or her in a precarious position once the glass bridge game begins. Contestants at this stage are worried about the number that will be assigned to them. Beyond this, they will have to think carefully before stepping onto the glass bridge, and there will be a big loss at this juncture of the game.

All the numbers are assigned, and a group leader leads the team in a numbered fashion as given to them. As the game begins, one will have to rely on their instincts about which tile to step on. Their group leader was one of the first contestants to be eliminated. The game continues, and it will only end if all the players are standing on the safe tiles. With the new leader assigned the game carries on, as many survive it while others are not so lucky in that pursuit. It was essentially another elimination round as well, but it was also about who would survive and be resilient by the end of the game. The line on the glass bridge was finally formed, with eight players being removed. By the end of the game, only 12 players had survived and were part of the upcoming challenge. It elimination was again a reminder that Squid Game: The Challenge is ruthless and takes no sides. A person you admire might become the next victim of the elimination. It proves that getting attached to people while on a game show might not be the right thing to do.

The Glass Bridge game was followed by another dorm test to be played with the twelve remaining members. The dorm test was assigned to further eliminate the handful of contestants who would be heading toward the penultimate game of the show. It involved throwing dice, with the number rolled determining the fate of the contestants. One of the players will have to throw the die into a triangle. Before throwing the die, the player will have to nominate a contestant or themself, and if the die shows number six, the nominated player or the person who chose himself or herself will have to leave the game. Since there are only twelve players left, three players from the game would be removed. The remaining ones would move on to the so-called semifinal game, which would choose the finalists.

The dorm test begins, and just like in the glass bridge game, the remaining players choose the least favorite to be removed in the hope that the number six appears on the die. The contestants would want a potential winner to be eliminated. The game progressed slowly, even though it was the easiest game of the lot. There was tension this time because the number of players was less, and it would get smaller by the end. As the tension grows, one by one, three players get eliminated eventually. By the end of these two games of the show, twelve players had been removed in total. Both games paved the way for two major episodes that would decide the winner of Squid Game: The Challenge. The next game would have nine remaining players fighting against each other, and it would be a cutthroat competition. Look forward to more games and finally the winner who will win the whopping 4.56 million dollars.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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