‘The Gentlemen’ Episode 5 Recap Spoilers: Who Are The Wards?

We’re five episodes deep in this very British series about weed and aristocracy. Who would’ve thought these things would go so well together after all the elites of the United Kingdom have done their best to keep their posh hands out of the dirty business. Adding to that, I must say that I am enjoying The Gentlemen so far and can’t wait to see more of Theo James’ cool-headed, suave attitude. 


Spoilers Ahead

The Story So Far

Eddie Horniman, a British Army captain stationed in Turkey, receives urgent news of his father’s deteriorating health and rushes back home. On his return, his father, one of Britain’s Dukes, bequeaths his entire estate to Eddie instead of his older brother Freddy. This unexpected twist sparks some resentment from Freddy, the spoilt son. However, Freddy eventually comes to terms with the situation. As the new Duke, Eddie assumes ownership of his father’s estate, uncovering a clandestine operation hidden within its grounds.


Much like it goes in the movie of the same name, Eddie discovers that his father had leased a portion of their land to the Glass family, who were running a highly secretive underground marijuana farm. Meanwhile, Freddy’s reckless behavior had amassed a significant debt with a local meth cartel. In a bid to resolve Freddy’s dangerous predicament, Eddie turns to Susie Glass, the current figurehead of the drug ring, as her father, Bobby Glass, is serving time in prison. After successfully resolving Freddy’s troubles with the cartel through strategy and comedic misfortunes, Eddie, driven by his principles as an honest army captain and an aristocrat, expresses a desire for the Glass family to relocate their operations elsewhere. However, knowing the money-minded nature of the drug lord, Eddie offers Bobby Glass a substantial amount of money to ensure that he doesn’t cause any problems in the future. Surprisingly, Eddie adapts to the workings of the drug business with ease as he gets drawn further into it to release his family from its clutches.

In the previous episode, Eddie met Max Bassington in his quest to find an alternative location for the Glass family’s marijuana operations. Much like Eddie’s recent experiences, Max had also lost his father and inherited his entire estate. At the funeral, seeing the Bassington estate as a prospect, Eddie proposed a business deal to Max, who agreed under the condition that Eddie assist him with a personal matter. Max revealed he was being blackmailed by an anonymous extortionist holding potentially damaging information about his father. Hoping to keep any potential controversy hidden as he was starting an acting career, Max sought Eddie’s help to resolve the situation. However, it was later revealed that the extortionist had information on Max himself, not his father. Shockingly, Max is exposed as a neo-Nazi with a disturbing obsession with Hitler’s aesthetic. The confrontation escalates into a deadly gunfight, resulting in Max’s death and foiling Eddie’s plans to secure a new estate for the marijuana farm. Upon returning home, Eddie discovers that his mother has already found a solution to his problem.


What Are Bobby Glass’ Plans With Eddie?

Eddie Horniman initially delved into the marijuana business solely to make the Glass family vacate his estate. However, his unexpected intellect and business acumen quickly elevate him to an important role within Glass’ operation, making him a pretty useful associate. During a visit by Susie to her father’s “open” prison to discuss the status of their operations, she reveals that despite Eddie appearing to take satisfaction in the dirty work, he remains resolute in his desire to distance himself and his family from the business. Mr. Glass, however, bluntly asserts that once someone is entangled in their enterprise, there’s absolutely no way out, suggesting that Eddie’s continued interest in leaving could ultimately lead to Glass having to eliminate him. 

Why Does Susie Ask For Eddie’s Help To Deal With Florian?

Florian De Groot, a Belgian importer, has been assisting the Glass family with transporting their marijuana shipments to the European market. However, recently, some setbacks have occurred as a few of their shipments have been seized by the Belgian police, resulting in significant losses. Susie, sharing her father’s disdain for Florian and finding him and his cunning ways repulsive, seeks Eddie’s help in dealing with him. She believes Eddie’s fresh perspective might help them reach a better negotiation with Florian, which indeed proves successful. During their meeting with Florian, he justifies raising his shipment costs by blaming Brexit for causing the Belgian authorities to impose stricter crackdowns on UK imports. Sensing something off about Florian’s explanation, Eddie suggests to Susie that Florian may have bribed the Belgian police to raid the shipments, allowing him to inflate prices. Together, they decide to send Florian back to Belgium and explore alternative methods for moving their products into Europe.


Who Are The Wards?

The Wards are a huge family of Romani nomads who reside near the Horniman estates. They’ve been notorious for violent activities and even theft in the area. Living in trailer cars and temporary encampments, they often move from one place to another throughout the year for whatever small money-making opportunity they can find themselves. During Eddie and Susie’s negotiation with Florian on their underground farm, the Wards attempt to steal the generators powering the farm. When they catch one of the vehicles involved, it is revealed that the culprits are a young woman, Kellie, and two preteen boys. After Kellie explains that their generator had been taken away by some councilman, Eddie feels sorry for them and lets them have one of his generators. However, Susie is a bit skeptical about how much they found out about their underground operation while stealing the generator. 

The following day, Susie and Eddie pay a visit to the Wards, where they meet with JP, the leader of the group. JP discloses that the Wards are aware of the marijuana operation on the estate, having even stumbled upon packets of the product. Seeking a resolution, JP proposes that the Wards become involved in the operation, citing their expertise as advantageous for a business like the Glasses’. Initially hesitant, Susie expresses doubts about involving the Wards. However, Eddie views this as an opportunity to enlist their help in transporting their product across the continent, as the Wards already travel extensively. Seizing the opportunity, the Glasses and the Wards negotiate a mutually beneficial deal. JP outlines their plan to use their pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, as cover for the operation. The Wards have concealed the products inside several statues of Mother Mary, exploiting the fact that security typically does not check the insides of religious statues.

Who Steals The Money From The Farm?

Following the success of their operation, the partnership between the Glasses and the Wards flourishes smoothly over time, even proving very profitable for Susie. However, one day, they discover that an amount of 4 million pounds is missing from the farm’s locker. Naturally, the suspicions led to the Wards, given how Eddie had met them the first time when the Wards stole from Eddie’s estate. Even though Eddie doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, he is persuaded by Susie and her men to confront JP. When he does, however, an infuriated JP takes it as a sign of mistrust and disrespect for his people. As a result, JP and his family adamantly leave the Horniman estates and the business, making Eddie realize they were indeed wrong about the Wards being responsible for the theft. 

Eddie and Susie come to the realization that Florian is the only one who benefits from framing the Wards. Determined to uncover the truth, they interrogate Florian. Following a rather life-threatening interrogation, Florian ends up confessing that he indeed framed the Wards and even reveals the identity of the mole who stole the money. It was Susie’s own henchman, Keith, who had been bribed by Florian to carry out the framing. 


In an effort to make amends with the Wards, Eddie confronts JP, who remains deeply wounded by the accusations. Eddie offers to let the Wards handle Keith as a gesture of goodwill. Taking Keith to a secluded forest within their estate, Eddie confronts him about his betrayal. As Keith realizes that he is about to be executed, he sheds light on a shocking revelation: the Glass family has no intention of allowing anyone to leave the business, including Eddie. Anyone who has previously tried to walk out has already been killed. Furthermore, Keith discloses that Jethro did not survive either; he was instead murdered by the Glass family.

Realizing that everything he has been working for has been futile, Eddie is quite disturbed by this revelation. The more he wanted to walk out of this world, the more tangled he got in the web. Realizing the vicious nature of the Glass family, he decides to take steps against his associates. At the end of the episode, during another meeting between Bobby and Susie, she comes to the conclusion that someone rather powerful is trying to sabotage their business deliberately, and they must prepare themselves for it.


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