‘The Gentlemen’ Episode 7 Recap Spoilers: Why Does Susie Contact The Gospel?

In the sixth episode of Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen, Eddie finally realizes the Glass family’s true intentions: they have no plans to vacate his estate or release him from their business. Following advice from his gamekeeper, Geoff, Eddie plans to consider all eventualities and test the waters of how he’s going to deal with the crime family. Eddie mentions to Susie his plans to leave, stating his involvement in the business is only temporary. However, Susie explains that he cannot leave until the money they have made is laundered, which will take another three months at least. Seeking services for the same, they visit Chucky, who reassures them that he will launder the complete amount within four months. However, after Susie’s brother Jack sleeps with Chucky’s girlfriend, Chucky ends up in a brawl with Jack and gets knocked out. Infuriated, Chucky calls off the agreement.


To look for other laundering services, Susie arranges for Eddie to meet with Henry Collins, the owner of the boxing ring where Jack competes and a gambler. Henry offers Eddie his suggestions for laundering money, the first being Mr. Johnston and the second being Henry’s own accountant, Thick Rick, who is pretty efficient at converting black money into white. Before he can finalize a deal with Henry’s bookie, Susie informs Eddie that Chucky is back on the table and would convert the money for a cheaper fee, but it will take four months. Following an argument, Chucky reveals to Eddie that Susie had asked him to take his time converting the money. This prompts Eddie to pick Thick Rick to have the entire amount converted in two weeks. After confronting Susie about their betrayal, Eddie and the Glass family fall out. Seeking assistance against them, Eddie seeks out Mr. Johnston, who has plans of his own. Meanwhile, Henry Collins also reveals his true colors; he sets up Jack’s match with an Uzbek fighter and threatens Susie to hand over their business to him if she wants her brother’s safety. Susie refuses, and the match becomes a decisive defeat for Jack, who ends up in a coma.

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How Does Susie React To Her Brother’s Condition?

Jack ends up in a coma following his match with an overpowered opponent. The outcome of the match had been planned so that Henry could blackmail Susie into handing him the entire business. This is why the grief of seeing her brother in such a helpless state weighs deeply on Susie. Jack wasn’t just Susie’s brother but also her confidant; after the incident, she became isolated and vengeful. She goes out on a killing spree to find Henry Collins before he comes for her and her family again. She has his men murdered in broad daylight, which catches the attention of even her father, who is in prison. Out of concern for her, Bobby meets Susie at the prison and asks her to stand down from the killing. He explains that the endless killing is not like Susie, and it will backfire. He suggests she rather look for a better way to deal with Henry and find out what he’s planning. He assures his daughter that he will have his men take care of Henry instead. 

What Proposition Does Johnston Offer Eddie?

Eddie’s only motive for seeking assistance with Johnston is to have the Glass family out of his estate, and he doesn’t even want to associate with Johnston after he’s done with it. Naturally, for Johnston, it means acquiring the Glass family’s business, and to do so, he asks Eddie for a list of the rest of the 12 families that have provided their land to the Glasses. The success of the Glass family’s marijuana operation is due to their secretive nature. Johnston believes that once the location of their underground farms is out in the open, Glass’s operation will spiral. 


Seeking answers, Eddie goes to his mother, who reveals that years ago there was a party attended by 12 Lords and a Baron, Tibsy Farangbourne, at Tibsy’s estate. Eddie and his brother head to meet Tibsy, who now lives on his estate with a group of squatters who have taken over his manor. After a falling out with the Glasses, the criminal family didn’t renew his lease, which led to poverty, resulting in the sorry state Tibsy is in now. Fortunately, Tibsy is in possession of a diary containing the names of all the aristocratic families who were involved in the business. Following a run-in with the squatters, during an argument, Freddy reveals that he wanted Eddie dead but realizes that he was wrong and apologizes for it, leaving Eddie heartbroken. 

How Does Henry Collins Find Out Susie’s Address?

At her apartment, Susie orders herself a burger. However, before taking a bite, she receives a call from Henry Collins, who threatens her that if she harms another one of his men, he will pay her a visit at her apartment. Susie is left anxious about how Henry found out her address, suspecting a mole in her organization because not everyone knows of this information. Her first suspect is Eddie, who denies disclosing her address to anyone. Eddie himself learned about Susie’s address from Jimmy, the staff member who worked at the farm at Horniman Estate.


Eddie and Susie confront Jimmy, a naive hippie who was previously a delivery executive before working for Susie. Due to his past job, Jimmy has a knack for remembering addresses, and he stumbled upon Susie’s address on a shipment label when she ordered shoes for herself. Jimmy admits that he also shared Susie’s address with Gabrielle, his romantic interest, who had been inquiring about Susie sending flowers for Jack. Unknown to Jimmy, Gabrielle was a spy who took advantage of his innocence. It’s possible that Gabrielle had genuine feelings for Jimmy, but her ulterior motives drove her actions.

Eddie and Susie persuade Jimmy to arrange a meeting with Gabrielle, and he complies. When Gabrielle arrives, they interrogate her at gunpoint, but she feigns ignorance about Collins. Threatened with having Jimmy killed, Gabrielle eventually cracks and reveals that she had been threatened by Johnston to befriend Jimmy. She discloses that Johnston didn’t even intend to sell the Glasses’ stolen shipment and had it destroyed instead. His sole motive is to dismantle Glass’s business empire. From the outset, it was Stanley Johnston who paid Florian to sabotage their shipments in Europe. He also recruited Keith, who was later executed when discovered. Seeking a new accomplice, he likely recruited Collins. While hurting Jack was not Johnston’s initial intention, Collins’ actions have escalated the conflict. Gabrielle warns that Johnston will stop at nothing now that blood has been spilled by both parties.

What Does Susie Find Out From Collins?

Following the revelation about Johnston, Eddie meets with his sister Charlotte, who tells him how much she adores him for always doing the right thing, highlighting his righteous nature and reminding him of the moral inclinations he has always had. Subsequently, he goes to Johnston’s men and fulfills his part of the bargain, giving him a list of names of all the lords who have leased their lands to the Glass empire. It is hinted that Eddie is one step ahead of both Johnston and Susie, as he meets Bobby Glass and reveals what he has done but clarifies that it was not to disrupt Glass’s business. Meanwhile, Collins finds out the location of the hospital where Jack is admitted. He hits up the place to assassinate Jack, but is ambushed by Susie and her men, who eliminate Collins’ men and shoot Collins as well. Before she can shoot him, however, Collins reveals that she is being played by everyone around her, and even the honorable Duke himself is working with Johnston and has revealed the names of the other families who leased their lands. 

Why Does Susie Reveal Freddy’s Truth To The Gospel?

Feeling betrayed by Eddie Horniman, Susie is furious at him. Susie feels that she has helped Eddie through thick and thin; even though her father had other plans with the Duke, she was indeed conflicted about it. But, after finding out about his betrayal, she was genuinely hurt, and in retaliation, she called up the Gospel. Freddy had killed the Gospel’s brother at the beginning of the series, which was the first domino in the series of events that swept Eddie inside this web. Susie reveals everything to the madman about Freddy and Eddie’s involvement in the death of his brother. 


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