‘The Gentlemen’ Episode 6 Recap Spoilers: Who Is Henry Collins? 

With the heavy revelation in Episode 5 of The Gentlemen, the plot grows even more complicated. Eddie was already dealing with his receding morality with every day that he spent with the Glass family’s business. He might even deny this, but it is probable that he’s actually enjoying it. Maybe he’s even cut out for this line of work, which, in hindsight, would make him quite the opposite of the type of man his father thought he was. Of the two siblings, Eddie was supposed to be the sober one, while his elder brother Freddy got his hands dirty being involved with criminals. Now that the tables have turned, Eddie is finding himself at a crossroads with his own identity in this diverse line of business. But again, being former army personnel, he was quite immune to the effects of taking a life. A normal person of his societal status might even traumatize themselves, and then there’s Eddie.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Happened In The Previous Episode? 

After having acquired a potential location for them to shift the Glass’s underground marijuana farm, Eddie shifts his focus to helping Susie find a proprietor who would help them transport their products to Europe. Following recent raids conducted by the Belgian police, Glass’s enterprise has faced some losses as well. Thus, they are seeking out Florian De Groot, a Belgian goods exporter who has been assisting them for some time. However, suspecting Florian of bribing the authorities to raid the shipments so that he can raise his price for the Glasses, Eddie prefers seeking alternative options. This leads them to make an arrangement with the Ward family, a group of Gypsies who live nearby. The arrangement with the Wards works out pretty well until a theft takes place, which raises everyone’s suspicion towards them. When being confronted about the theft, JP, the leader, feels humiliated by the accusation and leaves. In a shocking revelation, it was Florian who paid Keith, Susie’s henchman, to frame the Ward family. This leads Eddie and the Wards to seek resolution by executing Keith, but before he is killed, he reveals that the Glasses do not intend to relieve Eddie at all, as nobody walks out of the business. In fact, the Glasses even had Jethro killed. Eddie was under the belief that they had granted him a safe passage to Australia. 


Why Is Susie Delaying Eddie? 

Eddie wants to get the job done as soon as possible. As promised to Bobby Glass, Eddie raised a significant amount of 15 million quids to buy his family’s freedom. After finding out the disturbing truth from Keith, Eddie had been more anxious and had been looking for an alternative path that could help him get the Glasses off his back. His trusted gamekeeper, Geoff, who has been in the family for decades and knows the Glasses pretty well, suggests that he should keep pretending that everything is fine and look for a way out. Likewise, Eddie plays out to Susie that now that he has raised the amount, he wants an out, but Susie makes up that the money can’t be turned into profit until the entire amount is laundered. Susie claims that it’d take at least 3 months for the money to be laundered, as it is a pretty substantial amount of money. However, little does Eddie know that Susie is making up the time to delay Eddie’s departure. She has strict orders from her father not to let Eddie leave the business, as he’s exceptionally good at making profits. This is what leads Susie to seek help from Chucky. 

Who Is Chucky? 

Chucky is a money launderer whom Susie prefers to work with. Chucky is supposedly in league with the Glasses, and considering she wants Eddie to be in service to the Glasses, Susie tells Chucky to launder the money at a slow pace as well. However, their agreement with Chucky is met with lots of challenges as well. Eddie and Susie meet Chucky at Jack’s boxing match, who is an enthusiast of the sport himself. After Jack sleeps with Chucky’s girlfriend after the match, an infuriated Chucky confronts Jack but is knocked out. This makes him call off the agreement between him and Susie, making them seek out other people who can launder their money. Later on, in a show of power, Susie threatens Chucky, who again complains about the Glasses despite the previous altercation.


Who Is Henry Collins? 

Henry Collins is the owner of the boxing ring and has been organizing Jack’s matches as well. Being a businessman and gambler himself, Henry knows a lot of people and helps Eddie find another launderer when the deal with Chucky goes sideways. Henry, despite being resourceful, is a cunning businessman and seeks opportunities for himself. When Eddie finds out that Chucky is working for Susie to delay the process, he seeks out Henry again and hires his bookie to launder their money, calling it an executive decision since Henry’s bookie claims to have the money converted in 2 months only. 

Why Does Freddy Turn Against His Brother?

While the duke is busy coming up with a strategy against the Glasses and relieving their family from the grasp of the marijuana business, Freddy is trying to find a purpose for himself. This leads him to develop a strain of cannabis grown in the same soil as the cocaine plant, which makes the cannabis absorb the properties of the latter. Freddy tries to approach Susie regarding this development, but she is too busy to listen to him. Freddy goes to his brother regarding his discovery, but Eddie turns him down, calling it unscientific. He feels that he actually came up with something of his own, and yet his brother made it seem insignificant. Eddie tells him about not getting involved in the weed business, revealing that the Glasses have been lying to them in the first place. Meanwhile, Eddie confronts Susie about their betrayal, which causes a falling out between them. Freddy sees this as an opportunity to use it against his brother. He pitches the idea of the new strain to Suzie and explains that if Eddie were to be out of the way, the estate would go to Freddy, who would comply with the Glasses. However, Suzie does not like this idea one bit, as she is not the kind of person who would have Freddy scheme against his own brother. 


What Are Henry’s True Intentions? 

Henry, being an opportunist, has other intentions behind helping Eddie. Seeing that Eddie is opposed to the Glass family, he sees the Duke as a pawn. Eddie, on the other hand, after finding out about the Glasses’ intentions for him, seeks out counsel from Mr. Jackston. Henry wishes to acquire Glass’s business empire for himself. During one of Jack’s matches, he sets up Jack with an overpowered Uzbek fighter. He threatens Susie to hand him the business then and there, or he will have Jack severely injured. Susie rejects the proposition, which ends with Jack being injured and ending up in a coma. With this action, Henry declares war against the Glass, which prompts Susie to take strict measures against Henry. 

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