‘The Flash’ Season 9, Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is Becky Sharpe?

“The Flash” premieres the first interlude episode of its final season with the sixth one titled “The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky.” After the first five episodes dealt with the threat of the Red Death, the interludes tie up the end of the arc for some characters as it focuses on the misadventures of three female metahumans in this self-contained episode, although events from the past continue to make their presence felt in the narrative. Previously, we saw Joe and Cecile agreeing upon the latter continuing her lawyer career and superhero tenure while at the same time tending to their daughter Jenna during weekends. Mark Blaine was saved from a near-death situation by Khione’s (the altogether new consciousness of Caitlin Snow, created after the deaths of both Caitlin and Frost’s personalities) kiss of healing. Khione predicts Iris’ pregnancy during Joe’s farewell, and her natural affinity continues to leave hints about her dormant powers. The sixth episode marks the return of Becky Sharpe, the metahuman with luck-based superpowers portrayed by actor Sugar Lyn Beard, and possibly concludes her journey in the Arrowverse.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 6 Of ‘The Flash’ Season 9?

The episode begins with a montage of Becky Sharpe, aka Hazard, flaunting her powers of being lucky, and over the course of a period of time, she falls in love and gets engaged to Dom. However, ever since her engagement, Becky’s luck seems to have run out as unfortunate things keep happening to her, which reaches its worst stage as she gets incriminated for putting her fiancé in a coma. After being arrested, Becky asks Officer Kramer for a lawyer.


Team Flash bids adieu to Barry and Iris as they venture to Coast City to spend the weekend at Iris’ media house expansion party. Mark still can’t wrap his head around how Khione, apparently without any metahuman powers, managed to heal him from a near-death condition and also predict Iris’ pregnancy. As Team Flash is not under immediate work pressure, Mark urges Chester to run tests to help her discover her dormant abilities. At her office, Cecile prepares for her journey to the countryside to meet Joe and their daughter Jenna, whose fifth birthday breakfast she cannot afford to miss. Kramer calls Cecile to assist Becky, as the way too obvious nature of the crime scene has made her suspicious. After primary interrogation and clearing the basic groundwork, Cecile wishes to leave for the weekend to be with her family, but bad luck follows Becky as her shoes have been identified as the assault weapon that put Dom into a coma. Cecile needs to wrap up her work quickly to keep Becky out of prison and board the train on time to reach her family.

Becky accompanies Cecile and Allegra to her apartment for a thorough investigation, and using her power of electromagnetic vision, Allegra finds out about the poker chips, which seem out of place to Becky. Dom’s brother Tony is summoned for inquiry as he is the only outsider who frequents their household, and he seems visibly nervous after seeing the poker chips. Upon questioning, Tony informs Dom that he was addicted to gambling and had taken huge debts from the mob, which presumably assaulted him in the first place. As the trio goes to the gambling den, they are confronted by a couple of goons who hold Becky hostage. Cecile tries to use her telekinesis powers but is unable to produce any effect. Allegra takes a shot at them using her electromagnetic powers and drives them off. Cecile is agonized after discovering that, amidst all this ruckus, she has missed the last train to her destination. The goons later invade Becky’s apartment to take Becky with them, and Allegra’s powers backfire, this time due to a refractor device being used by them. Once again, Cecile tries to use her powers in vain, but it backfires. Unable to trace Becky’s whereabouts, the duo calls Chester, who takes the piece of refractor with him for investigation.


Meanwhile, Allegra finds out that, in her family’s absence, Cecile used to spend nights at her office. She confronts Cecile about it and finds her an emotional mess. Cecile struggles to keep a balance between her work and private life and fears this will lead to their daughter eventually getting estranged from her. Allegra comforts her, saying Cecile’s actions will be an inspiration for Jenna in her formative years. Chester deduces the functionality of the refractors, which leads them to speculate that the engagement ring that Becky wears has the crystal that enables the refractor functionality, hence why her luck powers backfired in the first place. Remembering Tony’s suspicious statement, the team checks his banking details only to discover that he is in huge debt and in cahoots with a shady organization. This confirms their suspicions about Tony being the perp who wanted to make easy money by using Becky’s power reversal in his own favor in the casino. Allegra and Cecile go to rescue Becky, and by making her remove the ring, they turn the tide of luck in their favor and knock Tony and his goons out. Later, Cecile reveals it was not Becky’s luck reversals that were hindering her from utilizing her abilities; in fact, it was her own hesitation and insecurity. After all things are said and done, Cecile requests that Allegra move in with her, as she could use some company in the absence of her family and given how Allegra was facing a residence trouble situation.

In the STAR labs, Chester and Mark run tests to verify Khione’s metahuman powers, but to no avail. There are no signs of any kind of power manifesting, let alone cryokinesis powers like Frost. Mark becomes deeply aghast at this, as the earlier instances made him think that some vestiges of Frost were still there inside Khione, which unfortunately is not the case. She asks Mark not to try finding Frost in her but rather to look into the memories Frost left him, where he will always find her. As Khione touches Mark’s console, it starts snowing inside the labs. Later, Chester’s verified reports suggest that Khione is neither a metahuman nor a regular human being—that she is something very unique in between.


As Barry and Iris return from Coast City, the Flash family throws them a baby shower, and the group prepares to welcome baby Nora West Allen.


As a solitary episode, “The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky” fares pretty well in showcasing a low-stakes all-girl escapade of the unique trio of Becky, Allegra, and Cecile. The character Allegra shared a personal connection with Cecile in comics as well, which was established pretty well in the previous seasons of The Flash. It was good to see them getting their space to strengthen the bond they share. Khione’s powers continue to weave a mystery, and knowing she probably is the first among the perfect assimilation between metahumans and regular humans opens up immense possibilities.


Becky Sharpe, in the comics, is a probability manipulator and is the granddaughter of the supervillain, Steven Sharpe III, aka the original Gambler. We saw another version of Becky Sharpe in the third season of the CW’s “Stargirl” series, where she was presented as Gambler’s daughter. In the CW Flash, Becky died at the hands of Davoe, aka Thinker, in the fourth season, but as the Crisis changed the universe, she came back to life with her good luck powers. It was a nice gesture of closing the ends, which provided the recurrent characters a chance to seek closure.

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