‘The First Responders’ Episode 11: Recap And Ending – Why Does Detective Jin Resign?

In “The First Responders,” the case of Kim Hyun Seo’s disappearance was reopened as detective Jin recognized Hyun Seo at the hospital. However, she got abducted again, and the police department issued code zero to find the abductor in one hour. The fire crew and the police officer searched for Hyun Seo together, but detective Jin ended up finding the location where Hyun Seo had been locked up for seven years, and to his shock, it is the house next to Jin’s own house.


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What Does Hyun Seo Remember Kyung Jun As?

The abductor had locked up Hyun Seo in a hidden basement of his house, which is right in front of Jin’s house. The basement has many photos of Hyun Seo and her abductor on the wall, and Jin recognizes him. The abductor had greeted Jin in the hospital when he was looking for Hyun Seo. The fire crew recognizes the abductor immediately as he is a nurse at the Taewon hospital, Kwak Kyung Jun. Seol understands why Hyun Seo panicked in the emergency room and how she has lost her voice. Kyung Jun is a nurse, and he has suppressed her vocal cords. Jin is enraged, but he also cannot stop feeling upset thinking about how Hyun Seo would have survived for the past seven years. He is all set to take down Kyung Jun, but his father arrives with the prosecutors and tells him that he has been dismissed on charges of power abuse.


Song Min Jun’s father is a judge, and he has gotten Jin for good. However, the prosecutors do not have a warrant, and Jin refuses to surrender until he catches Hyun Seo’s abductor. He declares to his father that he will go to the prosecutor’s office after he finishes his duty. Jin and Seol visit the hospital to search through Kyung Jun’s belongings and find the name of his previous workplace written suspiciously in his diary. Anna traces Kyung Jun’s car while Jin and Seol accompany Myeongpil to the factory where Kyung Jun used to work. Kyung Jun’s car is parked outside, but no one is inside. Jin doesn’t wait for backup and starts breaking down the doors of the factory. He tells Seol to stay outside and goes in with Myeongpil. However, Seol cannot just stand there and do nothing, and hence, he steps inside the factory a while later.

Kyung Jun has chained Hyun Seo, making her unable to move, and Hyun Seo has a load of machinery hanging above her head, with the controls in Kyung Jun’s hand. Jin begs Kyung Jun not to hurt Hyun Seo, but Kyung Jun has hard feelings toward Jin. Kyung Jun is jealous of Jin because Hyun Seo is close to him. He stalked Hyun Seo for a long time and hated it when Hyun Seo showed Jin the gift he had given him. He wanted to teach both Hyun Seo and Jin a lesson. He put Hyun Seo’s toes in Jin’s backyard because he wanted Jin to find Hyun Seo. Instead, Jin got framed as a murderer. Kyung Jun blames Jin for Hyun Seo’s current condition. He tells him that if he hadn’t given up on finding Hyun Seo, she wouldn’t have suffered all these years. Jin has felt guilty for Hyun Seo for seven years, and Kyung Jun’s words have only hurt him more. He volunteers to get crushed by the machinery in exchange for Hyun Seo’s freedom.


Kyung Jun accepts Jin’s offer and unties Hyun Seo. Just as Jin is about to lock himself up, Kyung Jun releases the machinery. Jin saves himself, and Seol arrives just in time to drag Hyun Seo away. Kyung Jun’s plan fails, and he runs away. Jin runs after him, and the detectives arrive after everything is over. Seol takes Hyun Seo to the hospital, and Do Jin stays behind to look for Jin. He has promised officer Yoon to keep Jin in control. As Do Jin expected, Jin has lost control and is about to stab Kyung Jun, but Do Jin has to slap him to make him realize that he is a police officer and not a killer. Kyung Jun gets arrested, and Jin heads to the hospital to see Hyun Seo. However, Hyun Seo has lost her memories selectively and only remembers that Jin didn’t answer her call. She doesn’t even remember her grandmother but is under the delusion that Kyung Jun is her father.

‘The First Responders’ Episode 11: Ending

Kyung Jun has ruined Hyun Seo’s life, and Jin doesn’t think legal punishment is enough for him. He is enraged and tries to choke Kyung Jun. Kyung Jun tells him that he is no different from him—that he is just a selfish criminal who gets a pass because of his uniform. Jin has solved the biggest case of his life, but he knows that he is somehow responsible for Hyun Seo’s current situation. Out of guilt, he resigns as a detective and informs his father that his father is the winner. Jin’s father wanted his son to stay quiet until the presidential elections, as he had a chance to become the minister of justice, but he didn’t expect Jin to resign and leave everything behind. No one is able to contact Jin, so Seol goes to his home and sees him burning Hyun Seo’s belongings. She cannot see him like this, and she takes him to the place she goes to when she is having a hard time.


“The First Responders” Season 1 is about to end, and after all the rigorous crime sequences that showed us the crazy side of Jin, Seol brings out his softer side. Seol takes him to the maternity department of the hospital and makes him hold a baby close to him. The fierce detective, who isn’t afraid of anyone, is scared like a baby while holding a baby. While going back, Seol also makes an indirect confession to Jin that she has found someone she can love.

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