‘The First Responders’ Episode 10: Recap And Ending – Is Kim Hyun Seo Alive?

Previously, in “The First Responders,” Ha Eun’s suicide attempt and then her pregnancy caused chaos in the police department. All the boys Ha Eun claimed to have slept with turned out not to be the father of her dead baby. However, detective Jin noticed something odd about Ha Eun’s brother, and firefighter Bong also noticed that someone else was in the house when Ha Eun tried to commit suicide. It was her brother, Song Min-Jun.


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Is Min Jun Not The Baby’s Father?

Detective Jin and detective Pil visit Ha Eun’s home to inform her parents about Min Jun’s involvement in the case. While Jin believes that Min Jun is the father of the baby, the DNA test result comes out negative, and Ha Eun’s father, Judge Song, threatens to charge Jin for his disrespectful behavior and violation of human rights. Min Jun confesses that on that day, he had a fight with Ha Eun because she called him stupid for scoring less in exams. Min Jun often gets compared to his sister, and he tries to choke her out of a grudge. However, Ha Eun escaped and threatened to jump out of the window and put the blame on him. That’s why Min Jun didn’t come out of the room, as he was scared.


Jin has reached a dead end, but he cannot sit still until he finds out who the father of Ha Eun’s baby is. Seol cannot see him sitting disappointed like this and tells him that Oh Seung Jun, who committed suicide some months ago, went to the same high school as Ha Eun and was close to her. Jin has to go after any small clue as he has nothing else in his hand right now. He finds out that Seung Jun had an appendectomy in the past, and his tissues will still be available in the hospital. Jin can get it directly, but he is going to use it as a trap. Other detectives spread the news purposely in the school that they are going to test Seung Jun’s tissues and the rumors spread quickly. Jin hides in the medical room to catch the culprit red-handed, and the thief who comes to steal Seung Jun’s tissues turns out to be the school principal.

The principal admits that he slept with Ha Eun, and that he didn’t know that she was a minor. Ha Eun needed the test papers from the principal, and that’s why she slept willingly with him. Other detectives search through Ha Eun’s home and find the test papers hidden under Ha Eun’s mattress. Jin receives the DNA test result, and before showing it to anyone else, he talks with Ha Eun privately. He understands why Ha Eun behaves recklessly because Jin’s father behaved the same way as Ha Eun’s parents. He tells Ha Eun that her mistake is not entirely her fault and that if she had at least one adult to rely on, she wouldn’t have made such a mistake. Ha Eun cries and finally confesses to her crime. After that, Jin gives her the DNA test result. The father of her baby was Oh Seung Jun.


Bong Do Jin has been curious about Kim Hyun Seo’s case and why it deeply affects detective Jin. He contacts forensic officer Yoon, who tells her that only Hyun Seo’s big toes were found, and she believes that Hyun Seo could still be alive. Meanwhile, the fire crew gets an emergency call from a restaurant that a woman has been assaulted by her boyfriend. The boyfriend is drunk and tries to stab paramedic Dong Woo, but Jin arrives on time and arrests the assaulter. In the hospital, an unidentified patient has been admitted, and while trying to speak with her in sign language, Seol notices that she doesn’t have a big toe. Bong gets curious when Seol tells him about it, and he tries to check if her other big toe is missing as well. He informs Jin right away when he sees the other missing toe, but by the time Jin reaches the CT scan room, someone has kidnapped Hyun Seo and disappeared.

‘The First Responders’ Episode 10: Ending Explained

Seol remembers Hyun Seo telling her something about the tattoo on her arm. While others try to find the meaning behind it, Jin decodes it to be the outside view from a basement. Anna and Do Jin have been living in Taewon for a long time and know every ally in the town. According to Jin, the tattoo shows two church crosses, and Anna locates them on the map. The police department is on code zero because they need to catch the kidnapper within an hour. The detectives and the fire crew search for the basement houses in a neighborhood, and Jin finds the correct one.


“The First Responders” has unveiled the biggest mystery, which is Kim Hyun Seo’s disappearance. Officer Yoon calls Bong to tell him to keep Jin under control, as he will likely lose his mind after seeing the abductor. He holds a deep grudge against that person. After Hyun Seo disappeared, her toes were found in Jin’s house, and as a result, he was accused of kidnapping and murdering Hyun Seo, whom he cherished.

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