‘The Fabulous’ Ending, Explained: Do Pyo Ji-eun & Ji Woo-Min End Up Together? Does The Quartet Reach The Top? 

Ah! It seems it’s the week for fashion lovers, with Netflix dropping two shows in the span of three days around it. Is “The Fabulous,” in fact, fabulous? Well, we think so! The drama is a joyous romantic comedy that delivers the perfect ending for the Christmas season. While it has nothing to do with the holidays, it definitely gets you in the holiday spirit! Taking up the trend of the new Hallyu wave, “The Fabulous” uses trendy concepts while “upcycling” old K-drama cliches to be as chic as the style of the show. A story of friendship and achieving your ambitions with hard work, it is every fashion student’s dream show, and we highly recommend watching it for motivation and pure smiles. The fast-paced show is only eight episodes but definitely gives the wholesome feeling of watching a 16-episode drama by the end of it. Grab your hot chocolate and pajamas, and let’s find out what happens at the end of “The Fabulous.”


Spoilers Ahead

‘The Fabulous’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Show?

We follow four best friends, Pyo Ji-eun, Joseph, Ji Woo-min, and Ye Seon-ho, all working their way up the ladder in different fields of the luxury fashion industry in Seoul, South Korea. Ji-eun works as a PR agent at AUDREY, a small luxury brand managing PR group; Seon-ho is a supermodel; Woo-min is a street photographer, and Joseph is a budding fashion designer. Woo-min and Seon-ho are childhood friends, and the four of them have been friends since high school. Woo-min and Ji-eun liked each other in the past and even dated but have broken up (still with piping chemistry). Lee Nam-jin is Ji-eun’s current boyfriend. He is rich and perfect according to most people (you know, the kind that is every K-drama lead?) but ends up breaking up with Ji-eun because she’s too busy talking about fashion when he would rather talk about current affairs. Ji-eun gets over it rather quickly, and we see her working hard at AUDREY. Ji-eun is loved by everyone at work and is the perfect employee with a kind and motivating boss. Woo-min is a cool and handsome street photographer who is working a part-time photography gig to make ends meet. Everyone in the fashion industry considers him the best at retouching. He later becomes a permanent employee and has to work odd jobs that don’t always relate to fashion that he doesn’t like. Joseph is rich and has a loving and beautiful mother who supports his every move as a designer. He studied fashion in Paris and started his own store called Mr. Joseph back home. Seon-ho is a supermodel with a designer boyfriend who breaks her heart in front of all her juniors, creating huge tension around her and the youngsters. After making some mistakes, she gets blacklisted from the industry. Will they be able to reach the top with their ride-or-die attitude? Let’s find out. 


‘The Fabulous’ Ending Explained – Do Pyo Ji-eun And Ji Woo-Min End Up Together, And Does The Quartet Reach The Top? 

Ah, fairytales aren’t real, but K-drama endings sure make one feel like they can achieve everything they ever wanted. Throughout “The Fabulous,” we see all four best friends work really hard to achieve what they want in their own fields while constantly being supportive of each other. Yes, Ji-eun and Woo-min get together in the end (what else did we watch “The Fabulous” for?), but that never made a difference in their friendship or how wholesome they are together. Seon-ho is a fierce model who works her way back into the industry because of her established relationships in the field. Her earlier work pays off when she is invited by global headquarters to be at a show for a brand only because she is part of the history of the brand and has made a big difference in their presence. She also finds a new boyfriend who is wonderful and is documenting her life as a model. In the end, she decides to relaunch herself in the global industry and goes on to become a global face in fashion (yay, Seon-ho!). Joseph gets invited to be the global creative director of Thierry Henry’s brand Earlaine, which he initially declines because he wants to remain in South Korea with his friends and mother and keep his own brand identity. But with the help of his mother and stylist Hong Ji-seon, he is able to keep both and continue to work from Seoul, giving a magnificent or, should we say, fabulous opening show for the brand with Seon-ho as the grand show-stopper. He also finds his love match (which we would’ve definitely liked to see more of). Woo-min and Ji-eun are back together and stronger than ever. We see a heartbroken Ji-eun pining over Woo-min, but in fact, Woo-min is the one who chases her till the end to get what he wants, not just in work but in love too. Ji-eun does reconcile with Lee Nam-jin and tries to make their relationship work, but in the end, she manages to listen to her heart (this expensive shoe can’t fit all) and go back to her true love, Woo-min (there’s another second lead added to our list of perfect guys). Woo-min decides to quit his job (good for him) and become a street photographer for real. Thanks to his friends, he manages to get some gigs for magazines and ends up doing what he loves, choosing to travel for fashion weeks too! Ji-eun finally becomes the marketing head at AUDREY and even gets an offer from a big company. Giving us the perfect happy ending we’re all looking for in our own tedious lives. At least we can enjoy it in the occasional K-drama that is near-perfect.

The Party Isn’t Over Yet 

“The Fabulous” Season 1 ends with the gang sharing with each other their next set of goals and continuing to work hard to reach the top. Leave it up to a K-drama to appreciate everyone behind the scenes of the industry. “The Fabulous” shows us (even if in a lighthearted manner) the inner workings of the fashion and PR industries, with some really heartfelt moments. It even touches upon the importance of sustainability, so we can all appreciate the idea more. The chemistry is ripe, and the pure joy of their friendship is like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. In eight episodes, we are able to befriend the four leads and even wish we were part of their group. Life is beautiful (like their song), and as the wise Seon-ho says, “Dreams aren’t to be given up on,” so friends get motivated and get working to reach the top. Fighting! 


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