‘The Exchange’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: The Chernobyl Incident

In the previous episode of “The Exchange,” Farida and Munira competed with each other to claim their position in their company. Although both of them managed to impress their subordinates, Farida failed to understand that the men around her didn’t consider her feelings at all. Farida and Munira realized that they had to follow a male-dominated society, where men despised a woman’s presence in the decision-making process. Moreover, Adib decided to motivate Jude to fight the bullies since he had failed to motivate Farida years ago. As of now, things were going well, but Farida and Munira had a long way to go.


“The Exchange” Episode 3 Munira makes a shocking discovery at the sheep farms. She realized that their prices had increased by ten dinars as the cattle industry suffered. The cows that were transported from Ukraine were poisoned with radioactive substances from the Chernobyl disaster, and the business was cut down. So, people began consuming more and more mutton this certainly provided a huge idea to Munira, and she began her research on meat prices. Meanwhile, Saud had managed to grab the sheep prices file beforehand, but Munira had to execute her plan as soon as possible.

Spoilers Ahead


Did Farida And Munira Benefit From The Al’Rae Dealing?

The Chernobyl meltdown was indeed a real-life incident, and this issue had worked as an important part of the series since cattle prices had been plummeting miserably. The Chernobyl Plant had undergone a series of incidents, but the 1986 nuclear reactor blast caused the animals to suffer from reproductive problems. Moreover, the cows couldn’t produce more milk. So, the series showed how people began to consume more sheep meat in Middle Eastern countries. Well, Munira calculated all the risks and understood that her instincts might allow them to earn more money. But Saud wanted her to take valid instructions from Hasan and Walid. They didn’t consider her plans and realized that they might suffer huge risks and losses. Besides, Munira purchased 3000 shares of Al’Raee for her personal use. She managed to generate a good relationship with Nabil and promised to pay the capital back to him. Munira noticed that pork prices were rising, and nobody had focused on it since the men were busy concentrating on the sheep prices. Munira decided to include Farida in her plan since this had been their only chance to prove themselves amongst the men.

Munira wanted 350 dinars more to purchase the shares, and her only option was to coerce Farida into her plan. Eventually, Farida agreed to become a part of her plan even though Hasan and Walid criticized them. Now, both the ladies were proud owners of 3000 shares. Back at Farida’s place, her mother demanded 200 dinars from her since she’d spent all the money on Grandma Habiba’s birthday. Farida decided to withdraw her shares from the Al’Rae because Farida’s mother needed to pay off the debts, and Munira’s mother didn’t help her with the money. But both of them ended up getting into a huge fight since Munira wanted her to continue the partnership. The sisters failed to understand that their alliance meant a huge deal to inspire all the other women. Instead, they kept on competing and fighting with each other like the other men around them. The next morning, Farida cross-checked the Chicago files to get more information on the pork prices. Now, it was time for Al’Rae’s bidding, and just like Munira’s expectations, the stocks didn’t reduce. The moment these stocks rose, Munira and Farida sold their stocks for a higher amount.


What Went Wrong Between Jude And Farida? 

Khalifa followed Farida around to learn more about her win, but she continued to ignore him. Eventually, the duo communicated with each other, and their relationship began to escalate. Now, Farida had been happy to get the money since she could easily pay off her mother’s debts and fend for her daughter’s future. Even though Farida had a failed marriage, she understood that life moves on and it doesn’t change for anyone. She learned to prioritise herself and Jude over everything. This might explain why Munira chose to stay single. If she had married someone, that man would have stopped Munira from achieving her dreams. Meanwhile, Farida understood that Munira had a secret relationship with Saud. On the night of Grandma Habiba’s birthday, the sisters were finally back together, maintaining their relationship. Farida’s success had been skyrocketing, but amidst all this, she had failed to realize that her relationship with Jude had been deteriorating day by day. Jude couldn’t deal with the loss of her father and her friends. She had had to change her school and was upset that her mother was busy enjoying and partying for Grandma Habiba’s birthday.

Jude got her first period, but Farida had been so busy with her professional life that she failed to take care of her. She had been struggling with her daughter and her personal life. Even though a part of it was supposed to be Omar’s mistake, as a mother, Farida should’ve made sure that Jude needed her the most. No matter what, Jude didn’t share any details about her personal life with Farida, and Munira noticed it. She knew that Jude couldn’t deal with the sudden changes around her. This series highlighted that men failed to give importance to all the domestic matters and left everything behind for their wives and mothers to handle. Gradually, everyone started to follow these so-called rules, and in the end, other women started criticizing new mothers as well.


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