‘The Endless Night’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Kiss Nightclub Victims Get Justice?

The fourth episode of “The Endless Night” showed that after four long years of fighting, the victims of the Kiss nightclub fire hadn’t been able to attain justice. Their parents worked hard to detain the real culprits in this case. Moreover, the officials who worked on this case had filed a case against Pedro, Ricardo, Geraldo, and Ana for defamation and impersonation. The final episode of “The Endless Night” began with the court hearing of “Exception of Truth.” Twenty associate judges voted to continue the case, whereas three associate judges voted in favor of Pedro and Ricardo. Now, Pedro decided to use his biggest weapon in this case; he released the secret recording of Celso into various news channels wherein he had revealed the officers of City Hall were responsible for the deaths. Pedro didn’t care about the consequences since he was already on the verge of getting arrested. The next day, the press had already arrived to interview Pedro. Soon, this video helped Ana, Geraldo, Pedro, and Ricardo against the prosecutors and the officers of City Hall because their cases were dismissed. Back at the university, it was the day for a photo exhibit of all the survivors. So, Grazi, Fernando, and all the other survivors chose to disclose their scars to the world. Grazi created this campaign to display its strengths to the public. Soon, things started to get worse as Pedro and the others were called out for another trial again. The court was taking the trial ahead for club owners and the band members, and it would be concluded without a proper jury.


Meanwhile, Geraldo and Telma got into a fight again, because she wanted Geraldo to be involved in Ale’s performance. But Geraldo wanted to fight for his son. On the day of the hearing, Dede’s prosecutor blamed the officers, City hall, and other prosecutors for changing the case, as the entire case was pinned on Dede and the band members. But his prosecutor tried to prove that they were also present in the fire that day and that they had equally suffered like all the parents. Ana believed that Dede was going to win the case, but Silvana told her to keep her calm. Bruno spoke against the defendants and supported Pedro and the others in this case. He carefully placed his clues and redirected the entire blame on Dede, as their greed took the life of 242 souls. In the end, Pedro and others had a tie with Dede, and now the Judge had to give the final deciding vote to either take the trial forward or dismiss the case. Bruno wanted them to stay strong until they received a popular jury to view their case. The following day, Silvana visited the club again and walked through the burned-down rooms. Silvana started crying as she knew that her daughter had suffered alone.

Silvana suffered from high blood pressure and severe anxiety issues, but still, her strength was undeniable. Now, they decided to turn the case over, while Pedro and the others wanted the jury to see the club in person. Well, things took a different turn when Ricardo suffered from a heart attack, but he was eventually saved. The same day, Pedro visited Ricardo, and he decided to quit the presidency and take things slower for a while. He handed over all the responsibility to Pedro, and now he became the next president of the association. Well, one more year had passed, and now it was time for Pedro and the others to attend the Superior Court of Justice trial. Amidst the court trial, Pedro decided to interfere with the case, and he gave several examples of negligence by various companies in the past and concluded it with the mistakes of the nightclub owners. Even though Dede’s prosecutor wanted to silence him, the judge refused to ignore a father’s words. In return, Pedro only asked for justice for the 242 victims out there, saying it’s been more than six years, yet Pedro still chose to fight to attain justice. The judge apologized to Pedro for everything that happened with his daughter. She accepted their claims and decided to uphold the appeal. Eventually, the trial was scheduled for March 16, 2020 but it got delayed by the pandemic, and after nine years of the fire, the trial finally took place in December 2021. The victims got their justice, and the four band members were sentenced to 19-22 years of prison time.


But after nine months, a technical error caused the Rio Grande to do Sul justice court to change their verdict, and the prisoners were freed. As of January 2023, the prisoners were still free, and the parents were waiting for the trial’s new date. The finale of “The Endless Night” brought in some painful facts, as the parents of these 242 children had to suffer despite having all the proof. Even though it was visible that Dede and the band members were responsible for negligence, the jury and court didn’t put in any effort to hold them.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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