‘The Endless Night’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did The Parents Survive The Accusations?

The third episode of “The Endless Night” revealed the shocking secrets of the Kiss Nightclub. The owners, Dede and Thales, compromised the safety of the attendees and decided to create fake permits, which were granted by the officers of City Hall, the District Attorney, and the firefighters. They used flammable materials inside their club and didn’t provide many safety measures to those attending. In the end, Dede and Thales, the band members, were accused of manslaughter. But none of the officers from City Hall were punished. Even though more than 28 people were responsible, many of them were saved through their corrupt political connections.


At the beginning of “The Endless Night” Episode 4, the parents of all the victims stormed into the city hall, asking for justice. as they knew that the investigation was rigged. Four months passed, but nothing changed; the four band members were released from jail, and just like that, a whole year had passed, but parents still marched in front of City Hall. Gradually, things changed for Grazi and Fernando; they accepted their lives, as both of them suffered from severe burns. After one year, Grazi finally attended college and met a man named Vinicius, who’d saved her life, and she thanked him. Moreover, Moacyr decided to quit as the president of the association. Now, the decision lay in the hands of Ricardo and Pedro. as any one of them could take the lead. The next day, it was time for Dede’s hearing, and all the parents were gathered in the court. He continued to deny all the accusations and blame everyone around him. Despite all their efforts, the parents couldn’t get the culprits arrested.

Geraldo placed a request to remove prosecutors Frederico and Celso from the nightclub case. Well, nothing had changed even after fighting for two years. All the parents and survivors gathered at the nightclub, including Grazi and Fernando. Grazi spotted Antonio and confronted him since he left her after the incident. Everyone sent off 242 balloons into the air as a tribute to those who lost their lives. The next day, Geraldo, Ana, Silvana, Pedro, and Ricardo were called to the district attorney’s office for a peaceful alliance. Frederico lost his patience and couldn’t control his rage, so he left the room. Soon, the parents worked together and found more details about the fire. Even though prosecutor Hernandes Pereira was retired, his son worked on the nightclub’s course, yet the club was never shut down. Even Celso and Frederico were politically involved in the case. The next day, all the parents gathered around to cover the whole city with posters that highlighted the mayor’s and the prosecutor José Carlos Fontana’s mistake in this case. Moreover, Celso and Frederico ended up in the newspapers too. The next morning, Ana, Geraldo, Pedro, and all the other parents received warning letters from Hernandes, his son Andre, Celso, Frederico, and José, and they were accused of defaming these officials.


The officials used this warning as a way to keep the families off their backs. But to withdraw all the accusations, they had to sign an apology letter, which will be presented by the prosecutors. Moreover, this letter will be shown to the common public through various news channels. But Pedro chose to keep up with this case, whereas Ricardo, Geraldo, and Ana were still in doubt. Pedro knew that if the prosecutors had released the apology letter to the public, the chances of winning this case would have become zero. But Ricardo didn’t want Luis and Livia to face the pain alone, so he discussed everything with Livia, and Luis advised Ricardo to choose the path that was beneficial for him. They often reminisced about their children, and these flashbacks gave an emotional touch to the series. The next day, Pedro, Ricardo, Ana, and Geraldo had their conciliation hearing. Eventually, everyone decided to fight back for their children, and they did not give up. For the next hearing, Pedro and Ricardo assigned a new attorney for themselves. Attorney Bruno came up with a new idea and informed them to stay away from the trial

He wanted to use this technique as a defense mechanism against José. Bruno will ask the case to be shut down, whereas Pedro and Ricardo will have to prove that their statements or articles did not defame him. This was their only chance to win. So, they decided to opt for the lawsuit “Exception of the Truth.” Here, the proof was a crucial part of the entire case. Unfortunately, on the day of the hearing, the Judge and the associate Judges chose to continue the case, except for one judge who decided to review the case, so Bruno was not sure how long it might take. The fourth episode ended with a tough option for Ricardo and Pedro. The associate judge can delay the case as long as she wants, even if she saved them for a while. They still lost to 20 other associate judges. Nevertheless, Bruno informed them that convincing the judges might be the only way to escape prison. Pedro and Ricardo had to choose a path to protect themselves and their family. On the other hand, their children’s deaths were laid on the path as well.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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