‘The Diplomat’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Was Kate Upset After Her Washington D.C. Trip?

The sixth episode of “The Diplomat” had all of them—Kate, Austin, Hal, and the British—coming together on the same page as to how to legally retaliate against Russia. The Libya action plan is approved by the US President, the British PM is finally happy, and Austin couldn’t be more delighted to see a better way to get things done. And it was all thanks to their teamwork. Will anything go wrong from here on?

Spoilers Ahead

Briefing With The Russian Ambassador

With the attack on the Lenkov Group being planned, it will be carried out by British forces, backed by Americans. Kate is being briefed by Stuart on what the conversation will be at the White Hall, where she will meet the summoned Russian Ambassador to the UK. As Stuart is formulating everything for the long day ahead, he notices Kate allowing Hal to sit with her during her briefings. This brings a smile to his face because he is happy to see the couple trying to make their marriage work. This would also mean Kate is considering taking up the post of Vice President. Kate also thanks Hal for helping her through the Chevening House ordeal. She would not see an end to it if it weren’t for Hal’s strategies to sort the matter out and keep the British PM happy at the end of the day. Kate is finally finding a reason to be around Hal and probably wants him more than before.

Kate is all prepared to meet the Russian Ambassador when she runs into Austin, and he informs her that the briefing might not go well. Austin has not had a good talk with the Russian Ambassador, and he is just informing Kate of the same. He wants her to be cautious around him. Austin is turning out to be a big supporter of Kate as well. His fondness for her comes out in the most obvious fashion, which Stuart and Kate can notice.

Kate and the Russian Ambassador’s briefing begins, and Kate is about to let Ambassador Oleg Balakin know that America will be supporting the British force in pushing out the Russian Lenkov group from Libya, and that action against them in the said country will begin in the next 24 hours. Oleg asks her to stop speaking, and he starts ranting about how unfair America has been to his nation all this time. Oleg is yelling his throat out, and at that time he gives a small chit to Kate, which gives directions to a winery near the White Hall. As he keeps speaking loudly, the impression on Stuart standing outside is that Kate is having a tough time in there. Meanwhile, Kate is headed to the winery through the back doors.

As she reaches the winery, she is informed that Roman Lenkov will be visiting France to meet his girlfriend and the child he has with her. He will be at the said place for three days, and that might be the window given to Britain and America by the Russians to capture him. Kate is confused about what is happening around her because, at this point, she was sure it was the Russians who had targeted the Brits. Now the Russians are offering them Roman on a platter, putting all her information and intelligence on the back foot, and leaving her wondering if the Libyan attack should be carried out after all.

‘The Diplomat’ Episode 7 Ending Explained: Why Was Kate Upset After Her Washington D.C. Trip?

After the loud briefing with Oleg Balakin, she informs Stuart and Park of the intel she just received from the Ambassador himself, which means Russian intelligence wants her to know that Russia was not behind the attacks. Either this or the Russians are fooling the Americans, but they wouldn’t just prank their rivals by giving away their biggest mercenaries to America and Britain. Park also lets Kate know that, even with thorough research done by the CIA and MI6, no channel is helping them know who ordered Lenkov to carry out the attack.

She will have to inform the President, Billie, and the Secretary of State in person about this big intel she has been given by the Russians. Informing them in person of this intel will have a bigger impact, which will probably help them stop the attack on Libya as well. Kate is agitated and anxious about this piece of information that she has come across, and she is wondering if it was the not the Russians who hired Roman after all. Was it someone from the Russian administration that has gone rogue and wants a war between Britain and Russia, or is it some other party that is trying to create a rift in the region? Park and her counterparts at MI6 are finding themselves in a rut. But Washington must be informed about this intel.

Kate finds herself in a state of confusion, but she is headed to the White House for this briefing, which has to reach there as soon as possible. Hal lets her know that Ganon might get fired because he did not sanction the Libyan attack right away, and Kate feels awful about her role in making this happen. With loads of this information, Kate reaches the White House, where she runs into her old colleague from her days in Afghanistan. On entering the Oval Office, Kate is overwhelmed by a sea of people being asked to come for briefings, and Kate is hardly allowed to say a few words about her intelligence. She meets her old friend for a drink in D.C. and lets her know that she is in London right now, enamored with work. But from the conversation, it is understood that Kate misses the job she did in Afghanistan.

With the Taliban taking over the country, she learns that all the women she knew over there have been subjected to house arrest situations where they can’t own a cellphone or a laptop or express an opinion of their own. Another Afghan girl she knew was arrested multiple times for staging protests, but now she is officially in prison. The unofficial news is that the girl is not alive. Kate is disturbed to hear such news, and she wonders if she could have done some work to make things better for women if her posting had not been changed at the last minute. Kate is distressed to know the women she knew and worked with in close quarters have been subjected to such torture. Kate reaches London in a pathetic state of mind. The British PM summons Kate to let her know his displeasure with the US’ order to back out of the Libya attack, 12 minutes after he promised the Libyan government that help was on its way. Trowbridge is beyond livid at this point, and Kate cannot complain because her intel was such that she had to make sure that one person getting arrested was better than the collateral damage that would happen in the name of removing the Lenkov group from Libya.

Kate’s horrible day reflects on her emotions, and she breaks down in front of her husband as she recalls her local acquaintances in Afghanistan, who are in deep trouble, but she knows the women over there would fight till the end. Her helplessness comes from the fact that she could have been in Kabul, but instead she is here in London.

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