‘The Diplomat’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will P.M. Trowbridge Bomb Russia?

The fourth episode of “The Diplomat” had Kate seeking out Iranian intelligence because she was desperate to know what they knew about the aircraft carrier bombing. She does get it from the Iranian ambassador, but shortly after revealing the name, he dies of a suspected heart attack. No one knows if it was induced or if the man just had a bad heart. Austin and Kate have just come across a crucial name behind the attack; all they must do is work around it and find out how to get hold of the man and the people who hired him, who mostly seem to be Russians. Will Kate and Austin find an answer quickly enough?

Spoilers Ahead

Chevening House Meeting

Stuart Hayford and Eidra Park have been in a relationship for a while, but just like Hal and Kate, they don’t let their work come in between them, and even though they keep their professional lives separate, they don’t mind discussing work at the dinner table after a long day. Stuart starts talking about having a kid or a dog because, at the time of a possible war between the US and Russia, babies or small animals are the only things that’ll keep the world calm and quiet. Eidra, though, is confused about what Stuart wants from here. They are part of the group that might lead to war. There’s already talk going on between US and UK channels about how to handle the situation with Russia. They are finding a way to make sure Russia is attacked, but not militarily, through legal means. In the wake of the Iranian ambassador’s death, Austin and the entire UK government must remain cautious. Though the toxicology report has yet to come out, there is still an air of concern about Austin Dennison.

Hal and Kate have started enjoying each other’s company after a long time, and they sleep in the same room. They are trying to figure out what their relationship means from here on, and Hal promises to be the trophy wife; he is expected to be the one who would stand behind her in all cases, and she would be the one to take the lead. As they are on the way to the Chevening House for the big meeting about Russia and Iran, her convoy is stopped for a thorough check since the Iranian ambassador’s death. As they reach Chevening House, all the men, including Austin Dennison and Kate, have on the table US-UK relations, Iran, and Russia. Since it has been established that Iran was not behind the attack, it is crucial to destabilize Russia in such a manner that neither of them would have to go to a war with the superpower, which happens to be a nuclear state as well.

Stuart is anxious about the toxicology report that might show up on their table very soon, and he is afraid of what would show up in it. If the man was poisoned or a heart attack was induced, that would again be advantageous to Trowbridge, who would find another reason to blame either Russia or Iran themselves for killing their man in the UK. Austin, too, is hoping the report will be favorable to him and his agenda. Austin and Kate are attracted to one another, and they can’t seem to stop flirting with each other, which puts Hal on the back foot, and he might come across as jealous. Kate and Hal meet Cecilia Dennison, whom they assume is Austin’s wife, but it turns out she is his sister, who lives with him after the fallout of her last relationship. Kate is somehow relieved to know she is his sister and not his wife, which would mean she and him can maybe pursue something, and Hal can also sense something brewing between them that is not work-related. Austin, though, reveals that the PM is keen on breaking the alliance with the US and pursuing a solo mission to go after Russia because he is sure America would not support his vision of making Russia pay for their crimes. Kate is livid because she is tired of letting the men know that Russia is a nuclear power and that playing with them is risking a nuclear apocalypse. The UK is also in no mood to apologize to Iran for its constant rhetoric against the nation when Kate suggests removing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from the list of the world’s most dreaded terrorist organizations, which would be a good start to rebuilding a decent relationship with Iran.

‘The Diplomat’ Episode 5 Ending Explained: Will P.M. Trowbridge Bomb Russia?

To everyone’s horror and shock, at a meeting that was supposed to happen between the UK Foreign Secretary and the US Secretary of State, PM Trowbridge plans to gatecrash the meeting to understand what exactly is being discussed. The PM walks over everyone’s ideas to take the POA further by requesting to make the meeting only about making the Russians pay for killing those 41 british soldiers. He wants retaliation for that. PM Trowbridge has no patience, as he plans to take over the meeting and make it all about targeting Russia. Though Kate and Austin again try to reason with him on why going on a warpath against Russia is bad news, the man is relentless, and all he wants to hear is when they will do something of substance to rattle Russia.

Park lets Stuart know that the US and the UK cannot blindly accuse Russia of anything without solid evidence. Even with Lenkov’s name coming up, they will have to prove that the order came from the establishment in Russia authorizing Lenkov to carry out this attack. The PM is again hell-bent on going after Russia to make sure they pay for the crimes they committed. The PM is not easy to work with, and Kate and Austin have a tough time reasoning with the man who is on a warpath. Kate is trying hard to find a solution to the problem, which is when Hal walks in and possibly gives her his green light to pursue a relationship with Austin because he knows Austin is a widower and would like to have a woman like Kate next to him, loving and constantly challenging him. Kate, though, is in no mood to hear his condescending talk about Austin. Kate is busy getting the meeting back on track and the original agenda back on the table because she knows the PM is being unreasonable, and she is trying to find a solution to shut him up.

Kate is hoping to put some sense into the PM and says that a travel ban on Russia and its citizens would be a way to send out a message. This is not agreeable to the PM again because he wants a foolproof plan to be worked out to shake Russia to the core. There is no apparent reason why Trowbridge is dead set on giving it back to Russia when he knows it is impossible to do something on a real basis.

Stuart gets the toxicology report back, which states that there were no traces of poison in the Iranian’ ambassador, who passed away due to a heart attack. He is glad to be hearing this news because it makes neither him nor Kate nor Austin accomplices in his death. But Eidra Park has some questions for Stuart because she just learned why Kate wants to know what places in Russia can be potentially bombed. Stuart is shocked to hear this piece of news. He heads to the meeting to realize that Kate is trying to go with the flow with the PM and give him what he is seeking, which is places that can be bombed in Russia by the British Forces. She knew this would stop the man from being a war-mongering leader, and that’s why she played a strong mind game tactic to shut the PM up by offering him on a plate what he wanted. This would rattle the man or probably scare him to not go ahead because a list would mean the US also means business, and she can hope that the PM would back off immediately. It was just a bluff from Kate.

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